1-Year Dropbox Plus and $25 Promo Credit for $60

If you are a fan of The Dropbox, there is a new promotion for it at Dell Small Business. A 1-Year Dropbox PLUS subscription goes for $60. You also get a $25 Dell promotional electronic gift card. This will be emailed to you 10-20 days after your purchase. The promotion is mentioned on the aforelinked product page, and appears automatically in the shopping cart while this promotion is running. No coupon code needed.

Dropbox Plus is a 1-year 1TB storage subscription for one user. This subscription level has a 30-day Version History and File Recovery. The 2TB+ plans increase this to 120 days, and offer multiple users per account. Once purchased, you will receive an email within 4-8 hours on the Dropbox Plus subscription.

PS: the product description over there does not say, and I do not know, whether this is for new PLUS subscribers only or it can be appended to existing PLUS subscriptions. PLUS is the next step after the free Dropbox tier.