Archives for November 13, 2020

Miggo Agua Versa Backpack, Tamrac case little things, Oben, Edelkrone, ElVid, Acer, Etc

Three times not a charm, no lenses in the latest B&H daily deals, and this being Friday, this lot is good until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out – already a Sony camera-mount mic system sold out):

+ MiGGo Agua Versa Backpack 90 for $89

+ Tamrac filter cases and such, $5 to $10

+ O’Ben LH-2510 Leveling Base Head for $50

+ Edel Krone StandONE All-Terrain Foldable Camera Stand for $100

+ El Vid OptiView 50 3.2″ LCD Viewfinder for $20

+ MyGekoGear Orbit 122 1080p Dash Cam with 8GB microSD Card for $50

UPDATE: the Amazon USA Gold Box includes a 30% Marvel Toys sale [they make good photo props and test(ing) subjects], but also an Acer-centric computer sale that includes monitors, laptops, mice, a $35 laptop backpack and more. This is a mix of “normal” and “gaming” computer gearz…

UPDATE #2: the current set of Adorama daily deals [change Friday 10am ET] include four different Flashpoint lighting kits ranging from $140 to $729. The $140 is an on-camera round Li-Ion available in six camera systems (Pentax included!)

Speaking of gear in-stock, the Playstation 5 is in an unusual situation where retailers won’t even accept pre-orders/back-orders because there’s little and less of it…

PS: there was a hosting outage of sorts earlier in the day. All apologies for the inconvenience!