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Used Fuji X100F Silver for $1139 + S&H, New Condition IN-Stock for $1300

I just updated the Stock Status Tracker and this is the situation with the Fuji X100F Big Sensor Prime:

+ USED Adorama for $1139 + S&H
+ USED Amazon Warehouse Deals itself for $1202~

+ NEW Best Buy (eBay)
+ NEW OC Camera (eBay)
+ new condition price is $1300

+ USED Amazon Warehouse Deals itself for $1169~
+ USED Adorama for $1204 + S&H

+ NEW Adorama (low stock)
+ NEW Amazon itself
+ NEW OneCall
+ new condition price is $1300

Pre-order Flashpoint eVOLV Twin Head (Bowens Mount (AD-B2)) for $59

If you are a fan of the Flashpoint lighting gear, as seen often at Adorama, they have a new item now available for pre-order for $59 with free shipping, it is the Flashpoint eVOLV Twin Head (Bowens Mount (AD-B2)). Shipping date is not available yet.

Speaking of Adorama, if you are a fan of Windows 7 PRO, they have a couple of Acer PC doorbusters on sale, expiring by 7/11/17, with free shipping:

+ Acer Extensa X2 EX2610G-CJ306 Desktop Computer for $189
+ Intel Celeron J3060 1.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 PRO

+ Acer Extensa X EX2610G-PJ371 Desktop Computer for $239
+ Intel Pentium J3710 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Windows 7 PRO

Speaking of limited time offers, good until 7/10/17 they are offering the Robo 3D C2 Compact Smart 3D Printer with Wi-Fi for $600 with free shipping.

Sales and Promotional Pages

While we are talking Adorama, if you feel like deal fishing, here are some of their sales and promotions pages:

+ Specials page (over 3000 items)

+ Rebates page (over 340 items)

+ Overstock page (over 7600 items)

+ USED items on Clearance (over 440 items)

+ Refurbished items (over 70 items, many are Nikon DSLRs and Lenses)

Now if I was IBM’s Watson, I could have gone through those 11,000+ items in 5 milliseconds and created a nice report. But sadly I am not, so it is a DIY adventure 🙂

DJI Mavic PRO and $200 Promo eGift Card for $999

If you are a fan of Dell shopping, and want to buy the DJI Mavic PRO quadcopter, they have another promo gift card promotion. You buy the DJI Mavic PRO quadcopter for $999. In about 10-20 days after, you will receive a $200 promotional Dell e-gift card via email.

This is promotional, because the $200 e-gift card expires 90 days after it is issued. So if you are not a regular Dell shopper, it’s a good idea to plan ahead on how to spend the $200 promotional e-gift card as well, to make the most of your $$$.

This is a limited time offer. While it is running, the $200 promo offer is mentioned on the product page, and it automatically appears in the shopping cart when you add the DJI there. there’s no coupon to enter. If you don’t see the offer mentioned on the page or you don’t see it in the shopping cart, it means the promotion expired or there is a problem.

10% bonus if you Sell Your Gear (Most Wanted List items)

Good until July 11 (2017), coupon code 10MW-0607A gets you a 10% bonus if you Sell Your Gear at KEH and they are in their “Most Wanted List” (currently features 106 items; a mix of lenses and cameras of different brands). This is a bonus on the KEH quote on what they’d pay for your gear.

Optionally you can get an additional 5% bonus if you select a KEH gift card instead of cash as the KEH payment for your gear.

1-Year Dropbox Plus and $25 Promo Credit for $60

If you are a fan of The Dropbox, there is a new promotion for it at Dell Small Business. A 1-Year Dropbox PLUS subscription goes for $60. You also get a $25 Dell promotional electronic gift card. This will be emailed to you 10-20 days after your purchase. The promotion is mentioned on the aforelinked product page, and appears automatically in the shopping cart while this promotion is running. No coupon code needed.

Dropbox Plus is a 1-year 1TB storage subscription for one user. This subscription level has a 30-day Version History and File Recovery. The 2TB+ plans increase this to 120 days, and offer multiple users per account. Once purchased, you will receive an email within 4-8 hours on the Dropbox Plus subscription.

PS: the product description over there does not say, and I do not know, whether this is for new PLUS subscribers only or it can be appended to existing PLUS subscriptions. PLUS is the next step after the free Dropbox tier.

Starts 12pm ET Thursday: Canon 77D Fast Start FREE to Watch LIVE Class

Per the ON-AIR SCHEDULE at Creative LIVE, the following “camera classes” are scheduled for today:

+ starts 12pm ET on Thursday: 1-Day Class on the Canon 77D
+ this is the original recording
+ one day class

+ + FREE broadcast today, a Canon 80D Fast Start Class
+ this is a rerun, but free to watch for this period
+ this is why you see John Greengo on both streams 🙂
+ HTML mess corrected 🙂

Mirrorless Cameras Price Charts installment is UP!

A new installment is out today in our Price Charts series of July 2017, it is the Wild West of the Mirrorless Cameras, with three charts! Next up in the series will be the (serious) Fixed Lens Cameras…


+ 35mm FULL FRAME digital cameras
+ Mirrorless Cameras
+ COMING NEXT: Fixed Lens Cameras

(ENDED) Domke F-6 Little Bit Smaller Bag for $78 to $86 (depending on color scheme) [ends 2:40pm ET]

This lightning deal expired…

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(ENDED) JOBY Hand Grip with UltraPlate 208 for DSLRs for $10 with free S&H [also: Litepanels Brick One Bi-Color On-Camera Light Kit for $350]

These daily deals expired but for more action, check their Featured Sales

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(ENDED) Friday: 20% off one item at Barnes & Noble with coupon

This coupon expired….

Good until the end of day on Friday 7/7/17 PM, coupon code GOODBUY gets you 20% off one item at the Barnes and Noble website. Excluded are LEGO (in Toys Dept), Nook Devices, Gift Cards, and Nook ebooks. Strategically this is good for items that have the same prices everywhere or rarely go on sale. Free shipping with $25+ orders or if you are a paying member ($25/year). They have a variety of photography books and camera guides and photo imaging (Photoshop, LR, etc).

(ENDED) Saturday Lightning Deals: “Within the Frame” Book, Studio/Lightning Kits, Action Cams, Etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

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