1-Year Dropbox Plus Subscription + $25 Promo eGift Card for $60

Dell Small Business is off to the Black Friday races with a cloud-busting deal. They are offering 1-Year Annual Dropbox PLUS subscription for $60 and with that you also receive a $25 promotional Dell e-Gift Card within 20 days after purchasing.

Dropbox Plus gets you 1TB of storage for one year for one user. They support all the major platforms including Linux. I do not know if this offer can be appended to an existing Dropbox paid subscription.

The $25 promo e-gift card can only be spent at Dell, and usually within 90 days upon receipt. That’s why it’s a promotional e-gift card instead of a regular gift card.

PS: speaking of clouds, Stacksocial offers the 2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $40 instead of its usual price of $50. The 2TB are broken into 1TB of Instant Storage and 1TB of Cold Storage. It includes access to two machines for backups. This is for new customers only and cannot be “stacked” for more space. This is a lifetime service, not an annual subscription!

(ENDED) 1-Year Dropbox Plus Subscription with $25 Promo e-Gift Card for $60

This sale expired…

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1-Year of Dropbox Plus (1TB) for $69

To the Clouds we fly thanks to the Dell Home Deals, for a limited time, you can purchase a 1-Year Dropbox Plus subscription for $69. This gives you 1TB of storage for one user. It supports all the major desktop and mobile OSes.

1-Year Dropbox Plus and $25 Promo Credit for $60

If you are a fan of The Dropbox, there is a new promotion for it at Dell Small Business. A 1-Year Dropbox PLUS subscription goes for $60. You also get a $25 Dell promotional electronic gift card. This will be emailed to you 10-20 days after your purchase. The promotion is mentioned on the aforelinked product page, and appears automatically in the shopping cart while this promotion is running. No coupon code needed.

Dropbox Plus is a 1-year 1TB storage subscription for one user. This subscription level has a 30-day Version History and File Recovery. The 2TB+ plans increase this to 120 days, and offer multiple users per account. Once purchased, you will receive an email within 4-8 hours on the Dropbox Plus subscription.

PS: the product description over there does not say, and I do not know, whether this is for new PLUS subscribers only or it can be appended to existing PLUS subscriptions. PLUS is the next step after the free Dropbox tier.

(ENDED) 1-Year of Dropbox PRO and $50 Gift Card for $100

This daily deal expired…

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1TB Dropbox PRO and $15 promo eGift Card for $90

Cloud action now, Dell Home is offering a 1-Year 1TB Dropbox PRO subscription for $90 plus a $15 promotional Dell eGift Card. The promo eGift Card appears in the shopping cart and has a 90-day life span after it is emailed to you (10-20 days after your order ships).

If you are not familiar with how Dell does these, after you add the item to your shopping cart, you will see the promo eGift card magically appear in your shopping cart (while this promotion is running):


Speaking of Dell and promo gift cards, you can get the 22 inch Dell S2216H Monitor along with a $75 Dell promo eGift card for $170 with free shipping. Use coupon code MONITOR30 to drop the price from $200 to $170.

Both offers end 5/23/2016 6:59am Dell time (or earlier if sold out).