DJI Mavic PRO and $200 Promo eGift Card for $999

If you are a fan of Dell shopping, and want to buy the DJI Mavic PRO quadcopter, they have another promo gift card promotion. You buy the DJI Mavic PRO quadcopter for $999. In about 10-20 days after, you will receive a $200 promotional Dell e-gift card via email.

This is promotional, because the $200 e-gift card expires 90 days after it is issued. So if you are not a regular Dell shopper, it’s a good idea to plan ahead on how to spend the $200 promotional e-gift card as well, to make the most of your $$$.

This is a limited time offer. While it is running, the $200 promo offer is mentioned on the product page, and it automatically appears in the shopping cart when you add the DJI there. there’s no coupon to enter. If you don’t see the offer mentioned on the page or you don’t see it in the shopping cart, it means the promotion expired or there is a problem.

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