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Canon RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS USM for $699

If you want to jump on the new Canon RF mirrorless system [eg yesterday’s $1000 deal] and you also want a 10x optical zoom lens to go with it, the new condition RF 24-240mm f4-6.3 IS USM lens is on sale for $699 with free US shipping at Adorama (with extra freebies) and also at the official Canon store and at B&H Photo

Creative Live: Top 40 Sale stackable with $10 off coupon!

Stackable time at Creative Live, they have a limited time Top 40 Classes on sale and at the same they have a stackable $10 off coupon, using promo code CART10.

There are some big classes in the Top 40, including the “Fundamentals of Photography”, Fine Art photography, Lightroom and Photoshops, posing, portraiture, wildlife/nature, studio/lighting, and so on…

Thursday at Amazon Germany: Pentax KP, K70, Tamron, Etc

Thursday’s Amazon Germany Gold Box deals are here. Some of them are good for the day only, others continue during the Black-Cyber time period. Among them:

+ Pentax K70 body only for 450 euro

+ Pentax KP body only for 643 euro

+ Tamron SP AF 17-50mm f2.8 XR Di-II LD (IF) for Pentax K-mount for 210 euro

+ trio of Sony E-system zoom lenses

+ AmazonBasics 840D polyster cross camera bag for 24 euro

+ 12-month Adobe Creative Cloud (Photography Plan) for 88 euro

+ Tamron 70-300mm f4-5.6 Di LD macro for 60 euro in the Sony-Minolta A-mount

+ Tamron 90mm f2.8 Di Macro for 250 euro in the Sony-Minolta A-mount

+ X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus for 218 euro

+ Sandisk storage sale (SD, microSD, flash drives)

+ Sony RX100 IV but it seems to be in and out

+ Canon ZoeMini C instant digital camera for 57 euro

+ lots of camera and photo accessories including Joby, Lowepro, Manfrotto and National Geographic

PS: all prices in this post (and other EU deal posts) are obviously in euro but out of habit I may sometimes write the price in “$” instead 🙂

Thursday: WD, MSI, Tamrac Anvils, Samsung, iPad PRO 12.9″

Thursday is here, Happy Thanksgiving y’all, and we have a new round of B&H daily deals until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out:

+ Tamrac Anvil backpacks, three otpions, $79 to $110
+ NOTE: you cannot forge swords on this anvil!

+ WD sale featuring 16 options, internal and external HDDs and some SSD HDDs too!

+ 500GB Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD for $70 after an automated in-cart coupon
+ in two color options
+ Samsung is killing it with solid state storage

+ iPad Pro 12.9″ (256GB, Wi-Fi + 4G LTE, Space Gray, Previous Gen) for $829 in two color options

+ MSI 17.3″ GL75 Leopard 10SDK-228 Gaming Laptop for $999 with FREE Bitdefender and Intel’s Marvel Avengers

+ also Moto 360 smartwatches and AT true wireless

+ flash deal: Samsung Q50R 32″ Class HDR 4K UHD Smart QLED TV for $348
+ starts 12pm ET: 2TB Seagate Backup Plus Slim-Shady
+ starts 5pm ET: Manfrotto Element Small Aluminum Traveler Tripod (Gray)

B&H’s PayBoo card saves you the Sales Tax at B&H

If you live in a state that collects sales tax on online purchases, and you are shopping or plan to shop at B&H Photo, their PayBoo payment card can save you the sales tax. Legally of course because B&H pays it on your behalf. The process is like this:

  • pay for the B&H purchase with the PayBoo card, eg $1000 lens
  • your Payboo card is charged $1000 for the lens and $80 for the sales tax (assuming your state has an 8% sales tax)
  • so you paid the sales tax
  • then the PayBoo card automatically deducts $80 from your amount due, making it be $1000, the price of the lens
  • you can use the PayBoo card like a payment card (eg classic AMEX) or like a credit card with a revolving credit
  • if you use it like a revolving credit card, check the interest rates first
  • PayBoo can only be used at B&H, it is not a Visa/Mastercard/etc
  • all the details at the PayBoo website

Backup in case of trouble: the Full-Text Feedburner RSS Feed!

With the sudden explosion of deal posts here during Black Friday week, the chances of WordPress/Hosting having some kind of hickup increase.

Thankfully we have a very easy and affordable [FREE!] plan B, the the Feedburner full-text RSS feed. This is hosted by Feedburner [Google], so even if this website goes down for technical issues, the RSS feed will continue to live!

OR for members of our Patreon Platinum MAX PRO XXL Elite Supreme Insiders tier, I will personally hand-deliver you the deal posts printed on premium paper, served with a complimentary Chipotle burrito 😉

Fuji X-T4 body with VG-XT4 Battery Grip for $1828

Fuji’s black friday gifts to those interested in the X-T4 body only are a combined purchase discount on the camera and the Fuji VG-XT4 battery grip. The X-T4 body only on its own goes for $1699, and the combo with the battery grip goes for $1828 at B&H Photo and also at Adorama. The battery grip on its own goes for $329.

The offer is also available on the other two official X-T4 kits, with the 18-55 and 16-80 lenses. Look for them among the options at the aforelinked links above.

Separately there are a couple of digital freebie promotions as well with the purchase of eligible Fuji cameras and lenses. A 1-year Flickr PRO subscription and a free download of the Luminar 4 software. Links with the details of the offer under “View Details” at the B&H link above…

Panasonic ZS100 with FREE Panasonic Battery and Charger Kit and Extra Freebies for $398

And now some compact/travel-zoom action, the Panasonic ZS100 with its 1″ sensor and 10x Leica-blessed f2.8-5.9 stabilized lens is on sale for $398 at authorized Panasonic dealers, which also include for FREE the Panasonic Battery and Charger Travel Bundle. But that’s not all, some retailers include additional freebies of their own as well:

+ at B&H Photo you also get a 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC and RJ camera pouch

+ at Adorama you get a 2pk of 32GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SD cards, a camera pouch, an extra Green Extreme battery [in addition to the Panasonic Battery and Charger bundle], Corel software and a few trinkets

+ at Amazon various 3rd-party sellers have bundles of their own

We got used to crazy superzoom ratios in fixed lens cameras, but a 10X optical zoom is no small change. This covers 25-250mm equivalent, plenty flexible…

Zeiss Batis 40mm f2 CF [Sony E] with FREE Zeiss 67mm T* UV Filter for $1104

Prime time, Zeiss time, and E-time all in one! The new condition Zeiss Batis 40mm f2 CF lens for the Sony E system is on sale for $1104 at B&H Photo which automatically includes a free lens filter, and what a filter, the Zeiss 67mm T* UV Filter (goes for $90 on its own)…

And now we can just pretend I made all the low-hanging fruit jokes (bat an eye, zeiss-zeiss baby, etc) and spare you the trouble of reading them anew 🙂

For more B&H action, check their on-going Black Friday 2020 deals page..

NewEgg Black Friday is here!

If you are fond of the way of the NewEgg, their Black Friday is here with another round of techie products on offer. As of the time of writing they have 91 pages of offers over there. Slightly too many for my Celeron-brain multi-tasking to go through and summarize on the fly, so this is a YMMV DIY adventure 🙂

Fuji GFX 50R Medium Format Body for $3499, with 50/3.5 for $4499 [w/Think Tank & Sandisk freebies!]

And now our obligatory weekly medium format deal post! If you are Fuji GFX curious, the 50R medium format digital camera body only is now down to $3499 at B&H Photo which is also including two free accessories, a 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC and a Think Tank Photo Retrospective 7M Shoulder Bag (Pinestone) which goes for $165 on its own!

The same free accessories are included if you purchase the “take pictures with” kit, the 50R with the FUJIFILM GF 50mm f/3.5 R LM WR Lens for $1000 more…

B&H Tech Round-Up: 2TB Samsung SSD, 12TB MyBook, 12.9″ iPad PRO

And now some techie B&H Photo action! Expiring tonight (Thursday 11:59pm ET) is the new condition 12TB WD MyBook Desktop USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $212 with free US shipping. That’s under $20 per TB. “My Book” are powered desktop HDDs. Needless to say, you need a backup of that 12TB, it’s scary to leave so many eggs in a single basket without additional backup 🙂 Probably don’t back it up on floppy disks or CD-Rs though 🙂

Speaking of storage, the new trend is SSD storage instead of spinning hard disks, and if you’re into that, the 2TB Samsung T5 portable SSD is on sale for $230, while the 1TB goes for $130. As of the time of writing these average 4.8 out of 5 based on 830+ ratings over there.

Next up, iPads! One way to lower your “Apple Tax” is to go with the previous generation model. If you follow that philosophy, B&H Photo is offering the new condition 12.9″ iPad PRO (previous generation) with 64GB on-board and Wifi and 4G LTE (Verizon unlocked, can be used with T-Mo and Big T) for $799 with free US shipping…

For more action, check the on-going B&H Black Friday deals

Spend $25+ on Kindle ebooks, Get $6 promo credit

It’s that time of the year for the Kindle ebook offers as well! This promotion runs between November 23-30 in 2020. If you purchase $25+ in Kindle ebooks in any combination [eg one expensive ebook, or multiple ebooks on different days] during the promotional period, you will earn a $6 promotional Kindle ebook credit.

First, you must activate the promotion. If you are logged on, it may activate simply by visiting or reloading the page, or by following the link mentioned over there.

Once activated, any purchases you made during this promotional period [even before you activated the offer] count towards the $25 minimum.

Your $6 bonus will be applied to your Amazon account within two days of reaching the $25 minimum.

Once applied to your account, you have 21 days to spend the $6 ebook credit (you can use it on one ebook or multiple ebooks).

There are plenty of photography ebooks out there, from camera guides, to post-processing, to inspirational, to “Understanding Exposure” type of books, and so on. OR you can buy any other ebook sold at Amazon.

To make the most of it, plan also how to spend the $6 credit before jumping in on the offer, so it won’t be left to expire unused.

Some ebooks also have a “Great On Kindle” store credit, which is stackable with this $6 credit…

BOOK CLUB TIP: If you are looking for a long complicated epic fantasy that can be read by the whole family during the socially-distanced winter holidays, try The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson [there’s Kindle sample and look inside]. Not brutal or convoluted or uber-complicated or sexually charged as “A Song of Ice and Fire / Game Of Thrones”. From what I recall the most sexual thing that happened in book #1 was a kiss between two mature adults. Infact it’s so nonsexual you have to wonder whether most of the characters are eunuchs 😉 Note that this is planned as a 10-book series but Sanderson is writing fast fast fast fast.

Godox, Flashpoint, 6TB Seagate Ironwolf [end Thur 10am ET]

A new lot of Adorama daily deals is here, this lot ending on Thursday 10am ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Godox LC500R RGB LED Light Stick for $199

+ Flashpoint eVOLV 200 Pro TTL Pocket Flash Exclusive HexaPop Kit (Godox AD200 Pro TTL Pocket Flash) for $329

+ 6TB Seagate IronWolf NAS internal HDD (3.5″, 6Gbps, SATA, 7200rpm, 256MB cache, 210Mbps) for $130

+ a $90 car dash camera module type thing

PS: speaking of Adorama, they have launched their Black Friday deals as well…

Wedn: “Picture This: How Pictures Work” by Molly Bang for $3

The number of ebook offers are increasing in the Amazno gold Box, and as such, the net may grab more photography-related ebooks. Such as this offer, good until 11/25/20 [one month until COVID Christmas!] at 11:59pm pacific time [ebooks rarely ever sell out]. It is a classic, Molly Bang’s “Picture This: How Pictures Work” going for $3. This is a 154-page book. As of the time of writing it averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 131 customer ratings…

You can request a free Kindle sample [and send it to your favorite Kindle app or Kindle ereader or tablet] or you can go to the Hardcover version and “Look Inside”.

UPDATE: of popular science interest, Brian Greene, one of the “physics/space science popularizers” has a daily deal ebook as well, it’s “Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe” for $4 (408 pages, February 2020, 4.5 out 5 with nearly 1000 ratings, you also get a $0.40 Great On Kindle credit)…

Canon RP with RF 24-105mm f4-7.1 with Freebies for $999

If you are curious about Canon’s new full frame mirrorless system, and want a native “take pictures with” kit, Black Friday comes to the rescue as it crosses downwards the magical mystical “$1000 full frame” price threshold of $1000. I’m sure I could have said the above with a lot fewer words 🙂

Anyway, during Black Friday festivities, the Canon RP camera bundled with the 24-105mm f4-7.1 RF lens is now down to $999 with free US shipping at B&H Photo

But wait, there’s more! If you also want free accessories, Adorama is bundling it with lots of freebies: 64GB Sandisk Extreme SDXC, Slinger camera bag [Slinger is the brand name, it’s not a sling bag, but a bag-bag], 67mm filter kit, Corel software [PC or Mac], and a few trinkets.

On the other hand, if you don’t want/need the 24-105mm kit lens, Adorama has a kit for that too. For $998 you get the Canon EF-R mount adapter [EF lenses to R bodies], 32GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXc, shoulder bag, Corel software, 2pk of rain covers, and a few trinkets.

The RP body only goes for $899 instead, $100 less than the “take pictures with” kit. At B&H Photo you also get a 128GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC card, RJ DSLR shoulder bag, and a cleaning kit (includes a …lipstick brush)…

At Adorama the freebies include a 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO SDXC, shoulder bag, Corel software, 2pk of rain covers, octopus tripod with ball head and a few trinkets.

The Venus Loaoaoaoawa RF option
I should also note that at Adorama [see links above], with any of the above RP kits, you have the option to buy it together with select Venus Loawa RF lenses for a combined purchase discount. As of the time of writing there are four Venus lenses and the combined purchase discounts are either $100 off for the more expensive lenses and $25 off for the least expensive of the four lenses.

Tamron 150-600mm f5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 for $1199 with Choice of FREEbies (Tripod or TAP-IN Console, Filters) [C/N]

Zoom with your feet has its limits, unless you have Inspector Gadget type of feet. For other occasions, there’s big zoom lenses, such as the Tamron SP 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 lens which is currently on sale and with freebies at various authorized dealers. This is available for the Canon EF and Nikon F DSLR systems. The sale price is $1198 but you also have a choice of free accessories included:

+ at B&H Photo you get the Tamron TAP-IN console and a B&W 95mm UV Haze MRC filter
+ Nikon only: or if you don’t need the extra accessories and you want to optimize for a lower price, B&H has it USED for $943 in “Used – Condition 9” (minor scuffs and surface marks)

+ at Adorama, this listing has a freebie that is the Vanguard Vesta 203AGH 3-Section Aluminum Tripod with GH-45 Pistol Grip Head ($60 on its own)
+ after all, there’s only so many Tamron TAP-In consoles one can have 🙂
+ or with free accessories (lens filters and software), or look in the options on the same listing for an option with the Gobe 95mm filter

B&H launches their Apple Black Friday deals!

Apple fans, unite and take over! B&H Photo has launched their Apple Black Friday deals for the season. New offers are also being added, so this is not a static list.

Products include the whole array of non-iPhone Apples, from Mac Minis, MacBooks (includes PRO and AIR), iMacs, Mac PRO [the big desktops], iPad of course (PRO, Air and “regular”, and Mini too), Apple TV streaming boxes, iWatches, and Airpods.

The Apple Silicon M1 laptops are available for pre-ordering but they are obviously not on sale. With benchmarks like that, sales may arrive in the next decade 😉