B&H’s PayBoo card saves you the Sales Tax at B&H

If you live in a state that collects sales tax on online purchases, and you are shopping or plan to shop at B&H Photo, their PayBoo payment card can save you the sales tax. Legally of course because B&H pays it on your behalf. The process is like this:

  • pay for the B&H purchase with the PayBoo card, eg $1000 lens
  • your Payboo card is charged $1000 for the lens and $80 for the sales tax (assuming your state has an 8% sales tax)
  • so you paid the sales tax
  • then the PayBoo card automatically deducts $80 from your amount due, making it be $1000, the price of the lens
  • you can use the PayBoo card like a payment card (eg classic AMEX) or like a credit card with a revolving credit
  • if you use it like a revolving credit card, check the interest rates first
  • PayBoo can only be used at B&H, it is not a Visa/Mastercard/etc
  • all the details at the PayBoo website