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KEH Camera remodeling with a more modern look

If you haven’t checked the KEH Camera website lately, it looks quite more modern now as they have done a remodeling/rebranding, a more soulful feel if you must. Fear not, the 180-day warranty is still there 🙂

They’ve been rather quiet on deals lately (they posted one last week but I missed it). Based on that, I think they should have BF/CM offers. You don’t launch a pre-BF offer if you are not planning actual-BF offers 🙂

Sigma 70mm f2.8 DG ART Macro for $479 [C]

I forgot about Dre, and also forgot about the Adorama daily deals where’s it’s another lens day! This set of offers ends on Tuesday at 10am ET [or earlier if sold out]:

+ Sigma 70mm f/2.8 DG ART Macro for Canon EF for $479
+ only the Canon, and nothing more

+ Flashpoint XPLOR 300 Pro TTL R2 Battery-Powered Monolight With Glow 24″ HexaPop for $499

+ Qnap TS-251D 2-Bay NAS Enclosure, Intel Celeron J4005 Dual-Core 2.0GHz, 2GB RAM for $230
+ finally a good use for Celery processors 🙂

UPDATE: among the Woot daily deals (expire Tuesday 11:59pm [hello] central) they have Kindle e-readers and tablets starting at $20, previous gen Android phones, Macbooks and iPads, all of the refurbished kind of course…

UPDATE #2: FREE coffee until the end of 2020 at Panera Bread when you subscribe to their Netflix-style coffee plan (use coupon code FREETIL2021 which is already built-into this link]. If you don’t cancel it, it will auto-renew at the standard rate of $9/month. You can cancel it online or using their app. This includes free (hot or iced) coffee and hot tea. Every two hours you can go and get free refills too. The other more expensive drinks are not included (no espresso-based drinks, no iced tea, no cold brew, no extra syrups, etc). The trick here is to resist getting other things (pastries, sweets, etc) every time you go in for the free coffee. Which is really their plan because many people many times won’t/can’t resist 🙂

Tuesday: Intel, Tamrac, GVM, Manfrotto, Pixel 4 XL, Etc

Power and Lightning at the Meh daily deal for Tuesday 11/24/20, it’s a 2-pack of Morphie 10,000 mAh each powerbanks with a Lightning cable [Apple tax alert!] going for $29 plus shipping [free S&H for Meh-members]…

Another set of B&H daily deals is here as well, good until 11:59pm ET or earlier if sold out. The streak of “lens days” however is broken 🙂

+ Tamrac Pro Compact 2 Camera Bag (Black) for $12

+ ReVo SR-1000 Shoulder Support Rig (Black) for $50

+ Manfrotto Lumimuse 8 On-Camera LED Light (Black) for $64

+ Intel NUC Bean Canyon i7 Kit (Tall) for $340 with FREE Bitdefender (5 devices, 1 year)

+ GVM 800D-RGB LED Studio 2-Video Light Kit for $174

+ 16GB Kingston DataTraveler SE9 USB Flash Drive for $4

+ Technical BOOM8 Rechargeable 8″ Bluetooth LED Speaker for $35

+ flash deal: Samsung Galaxy Watch3 GPS Smartwatch (Bluetooth, 45mm, Mystic Black, International Version) for $299
+ next flash deal: Google Pixel 4 XL 64GB Smartphone (Unlocked), price before sale $900

Monday: “Sontag: Her Life and Work” biography for $3 [793pp, Nov 2019, Kindle]

Among the Monday Amazon Gold Box deals of the day there’s a photographer biography in the Kindle ebook format. It’s a relatively new book (September 2019) by Benjamin Moser, “Sontag: Her Life and Work” going for $3. You also get a $0.30 “Great on Kindle” store credit towards future “Great on Kindle” purchases within a preset time limit. The ebook is 793 pages long and averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 113 customer ratings as of the time of writing of this blog-post…

Speaking of Kindle related matters, if you want to try Kindle e-readers or want to refresh your older model, right now the entry-level Kindle is on sale for $60 (with Special Offers). It’s not your uncle’s entry-level Kindle though. Nowadays the entry-level Kindle has both a touchscreen and a built-in light. However, the screen is 167ppi… To get to 300ppi, you need to move to the triple-figure Paperwhite models

PS: “Great on Kindle” are ebooks that are formatted in a way that read great on the Kindle. Sort of the exact opposite of a PDF file on the Kindle 🙂

(ENDED) BL Rentals: 15% off and potentially two free days [ends Wedn 4pm ET]

This offer expired…

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