In-Stock Now: Fuji X100S Silver for $1299 [Black in-stock too!]

The silver Fuji X100S Big Sensor Prime has been harder to find in-stock for $1299 at recognizable online retailers, but as of the time of writing, two sellers have it in-stock and shipping for $1299, Kenmore Camera on eBay (one left) and Best Buy on eBay (limit three per buyer).

The black color scheme is also in-stock, you can get it for $1299 at Amazon by Amazon itself (limit three per buyer) and OneCALL (Huppin’s).

For the big picture, check the Stock Status Tracker.

Refurbished Canon G9X with case, strap, 1-YR warranty for $299

The Canon G9X goes for $400 in new condition with various free accessories (eg Adorama) but it also has to contest with the Canon G9X II which goes for $430. So in other words, if you want to get the first generation model, you may as well go the refurbished route…

… because the refurbished first generation Canon G9X is on sale for $299 with a free neckstrap and a free camera case and a 1-year Canon warranty at the official Canon USA Outlet store in either the black or the brown color schemes.

Refurbished Canon 80D with 18-55 for $799

The new condition Canon 80D body only goes for $1100, so this is another place where you can save by going refurbished but still get the full warranty. The refurbished Canon 80D with 18-55 goes for $799 at the official Canon USA outlet with a 1-year warranty from Canon. This is the sale price as the refurbished 80D body only. You can always trade, sell, gift, or experiment upon the 18-55 lens if you don’t need it. This one of their 4th of July DSLR sales.

PS: the refurbished 80D with 18-135mm goes for $300 more ($1099).

Refurbished Canon 6D Body (first gen) w/1yr warranty for $1099

Canon launched this week the 6D Mark II for $2000, but if you want to get Canon 35mm full frame for almost half of that price, the first generation Canon 6D body only kit is on sale for $1099 with free shipping at the Canon USA Outlet store with a 1-year Canon USA warranty. This is part of their 4th of July Savings sale.

The new condition price for the first generation 6D is $1399 at the moment (eg Adorama – page down to see all options). With a new model coming out, strategically, if you are getting the previous generation model, going refurbished or used makes more sense, especially if you can get it with a full warranty. You can put the difference towards a future upgrade or towards moar moar moar lenses.

15% off one item with coupon at B&Noble website

Good until 7/4/17 PM, coupon code 15JULY4TH17 gets you 15% off one item at the Barnes and Noble website. Excluded are LEGO (in Toys Dept), Nook Devices, Gift Cards, and Nook ebooks. Strategically this is good for items that have the same prices everywhere or rarely go on sale. Free shipping with $25+ orders or if you are a paying member ($25/year). They have a variety of photography books and camera guides and photo imaging (Photoshop, LR, etc).

The Clearance section is another place to look for deals. You can drill down the sub-categories or go directly to the Photography Clearance section.

RED Professional video cameras can now be purchased at B&H

If you are a fan of the RED professional video cameras and B&H Photo, we have good news for you! The RED cameras and their accessories are now available for purchase at B&H Photo. A total of 21 options are available at B&H at the moment. They are currently in pre-order status. RED are specialty products, so you can’t stock them the same way you stock Canon Digital Rebels 🙂

Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC G2 Pre-Orders Get Boatload of Freebies for same price

We already mentioned pre-orders for the new Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 DSLR lens in Canon and Nikon, but since then, pre-order bundles with FREE accessories have been created for the same price of $1199 by Beach Camera through Amazon. The freebies are:

+ Bounce Zoom Slave FLASH (unspecified maker)
+ Corel PAINTSHOP Pro X9 software
+ Neoprene LENS POUCH 8″
+ 64GB SDXC Class 10 memory card (unspecified maker)
+ 82mm UV, Polarizer & FLD Deluxe FILTER KIT (set of 3 + carrying case)
+ lens hood
+ lens cap keeper, memory card wallet, cleaning kit, air blower, lens cleaning pen, and assorted accessotrinkets

Pre-order new Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 (C/N)

CORRECTION: the lens price is $1200. The original post said the price was $1999.

It’s the season of f2.8 zoom lenses 🙂 Tamron has a new one out, the Tamron SP 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 is now available for pre-ordering for $1200 [CORRECTED] in the Canon and Nikon DSLR systems at Adorama and B&H Photo and OneCALL and Beach Camera thru Amazon (with extras)

In Tamron-speak, “VC” is image stabilization, “Di” is digitally optimized (not APS-C, just digitally optimized). “Di II” is APS-C.

This lens too has been added to the New Lenses of 2017 tracking page. This is the fifth f2.8 zoom lens announced this year!

eBay Coupon: $20 off $100+ from select sellers

eBay is back again with another coupon. Coupon code P20JULY4TH gets you $20 off a purchase of $100+ from the 61 participating retailers. You can find the list and terms and conditions at the Coupon Promotional Page which runs until 3am ET on July 5 in 2017.

Some of the sellers have technology items, including VM Innovations, Gear XS, Tech Rabbit, Samsonite, eBags, etc.

(ENDED) Saturday Lightning Deals: Studio/Lighting Kits, Flashes, Etc

These offers expired…

There are over 55 items listed in the Camera & Photo lightning deals of the Amazon Gold Box. Due to time constraints I cannot create a detailed listing of them all. The usual assortment of studio and lighting kits, flashes, monopods/tripods, bags, softboxes, rigs, action cams, stands, and more are running throughout the day.

Refurbished Nikon D3400 Two Lens Kit (18-55, 70-300) for $400

There are plenty of Nikon APS-C dSLRs floating in the camera in new, refurbished and used conditions, so you have plenty of choices for a “take pictures with” kit. One of these choices is buzzing around in the eBay Deals, offered by Beach Camera. It is the manufacturer refurbished Nikon D3400 Two Lens DX Kit with the 18-55mm f3.5-5.6G VR and 70-300mm f4.5-6.3G ED non-VR lenses. Both are DX lenses. They all come with a 90-day Nikon USA warranty and they are all manufacturer refurbished. Limit five per customer.

NOTE: if you are eligible, don’t forget to activate and use the 8% eBay Bucks promotion before buying. The 8% promotion expires Friday at 3am ET.

Prime Day 2017 begins Monday July 10 at 9pm ET

On top of the two new Canon DSLRs, there’s more news tonight! Amazon has officially revealed and expanded their Prime Day! This year, it will start at 9pm Eastern on Monday July 10 and continue until 3am Eastern on Wednesday, for a total of 30 hours of non-stop shopping action!

We will have “event coverage” here when it starts Monday night (July 10), which is less than two weeks away!

Pre-order new Canon 6D Mark II for $1999

The Canon 6D line now has a second member! The Canon 6D Mark II is now officially official with its touchscreen Vari-angle “twist and shout” display and its 26mp 35mm FF sensor! The camera is available for pre-ordering in three official kits as follows:

+ 6D II Body Only for $1999 at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon itself

+ 6D II with EF 24-105mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM for $2599 at Adorama and B&H Photo and Amazon itself

+ 6D II with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM for $3099 at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon itself

+ Canon BG-E21 Battery Grip for EOS 6D Mark II for $249 at B&H Photo and $300 at Adorama and Amazon itself
+ prices will eventually converge

This has been added to the New Cameras of 2017, with the DSLRs now taking a 7-6 “lead” over the Mirrorless cameras 🙂

Pre-order new Canon SL2 for $550 (body) or $700 (w/18-55)

Canon took their time, but they have finally revealed a new SL-series DSLR, the aptly named SL2 is now out and about, available for pre-order for $550 in body only, or for $700 with the 18-55mm EF-S IS STM. The new SL2 has a Vari-Angle Touch-Screen, a “twist and shout” screen 🙂

+ SL2 Body Only for $550 at Amazon and Adorama and B&H Photo

+ SL2 with 18-55 EF-S IS STM for $700 at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon

This has been added to the New Cameras of 2017, with the DSLRs now taking a 7-6 “lead” over the Mirrorless cameras 🙂

Vivitar DF-383 Series 1 Power Zoom AF Flash (Nikon) for $60

The new condition Vivitar DF-383 Series 1 Power Zoom AF flash for the Nikon system is on sale for a limited time for $60 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. With many B&M camera stores closing, Vivitar brand sales must have been impacted the most since many stores had them as “budget alternatives”, and most people would not line up to buy Vivitar the same way they’d do for Canon and Nikon and such.

20% off at A4C with coupon

A4C (All 4 Cellular) has a lot of older products, some refurbished, some used, some new, and it is of interest if you like to dig for previous-generation bargains. More so now, with coupon code JUNE20 getting you 20% off almost everything at A4C. Notable exceptions are the daily deals and iPads. Everything at A4C gets free shipping, even if it’s a $2 trinket. And you don’t have to be a Prime member 😉 The coupon ends 6/30/17 or earlier if preallocated coupon quantity is depleted.

Panasonic GH5 Audio Kit (with Sennheiser Mic, Auray, Kopul, adapter) for $2599

If you want to take your Panasonic GH5 audio to the next level beyond what’s outside the camera box, B&H Photo is offering a Panasonic GH5 Body Only Audio Kit for $2599 with free expedited shipping. You get the standard Panasonic GH5 body only kit, along with these four audio-related items that comprise B&H’s audio kit:

+ Sennheiser MKE 600 – Shotgun Microphone
+ Panasonic DMW-XLR1 XLR Microphone Adapter
+ Kopul Studio Elite 4000 Series XLR M to Angled XLR F Microphone Cable – 1.5′ (0.45 m), Black
+ Auray – DUSM-1 Universal Shock Mount for Camera Shoes and Boompoles

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card Reader/Writer for $16 with free S&H

Card readers are often the forgotten element of a performance evaluation. Which brings us to the SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Card Reader/Writer, on sale for a limited time for $16 with free shipping at B&H Photo. The free shipping gets upgraded to “Expedited” with $49+ orders. You can buy up to twenty units at this price… For more action, check their latest Featured Sales

Benro TAC008ABR0 Active Aluminum Tripod with BR0E Ball Head for $30 with free S&H

B&H Photo has a tripod doorbuster on sale for a limited time, it is the Benro TAC008ABR0 Active Aluminum Tripod with BR0E Ball Head going for $30 with free shipping. If your order total is $49+, you will get the faster “free expedited shipping”… For more action, check their latest Featured Sales… Meanwhile their Wednesday daily deals have all kinds of Yuneec drones on sale…

Wedn: LG G5 for $250, Yuneec Q500+ for $405, Etc

One of the day-long daily-deals at Amazon is the new condition unlocked LG G5 offered for $250 with free shipping.

NOTE + UPDATE + CORRECTION: the seller is not Amazon itself, but 3rd-party seller “BREED” (a rather unfortunate seller name, but I’m digressing). This is model H830 (you can check online to see which variant this is). I do not know what the warranty situation is.

This is a quasi-modular phone that was not well-received by the reviewer industrial complex. Offer ends by 3am ET on Thursday.

But if you are interested in it, the LG Cam Plus module is on sale for around $10. This is a camera controls module, not an additional camera.

In addition to today’s B&H Yuneec daily deals, the Yuneec Typhoon Q500+ is the Woot Electronics daily deal offered for $400 plus $5 flat shipping until 1am ET on Thursday.

Meanwhile of the Best Buy daily deals is the 128GB Sandisk USB 3.0 Ultra Fit Flash Drive for $28 with free shipping. These thumbelina size are great for keeping in laptops or tablets or using in media players and portable storage devices.

Additional “deals of the day” will be added here…

PS: this post is fully created on a smartphone, so the risk of typos/errors is higher.

(ENDED) Canon 6D Mark II LIVE STREAM at B&H online

UPDATE: the live stream ended, but you can re-watch it any time at the page below…

If you are interested in the all new Canon 6D Mark II, B&H Photo has scheduled a Canon 6D Mark II LIVE STREAM PANEL featuring a number of photographers talking about the camera. It will start at 7pm Eastern on Thursday 6/29/17. It is free for all to watch. You can submit and presubmit questions and such using the #BHPhotoLive hashtag on Twitter.

The camera is already available for pre-ordering with the body only going for $2000 (okay, $1999).

(ENDED) APEMAN E-TTL Speedlite Flash Speedlight for Canon for $42.49 w/free S&H

This lightning deal expired…

One of today’s lighting deals in the Amazon GoLD BoX, good until 6:19pm ET today is the APEMAN E-TTL Speedlite Flash Speedlight for Canon going for $42.49 with free shipping. The price before the sale was $50 last night. It averages 4.5 out of 5 based on 15 customer reviews, and has 9 answered questions.

(ENDED) Canon 6D Mark II LIVE STREAM at B&H online

UPDATE: the live stream ended, but you can re-watch it at any time using the link below. It is using the LiveStream service…

If you are interested in the all new Canon 6D Mark II, B&H Photo has scheduled a Canon 6D Mark II LIVE STREAM PANEL featuring a number of photographers talking about the camera. It will start at 7pm Eastern on Thursday 6/29/17. It is free for all to watch. You can submit and presubmit questions and such using the #BHPhotoLive hashtag on Twitter.

Rokinon Cine T1.5 Prime Bundle (24, 35, 50, 85) for $1749 (Nikon) to $1799 (m43) to $1899 (C, E)

Speaking of video related matters, the Rokinon T1.5 Cine Prime bundle is on sale until 6/30/17 at B&H Photo with sale prices varying by mount. The Nikon F goes for $1749, M43rds go for $1799, the Canon EF and Sony E go for $1899.

The bundle consists of these four T1.5 Cine Rokinon lenses: the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm.

$5 off a $25+ order with Amazon Assistant (Browser Add-On)

Some of the Amazon offers can be once per the lifetime of an Amazon account, or once every few years. This is one of them. It is a $5 off a $25+ order when using the Amazon Assistant. You can tell if you are eligible for the promotion if you are logged on to your Amazon account. I had previously used this offer, and it told me “Sorry”, can’t use it, you previously used it.

The Amazon Assistant is a browser add-on available for some of the major desktop web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and a few lesser known such as 360 and Sogou. You don’t have to keep the browser add-on forever, or if you use a browser that allows multiple profiles per computer (eg Firefox), you can install it on a separate browser profile.

Pre-order new Lensbaby Velvet 85mm f1.8 in eight systems

Lenses can have baby, and once they start doing so, they start multiplying like bunnies. Which brings us to a new Lensbunny, oops, I mean, Lensbaby, it is the Velvet 85mm f1.8 with a pre-order price of $500 and available in eight different systems, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Sony A, Sony E, Fuji X, Micro Four Thirds, and …Samsung NX.

They are available for pre-order at Adorama and at B&H Photo.

Pre-order new Nikon D3400 Triple Lens DX Kit (Parent’s Kit)

Two lens kits are so last year! Nikon is boldly going with a new three lens kit! They have a new Nikon D3400 Parents Triple Lens DX kit, with these three DX lenses: 18-55 f3.5-5.6G VR, 70-300 f4.5-5.6G ED, 35mm f1.8G, along with a camera bag. This bundle is available for pre-order for $800 at B&H Photo.

Pre-order new Nokia 6 Android phone for $230 (or $180 with Ads)

Once upon a time giants of communications, Motorola and Nokia had their soap-opera paths of mergers and acquisitions. The current incarnation of the HMD era of Nokia brand is launching Android smartphones, and the current leader of their pack is now available for pre-order with USA warranty in the US market!

The Nokia 6 is available for pre-order in three color schemes for $230 each at Amazon by Amazon itself. This is fully compatible with T-Mobile, and partially compatible with AT&T (missing a couple of bands – check phone websites/forums for complete details). This is as close to a pure Android phone as a 3rd-party maker can make with Google PLAY support. Perhaps trying to fill the void of good old Nexus getting shutdown by The Google.

This is not a flagship phone, but you get 3GB RAM, 32GB on-board storage, microSD card (up to 128GB), a 5.5-inch full HD touchscreen, Snapdragon 430 quad-core, Android 7.1 (how many phones offer this now?), etc.

On the other hand, if you want to pay $50 less, and you are comfortable with the way Amazon does their Sponsored Lockscreen Offers and Ads, Amazon is also offering a Lockscreen Ads version for $180 in two of the three colors. This is restricted to Prime members only, and it appears to have a limit of one per color per customer at the moment.

IF you are not a Prime member, but you want to get the Lockscreen Ads version, you can do it by becoming a Prime member. You will pay the full price of $230, but you will receive a $50 Amazon Gift Card AFTER you become a paying Prime member (you get a 30-day free trial). The Details also note that if you return the phone or cancel your Prime membership within 3 months of purchase, they make charge you back for the $50 gift card). In other words, they are trying to prevent people from signing up just to buy the phone for $50 less and then cancelling 🙂

NOTE: as usual at Amazon, there are also listings of the international/imported versions of the phone. The Chinese version has 4GB RAM and 64GB on-board. If you are surfing around, make sure you are looking at the right version!

This has been around outside the US for a few months now, so you can find many reviews and opinions on it, such as this 9-pager from GSM Arena. Or jump to their conclusions if you don’t want to go through it all.

This is one of five new phones that joined the Amazon Prime line-up including the latest Motorola Moto E (4th gen), the Alcatel Idol 5S, and a couple more. It looks like “Blu” may be getting “punished” for their China “phone home” issue, as there are no new Blu phones added to the line-up?

YMMV: 8% back in eBay Bucks [no minimum amount]

This is YMMV ~ I do not know if eBay offers this to everyone or a subset of their registered users. Good until Friday 3am eastern (6/30/17), you earn 8% eBay Bucks on your purchases This particular promotion has no minimum purchase price, so even a $1 item will get you bonus bucks.

First you have to manually activate the offer from the eBay email or your eBay messages (if invited/selected to participate). Some exclusions apply as usual and the maximum rewards you can earn is $100 per transaction, and $500 during the promotional period. The email title announcing this promotion is not as clear as previous ones, but it has “eBay Bucks” in it, so look for that if you are skimming or filtering eBay emails.

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Another way to look for ideas is our eBay Archive posts.

New AdoramaPIX coupons: 16×20″ paper prints for $10; 8×8″ Hardcover Photo Books for $17, 10×10″ Metal for $30

Coupon time at AdoramaPIX, a trio of new coupons running until 7/2/17 have been launched. As usual, free shipping with $49+ orders. The coupons are:

+ SUMMER10 gets you 10×10-inch Metal Prints for $30

+ SUMMER8 gets you 8×8-inch 10-page Hardcover Photo Books for $17
+ coupon only valid on Hardcover books, not other types

+ SUMMER16 gets you 16×20-inch photo prints for $10 each
+ coupon valid for paper printing, not other print material

Blackmagic Recorder Sale for $395 and $595

A couple of BlackMagic Design recorders with monitors are on sale until 6/30/17 at Adorama as follows:

The Blackmagic Design Blackmagic Video Assist with HDMI and 6G-SDI Recorder with 5-inch Monitor 1920 x 1080 Display, bundled with 32GB Sandisk Extreme Plus Class 10 U3 V30 SDHC memory card goes for $395 with free shipping.

Meanwhile the Blackmagic Design Video Assist 4K 7″ Touchscreen LCD Monitor with Ultra HD Recorder goes for $595 with free shipping. No free memory card included with this one.

Dell Refurbished OptiPlex 3010 desktops starting at $139

The official Dell Refurbished store (specializes in reselling off-lease Dell computer gear) is having a sale on the OptiPlex 3010 desktops starting at $139 with free shipping. The price you see is the price you pay. No coupon is needed and these are not eligible for any coupon discounts. Free ground shipping is included. Offer ends 7/10/17 or earlier if sold out.