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Friday: Interfit, Porta Brace, 512GB Wise CFExpress, Etc

Happy New Year, 2020 is gone, here comes 2021, the year where everything will be magical and great and unicorns will sing, and mermaids will dance, and cats will behave as humans expect them 🙂

The B&H Mega Deal zone ended as expected, now it’s back to the B&H daily deals and this being Friday, this set ends on Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold-out):

+ Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light (19″) for $75

+ Porta Brace HB-40SS Super Strap for $49

+ Ruggard Ultra-Thin Neoprene Sleeve with Handles for 15-16″ Laptops (Black/Yellow) for $10

+ NoGa MG9038CA CineArm MG (Large) for $115

+ flash deal: 512GB Wise Advanced CFX-B Series CFexpress Memory Card for $399

Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 DG OS HSM Sports with FREE Sigma Dock for $1099 [C/N/Si] {ends Fri 10am ET}

It’s Sigma time for the third day in a row at the Adorama daily deals, this round good until Friday 1/1/21 at 10am ET (or earlier if sold out). In other words this daily deal will last a year 🙂

+ Sigma 70-200mm f2.8 DG OS HSM Sports with FREE Sigma Dock for $1099 in your choice of Canon EF, Nikon F or Sigma SA

+ Slinger Simple 1 DSLR Shoulder Bag for $13
+ nothing wrong with a simple budget bag if you like to “bag the bags”!

+ Godox LEDM150 LED Smartphone Light for $32

Thursday: B&H Mega Deal Zone Continues for Day #4

It’s New Year’s Eve, but don’t count out 2020 yet. There’s a lot of damage it can still do in whatever’s left of 2020! And then 2021 will be roses and puppies and fireworks and cheesecakes 😉

If you missed out the last three days and now you have extra time to go through them all, good news, the B&H Mega Deal Zone continues for Day #4, so it is guaranteed to run until 11:59pm ET on Thursday 12/31/20!

Wedn: Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 DG OS HSM ART w/FREE Sigma Dock for $879 [C/N/Si] {ends Thur 10am ET}

It’s back to back Sigma lenses at the Adorama daily deals, this round ends on Thursday at 10am ET or earlier if sold out…

+ Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 DG OS HSM ART IF with a FREE Sigma Dock for $879 in Canon EF or Nikon F or Sigma SA

+ Slinger Electronic Dry Cabinet (85L) for $149
+ 30L for $499

+ Flashpoint XPLOR 400PRO TTL Battery-Powered Monolight + Flashpoint 10′ C (Century) Light Stand on Turtle Base Kit w/40″ Grip Arm & 2 Gobo Heads and Baby Pin – Chrome + Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (48″) for $599

Wednesday Camera & Photo Lightning Deals

And now lettuce take a lQQk at the Wednesday rolling Camera and Photo Lightning Deals at the Amazon mothership, 91 in their number as of the time of writing, including:

+ GVM motorized sliders, $260 to $315

+ background and studio and lightning kits as usual

+ stabilizer-y things like tripods and MOZA AirCross 2

+ monolights galore today

+ ring lights, light panels, on-camera flashes

+ on-camera monitors, camera backpack

+ action cams and binos

Outdoor Photographer print for $4.50/yr

DiscountMAGS is having a Year-End Sale that includes the usual three photo-video magazines. The good offer of the three is a 1-year Outdoor Photographer (print magazine to US addresses, no auto-renewal) going for $4.50 per year… The other two (Digital Photo PRO, VideoMaker) are closer to their “default sale prices”…

B&H Mega Deal Zone Continues for Day #3

No Spud Webb dunking, but the B&H Mega Deal Zone All-Star Game continues for Day #3! The day ends at 11:59pm ET unless it gets extended for another day! I have yet to dig into them and point out some potentially interesting deals like I promised. It is 2020 after all, you can’t expect anything to go right 🙂

Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM ART with FREE USB Dock for $639 [C/N/A/K] {ends Wedn 10am ET}

Hooray, hooray, it’s a LENS DAY at the Adorama daily deals good until Wednesday at 10am eastern time or earlier for anything that may sell out before then…

+ Sigma 35mm f1.4 DG HSM ART for $639 with a FREE Sigma USB Dock in Nikon F, Canon EF, Pentax K and Sigma SA

+ Slik PRO CF-634 Carbon Fiber Tripod with Ball Head for $200

+ Joby GripTight PRO 2 Mount for Smartphones, Mics and Lights for $30

+ H&A Versa Professional Field and Studio Monitor Headphones for $50

Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G ED DX VR II w/Extras for $587

Zoom-zoom! If you are looking for a stabilized APS-C Nikon superzoom lens, the new condition Nikon 18-200mm f3.5-5.6G ED DX VR II is currently on sale for $587 with free US shipping AND your choice from three sets of freebies at Adorama… The freebie packages include filter kits, NewLeaf extra warranty, cleaning stuff and of course the obligatory Corel software. Check the listings to see the three options of freebies…

Fuji X-E3 body for $499, w/23mm f2R for $749, w/18-55 for $799

Fuji’s X-system camera arsenal is now loaded with options. If of all the options it is the X-E3 the one you want, it is currently on sale at Amazon by Amazon itself as follows:

+ X-E3 body only for $499
+ X-E3 with 23mm f2R WR for $749
+ X-E3 with 18-55mm f2.8-4 OIS for $799

The camera is decidedly on its way out. It is marked discontinued and un-orderable at B&H Photo and at Adorama

It is available in USED condition at Adorama but out of stock as used at KEH Camera

Tuesday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals [and Acer Nitro 5 for $669]

It is Tuesday 12/29/20 at the Amazon USA Gold Box and their headliner deal du jour is the new condition Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop going for $669 with free US shipping, sold and shipped by Amazon herself with up to two per customer at the sale price.

This is powered by the Core i5-10300H (which, as of the time of writing, ranks at #472 at the It has 8GB DDR4, 256GB NVMe SSD, NVidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (4GB dedicated GDDR6), 15.6″ IPS 144Hz 1080p display, backlit keyboard, DTS X Ultra, slots for easy upgrades, Wifi 6, various USB-A and USB-C type of ports, HDMI 2.0, Ethernet port, around 5 lbs, etc, etc…

MEANwhile at the Camera and Photeaux Lightning Deals, as of the time of writing, they have 75 options running, including:

+ starts 7:20pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 APS-C Manual Focus in the Sony E system once again
+ price before sale $63 once again

+ studio lighting kits

+ LED panels and ring lights including GVM

+ binos, generic camcorders and digicams, action cams

+ monolights and on-camera flashes

+ digiframes

+ stabilizer-y things

B&H Mega Deal Zone Continues for Day #2

We have Day #2 of the B&H All Star Game, aka the Mega Deal Zone, aka almost all of the daily deals of the last few months happening all together at the same time and you can buy as many of the offers as you want! But if you are Bill Gates or Elon Musk, please don’t buy everything, leave some for us 😉

UPDATE: the headliner of the Best Buy daily deals for Tuesday 12/29/20 is an 8TB WD EasyStore external USB 3.0 HDD going for $130, that’s $16.25 per gigabyte!

Monday: Camera & Photo Lightning Deals

Among the Monday 12/28/20 Amazon Gold Box deals of the day there is a return of the Office promotion variant. You get a $40 plastic Amazon gift card with the purchase of a 1-Year prepaid Microsoft 365 Family subscription for up to six separate users (up to six different Microsoft accounts, 1TB OneDrive per account)… This goes for $100… This is an auto-renewing subscription. The $40 gift card is only for this initial purchase, not every year…

NEXT up we dive into the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals where as of the time of writing there are 110 options including:

+ starts 6:50pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 MF APS-C lens
+ only again Gold Box teaser points to the Sony E version, price before sale $70

+ binos

+ backgrounds, studio and lightning kits galore

+ kids cameras and generic P&S digicams

+ stabilizer-y things including FeiYu and Moza

+ light panels, ring light kits

+ monolights and on-camera flashes

+ action cams and generic camcorders

+ digiframes

+ Neewer is the new Cal Ripken

Conferences On Sale for $39 each (Photoshop, Photo, Night Pho)

If you prefer digitally-owning classes (instead of Netflix-style “renting”), Creative LIVE is having a Conferences Sale for $39 or less! This sale includes:

+ Photoshop Week 2019 or 2018 for $39 each
+ Photo Week of 2018 for $39
+ Night Photography Week for $39
+ etc

PS: if you prefer Netflix-style watching of classes (instead of digital ownership) the 1-Year Prepaid Annual Pass sale continues for $129 for the year (12 months aka 365 days)…

PS2: in case the title accidentally brings in foodies, “Pho” in “Night Pho” is short for Photography, in order for the headline to fit in a single line. This is not a class teaching you how to make Pho at Night 🙂

UPDATE: the Adorama daily deals, good until Tuesday at 10am ET include two items:

+ 3Pod Small Portable Table Top Tripod with Ballhead for DSLR & GoPro Cameras (2-Section) for $19

+ Berrcom Non-Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer for $14

Hide Your Wallets, The B&H Photo MEGA DEAL ZONE is BACK!

This is like an All-Star Game of Daily Deals! The B&H Photo Mega Deal Zone is back! This features almost all of their previous daily deals, there are hundreds of them. You can filter them by price-range OR by product category (eg the Photography sub-tab) or by Brand name. For example, there are ten Mitakon Zhongyi (it is going to be on the Photographer’s Spelling Bee contest!) prime lenses for various systems.

All the filtering happens in the widget, there are no separately links for sub-categories. Later on, on a time permitting basis I’ll try to highlight some.

OR you can look for them by painstakingly browsing through our previous daily deals posts which include B&H (but also other retailers). Mayhaps I need to create a B&H daily deals tag for future use 🙂

Monoprice WeatherProof Hard Cases Sale

The Monoprice website is having a end of year sale, a big trend this time of the year 😉 Monoprice stopped carrying lenses and such a few years ago, but they still have some camera-related items and their Weatherproof Hard Cases are part of the sales that including free standard US shipping.

Free standard US shipping is not to be taken for granted at the Monoprice website, because unlike Amazon and Walmart they can’t have ultra-favorable shipping contracts with UPS/FedEx/USPS nor create their own delivery service or delivery airplanes 🙂

Amazon Warehouse Deals Limited Time Clearance

Amazon Warehouse Deals, Amazon USA’s used resale persona is having a big Clearance sale for a limited time only. The sale includes over 2000 selections in the Camera and Photo categories… You can further filter them over there by sub-category, price-range, etc… Too many to list here individually obviously…

Sunday Camera & Photo Lightning Deals

UPDATE: at the Adorama daily deals which run until Monday 10am ET you can get:

+ 3Pod Orbit Tripod for DSLR Photo & Video Cameras, 4 Section Extension Legs, Bubble Level, with Bag. 69″, Carbon Fiber for $150

+ PanaCast 2 Panoramic-4K USB Plug-and-Play Video Camera with Wall Mount for $249

One of the Sunday deals of the day at Amazon Germany is the new condition Datacolor Spyder5PRO Monitor Calibration offered for 99 euro with free shipping in Germany-Austria. Price includes reduced VAT for Germany…

Then to Amazon USA we fly where we take a look at the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals where 119 options exist as of the time of writing, including:

+ action cams, generic camcorders, binos

+ studio, backgrounds and lightning kits

+ stabilizer-y things including tripodalia galore and FeiYu and MoZa

+ generic digicams

+ monolites and flashes

+ Neewer wins the day once again

Sunday: Sigma 17-50/2.8 f2.8 EX DC OS HSM (N) for $279, Etc

Bag the bags at the Meh daily deal, you can buy two FUL backpacks (from a choice of four) for $18 total. So that’s $9 per bag. Free shipping for Mehmebers. These are general use bags, not camera bags.

And now we have a Nikon LENS DAY at the B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM in the Nikon F system only for $279
+ the other SLR system options are not on sale

+ 3 Legged Zayla L-bracket for $46, four options

+ GVM GP-80FW Carbon Fiber Camera Slider with Flywheel (33″) for $99

+ CoreSWX Nano for $149 in your choice of V-mount or Gold mount

+ Sachtler Lite Case (Medium) for $120

+ 4id UVC smartphone sanitizers, three options, for $25 each

+ Cleer Flow headphones for $60

+ flash deals: Smith-Victor LED Ring Light (13.5″) for $80

+ next flash deal starts 3pm ET: Bescor LED RGBW Studio Light Panel

UPDATE: good until Sunday at 10am ET we have a couple of Adorama daily deals as follows:

+ CLAR FlexLite 16x20in / 40x51cm 100W Rollable Wireless Bicolor SMD LED Panel for $259

+ Joby GripTight ONE Mount for Smartphones for $13

Up to 40% off at the Best Buy Outlet

If you are a fan of the Best Buy way, they are currently having an “up to 40% off” sale on the Best Buy Outlet store, a mix of clearance and open-box items, and refurbished items, some of which come with their 6-month Geek-Nerd whatever-they-call-their-service warranty ~ check the listing details of individual products to determine that…

UPDATE: good until Saturday 10am ET, the Adorama dailies feature two items:

+ Manfrotto PIXI Evo 2 Section mini Tripod for $35

+ Gitup Git2 1080p Full HD Gyro Video Wi-Fi Action Camera, 60 fps, 170 Degree View Angle, 98′ Housing Waterproof, Pro Packaging for $65

80% off site-wide at CreativeLIVE

For a limited time, CreativeLIVE is offering a 80% off site-wide discount at their website. The price you see on the individual class page is the price you pay. No coupon.

Separately they have a Best of 2019 classes sale for $29 or less. These are classes that came out in 2019, and they include John Greengo’s extensive (24.5 hours) Fundamentals of Photography class, Lightroom Classic CC Complete Guide, Photoshop CC, fine art, posing, portraiture, wildlife, fine art, birds, videography, etc…

Speaking of CL, the previously mentioned sale for $129 of the first-year of their Netflix-style Creator Pass annual subscription continues…

Because learning is better than watching the Kardashians. But you can take some breaks from learning to watch some Cardassians 🙂

Friday: refurbished Sony H300 superzoom for $89 w/FS

A Christmas Day miracle at the NewEgg dailies, they have an actual digital camera of name-brand recognition in their daily deals, good until 11:59pm pacific time (or earlier if sold out). It is the refurbished Sony Cybershot H300 superzoom (35x optical) going for $89 with free US shipping. This is sold and shipped by marketplace seller “VIP Outlet”…

Friday: Buy $100 Everything Apple e-Gift Card, Get $20 BB promotional e-gift card

Santa Claus has arrived at the Best Buy daily deals, especially if you are of the Apple ecosystem! Buy a $100 “For Everything Apple” gift e-card and receive a $20 promotional Best Buy e-gift card! This offer is good for Christmas Day 2020 only!

The “For Everything Apple” e-gift card can be used on all things Apple, including:

  • physical Apple Store purchases (eg iPhones, iPods, accessories)
  • purchases made with the official Apple Store app
  • purchases made at the Apple website
  • digital content purchases at iTunes, App Store, iCloud, Apple Music, TV+, News+, Books, Arcade, etc

So it’s not your father’s iTunes gift card. It is an all-things Apple! And for the non iOS/MacOs crowd, a number of accessories sold by Apple can be used by non-Apple devices, although, as expected, you can make the most of them within the Apple ecosystem, which is why there is the Apple Tax in the pricing 🙂

NOT part of the Apple ecosystem? Best Buy also has some other e-gift card sales as well:

  • Pay $45, Get $50 Google Play e-gift card
  • Pay $90, Get $100 of the above, same discount percentage of 10%
  • likewise 10% off on $25 and $10 Google Play e-gift card amounts
  • also 10% off on Chipotle, Bed-and-Bath-and-Beyond gift cards
  • 15% off on CBS All Access gift cards, that’s where NuTrek of the TV kind is safeguarded
  • Chipolta and CBS offer a mix of e-gift cards and mailed plastic gift cards so pay attention to the listings

Meanwhile at the Woot daily deals they have a $60 Philips Hue Smart LED 5-piece starter kit, and a sale of various Fuji EnviroMax single-use batteries, and an $1870 MSI gaming laptop, and $26 AmazonBasics Oxford Carry-On Hardside spinner!

Outdoor Photographer print magazine for $4.75 per year

This weekend’s Magazine Sale at Discount Mags includes the usual three photography-related magazines, print magazines delivered to USA addresses, without auto-renewal:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.75/yr
+ Videomaker or Digital Photo PRO for $7.75/yr each
+ various other “six degrees of separation” magazines

Friday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals

LAST CALL: the previously mentioned Julie Adair-King, Nikon D3500 Dummies ebook for $4 Kindle daily deal expires on Friday at 3am eastern!

And now lettuce take a looxie @ the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals at Amazon, a total of 118 as of the time of writing:

+ starts 4:20pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus for Sony E
+ only Sony E on the listing; price before sale $63
+ averages 4.5 out of 5 on 42 aottow (as of the time of writing)

+ Fotga touchscreen on-camera monitor for $159
+ later: 7-inch Neewer F100

+ stabilizer-y things including tripods and sliders and handhelds and such from Moza, Hohem, etc

+ studio and lightning and background kits galore as usual

+ on-camera flashes

+ digiframes, binos

+ generic P&S cameras, camcorders, action cams

+ ring lights of all sorts

+ Neewer camera backpack

+ CPL filter

+ and so on…

64GB Sony UHS-II SDXC, Peak Design, Oben, 8TB Glyph, Etc

Never fear, Christmas Day 2020 is here!

As usual this new round of B&H Photo daily deals is good until Saturday at 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) with online checkout turned off between Friday PM and Saturday PM (check website for exact times):

+ 64GB Sony SF-E Series UHS-II SDXC for $21.49

+ Peak Design Everyday Messenger 13″ Version 1 for $90 in two color options

+ Oben AC-1451 4-Section Aluminum Tripod with BA-113 Ball Head for $90

+ Xcellon USB Multi-Card Reader (SD, CF) for $15

+ SOLD OUT: SmallRig TC2400 10-Year Anniversary Edition Multi-Tool for $9~

+ MyGekoGear Orbit 510 1080p Dash Cam with Night Vision & 16GB microSD Card for $60

+ flash deal: 8TB Glyph Blackbox Pro 7200 rpm USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C External Hard Drive for $270

+ no teasers for next flash deal(s) as of the time of writing

1-Year Prepaid Creative Live Creator Pass for $129 total

The sale is back! A great educational companion during the COVIDalia season, Creative LIVE is offering their 1-Year PrePaid “Creator Pass” subscription for $129. You pay this upfront, and you have 12 months access to almost every class on their website, Netflix-style. You can watch as much or as little whenever you want… This comes out to $10.50 per month, cheaper than Netflix or HBO Mad Max 🙂

If you prefer to pay monthly with a 1-year commitment you pay $15 per month which comes out to $180. So you’d save $51 by prepaying. The true month to month option is $39 per month, which makes financial sense if you have 30 days of downtime and then you’ll be busy… Going two months month-to-month = $78, at which point you are probably too close to $129 not to get the annual plan.

The Exclusions can be found at the Excluded page. These are excluded due to prior agreements/arrangements with their creators…

YMMY (Dec 23-30): Spend $25+ in eBooks, Get $6 ebook store credit

This promotion is back again at Amazon. It is YMMV, and you have to activate it first in your own Amazon account, which I believe happens automatically at the Promotional Page OR if you click on any of the in-page banners at Amazon (you may see them while you are in the ebook pages ~ that’s how I found it while writing the post about the Nikon D3500 dummies offer)…

Just like before, the offer works retroactively (once activated) for the period between December 23 at 00:01am and December 30 at 11:59pm. If your total ebook purchases are $25 or higher, within four days of reaching the milestone, a $6 promotional ebook store credit will be applied automatically to your Amazon account.

The $6 promotional ebook credit must needs be used within 21 days of it being credited to your account, otherwise it evaporates into the 13th dimension. More details at the Promotional Page

PS: given the date range, it is possible they have another promotion to cover the New Year but this is PURE speculation on my part…

Thursday: Nikon D3500 Dummies Guide eBook for $4

Into the Amazon Gold Box of Thursday 12/24/20 we go where among their Kindle daily deals they have a camera-guide-book on sale for $3.99! It is the Nikon D3500 for Dummies, Kindle edition ebook by Julie Adair King! This has 352 pages (just over a penny per page!), it is a larger file size obviously (lots of diagrams and such) and was published almost exactly two years ago.

As of the time of writing it averages 4.7 out of 5 based on 739 customer ratings (mix of written reviews and star-ratings-only). You can “Look Inside” to jump around the ebook, and you can also send a sample to your Kindle. The Kindle samples are almost always the start of the book, while the “Look Inside” allows you to randomly jump around.

PS: if you have the Kindle Unlimited Subscription, one of the Nikon D3500 ebooks can be borrow-read from there, the Nikon D3500 User Guide by Owen Giden. This is 99 pages long, published a couple of weeks ago. This book does not offer a jump-around “Look Inside”, just the Kindle sample. It has zero customer ratings but if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription you lose nothing by borrowing it…

PS2: also part of the Thursday daily deals is another Dummies ebook, iPad for Seniors (12th edition, 415 pages, 4.2 out of 5 on 198 customer ratings) by Dwight Spivey for $5.

PS3: speaking of the D3500, the Neewer Battery Grip for select Nikon D3X00 and D5X00 APS-C dSLRs is on sale for $25 (4.6 out of 5 based on 1228 customer ratings as of the time of writing). This is an old-fashioned sale, not a lightning-deal.

Thursday: Tokina 24-70mm f2.8 PRO FX for $579 [C], Etc

LOL, the headline for the Thursday 12/24/20 Meh daily deal is funny yet also right? “The Germaphobes were right” LOL. Anyway, their deal of the day is a Sharper Image phone and accessories UV sanitizer type thing for $25…

Hooray hooray, we have a LENS DAY at the B&H Photo daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Tokina 24-70mm f2.8 PRO FX for $579 in the Canon EF system
+ the Nikon F version is marked discontinued and cannot be ordered, that’s why only the Canon version is on sale
+ this is blog-certified to be Tokina, not Tamron 🙂

+ Lowepro Urbex BP 24L Backpack for $30
+ bag the bag!

+ Bolt VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flash Kit with PP-500DR Pack and Battery for $330

+ Steadicam Air 15 Monopod for $180
+ not your father’s monopod and as such, you can’t cosplay Gandalf with this

+ Oben Magnetic Mount Kit with Mini Ball Head for $13

+ also Shure earphones and sanitizer thing

+ flash deal ends 12pm ET: Wandrd Inflatable Camera Cube for $32
+ this product is so thrifty they don’t want to pay for vowels 😉

+ flash deal starts 12pm ET: Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE GPS Smartwatch (42mm, Midnight Black)
+ price before sale $200
+ marked as “New Arrival”
+ also known as: one more thing to charge daily 😉

UPDATE #1: the headliner of the Best Buy dailies is the 12.3″ Surface PRO 7 (latest model) going for $559 (i3 10th gen, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD), while the i5 with 8GB RAM option goes for $799 and the 256GB option has an Apple-esque +$100 price increase… While the $559 price may be tempting, keep in mind that this is Windows, so get the 4GB version only if you plan to use it in a way that can survive with 4GB of RAM…

Among the rest of the Big Yellow dailies there’s a 1TB Sandisk Extreme USB-C SSD for $125 [Conspiracy Theory Alert: just when the prices of the HDD crashed down, of course the next big thing became SSDs and Encrypted so the price points would go up!], and the 64GB Sandisk Extreme Plus microSDXC for $20, and no, that Duke Canon thing may look like AA batteries in the pictures above but it’s a lip balm type thing 🙂

UPDATE #2: the current Adorama dailies [I forgot to post them earlier] include the ORLIT 250 KWIK Series Studio Flash With Bowens S Mount for $100 and a Swann Wifi pan-and-tilt PTCAM for $43… These change on Thursday at 10am eastern [or earlier if sold out]…