NEEWER Ring Light 18-inch Kit for $72 [PD]

A darling of the good old Amazon Gold Box lightning deals cannot miss Prime Dayz, it’s the NEEWER Ring Light 18-inch Kit for $72. It includes various things, include a bag [of course it does!] check the listing for details.

BUT that’s not all from Neewer, being a Lightning Deals darling it is also featured in two-pages of Home Studio Lighting offers including LED lighting, on-camera flashes, softboxes, chargers, stabilizer-y things, ring lights, and more – too many to list here individually.

NOTE: to keep the blog-post titles shorter, I’m using the “[PD]” abbreviation to denote Prime Dayz Dealz!

Neewer 35mm f1.4 for Fuji X for $35 AC

I had opened way too many browser tabs for the previously-posted chinese manual budget lenses and when closing the tabs because the computer became unusable, I found a tab with this deal that is good for all, not just prime members.

It is a 30% off clip-on coupon, and it drops the price of the new condition Neewer 35mm f1.4 for Fuji X APS-C from $50 to $35. You can’t even buy Fuji-branded toilet paper for $35 πŸ˜‰

$50ish Manual APS-C Primes for Sony E and Nikon Z

And now a small excursion in the land of manual chinese prime lenses, For some reason [the notorious invisible hand of the market?], these particular mount options of these lenses are on sale for around $50 as follows:

+ Neewer 35mm f1.4 for $40.55 for Sony E APS-C, for PRIME MEMBERS ONLY

+ Voking 35mm 1.7 for $46 in Sony E APS-C

+ Neewer 35mm f1.7 for $49 in Sony APS-C, for PRIME MEMBERS ONLY

+ Meike 25mm f1.8 for $52.50 in Nikon Z APS-C

+ this is just a sampling

CAUTION: chinese budget manual prime lenses are a never-ending rabbit hole, so please do not blame me if you spend the next 12 hours looking into them πŸ˜‰

Wedn: Neewer Studio Gear Sale (37 options)

It’s back at the Amazon daily deals, it’s the Neewer Studio Gear sale featuring 37 products from the world of lighting (bi-color, ring lights, dimmable, etc) and stabilizer-y things and backgrounds and reflectors and field monitors and monolights and such. Too many to list here individually obviously…

Monday: Neewer Lighting Sale returns (18 items, $22 to $263)

Until Monday 3/14/22 at 11:59pm pacific time, at the Amazon USA Gold Box, you can find the return of the Neewer Lighting sale featuring 18 products with prices ranging from $22 to $263…

The usual assortment of studio and lighting gear is participating such as ring lights, monolights, reflectors (no, not the Arcade Fire song), field monitors, light boxes, panel kits, and such…

Elsewhere, at the Woot daily deals there are single-use Rayovac Ultra AA/AAA alkaline batteries and iPhones and iWatches (okay, Apple Watches)…

If you like e-reading, we have another loaded day at the Kindle daily deals with 130 options available…

Friday: Neewer Lighting Sale (15 options), Amazon Hardware Valentine’s Day, 128GB Samsung SDXC for $21, Etc

Back to the Amazon Gold Box we geaux where we have, for Friday 2/11/22, the return of the Neewer Lighting sale, with 15 options this time, and prices ranging from $15 to $327. Products include:

+ various flash/strobe kits
+ bicolor light kit
+ LED light kits
+ softbox, backdrops
+ tripod-monopod 2n1
+ lightboxes, sliders, etc

Of e-reading interest, the all new Kindle Paperwhite (8GB, with Ads) is down to $110, or $130 without the Ads… Meanwhile the Signature Paperwhite goes for $145 (no ads, it’s a Signature model after all!)… They also have different Accessories bundles for each option… There’s also a 20% off Trade-In promotion which is nice to look into if you have old unused eligible devices…

The above are part of a Valentine’s Amazon Hardware sale that goes up to 50% and it includes Echos, Fire tablets and streamers, TVs, Rings, Halos, Thermostats, Echo Buds, and spaceships too!

Then it’s time to make some data omelettes at the NewEGG dailies including:

+ 128GB Samsung PRO Endurance SDXC for $21 after promo code shown over there

+ NewEgg beanie hat or 32GB Patriot microSD for $4 each

Sunday: The Return of the Neewer Photo and Lighting Sale ($22 to $300)

To the Sunday Amazon USA Gold BOX we geaux now where we have the return of another variant of the Neewer Photo and Lighting sale with prices ranging from $22 to $230 and two pages of product offerings.

Too many items to list here individually but the sale includes ring lights, backgrounds, action-cam accessorapaloozas, 5-in-1 collapsible reflectors, bi-color LED lights, light boxes, 7-inch field camera monitor, tripods, teleprompters, C-stands, backdrops, wall mounters, monolights, T-stands, and a whole lot more…

Elsewhere at the Amazon USA Gold BOX they have GOOLOO battery and jump starters, Jabra earbuds, Sony A80J televizionz, Indiana Jones, self-care appliances, GyMaX treadmills and more…

Meanwhile the current Adorama daily deal [changes Sunday 10am ET] is a duo:

+ H&A Universal Tablet Stand Adapter for $15

+ H&A Tripod Microphone Stand for $12

Thursday: Neewer Camera & Photo Lighting Gear sale (24 options)

Oh look at that, today’s the day to check out the Amazon USA Gold Box because it is a return of another incarnation of the Neewer Camera & Photo Lighting Gear sale. This time around a total of 24 products are featured with prices ranging from $23~ to $200.

Products include:

  • Neewer Vision 4 300W GN60 Outdoor Studio Flash Strobe for $178
  • many lighting kits with/without backdrops
  • barndoor lighting (sorry, barn animals NOT included)
  • softbox lighting kits
  • selfie and bicolor ring lights
  • roll top water-resistant padded camera backpack for $45
  • stabilizer-y things (tripod, wall mounts, support stands, microphone holders, etc)

Offers end on Thursday 9/2/21 at 11:59pm pacific (or earlier if sold out). See them all at the Neewer Camera & Photo Lighting Gear sale…

Wedn: Neewer Lighting Gold Box sale returns (18 options)

They are back headlining the Wednesday Amazon USA Gold Box. Yes, camera-n-photo lighting accessory fans, it’s another 18-item Neewer Lighting Sale with prices ranging from $25 to $229~.

It includes ring lights, dimmable bi-color stand kits, tripods, background kits, and such. Too many to list here individually…

And of e-reading interest, they have over 80 ebooks in the Kindle daily deals

Speaking of ebooks, you have until 8/13/21 at 11:59pm eastern time (it is a hard cutoff, no grace period) to claim a FREE (and without DRM) copy (ePUB and/or MOBI) of Lauren Shippen’s “The Infinite Noiseebook”. No, it’s not about digital noise, it’s fiction, something about X-Men type of superpowers but for psychologists or something like that {I haven’t read it} πŸ™‚ This at the TOR website. You have to give them your email and be added to their email list; from which you can unsubscribe later on if you wish; they do have around one free ebook per month and it’s not a very noise emailing list.

Tuesday: Neewer RingLight and Such sale (17 options)

Neewer has lately gotten a “promotion” at the Amazon USA Gold Box as their headliner deal of the day good until Tuesday 7/27/21 at 11:59pm pacifica [or earlier if sold out] is a 17-item Neewer Ring Light and Such sale with prices ranging from $13.60 to $166…

Also part of the Tuesday dailies is a 12-item Livho blue-light blocking glasses sale with prices ranging from $6.60 to $16. As the price range suggests, these are not prescription glasses.

Thursday: Neewer Lighting Sale ($14 to $180)

Party time at the Thursday 7/1/21 Amazon USA Gold Box, it’s a 20 item sale of Neewer Lighting Gear with prices ranging from $14 to $180. The sale includes:

+ ringlights
+ dimmable lights
+ backgrounds and backdrops
+ microphones
+ studio/lighting kits
+ tripod

MEANWHILE at the Woot daily deals they have a sale on refurbished Apple iMacs and Mac PROs ranging from $215 to $1080… There’s also a sale on Samsung TVs ranging from $350 to $5400…

THEN at the Adorama daily deals [change Friday 10am ET] you can have Polar Ignire fitness watches for $179 with free US shipping…

Prime Day: GE, HP, DJI, Neewer Lighting Kits ($16 to $118, 10 options)

On we go with the Prime Day 2021 action where we have a sale of 10 Neewer lightning kits ranging from $16 to $118. There’s a bit of everything, LED lights, backdrop supports, backdrops, stands, ringlights, tripod/monopod hybrid and even a 50-in-1 action camera accessorapalooza kit…

In other photo-related Prime Day offers (that I did not include in the general purpose mega post you may find:

+ GE Smart Lightbulbs and LED Grow Lights, 18 options

+ Sylvania lighting options, 12 of them, about half of which are lightbulbs

+ DJI sale with the OM4 for $119 and the Mavic Mini Combo for $397

+ NixPlay digiframes, $126 to $133

+ HP Sprocket and Lifeprint photo printers, $78~ each, three options

Friday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals including Neewer 35mm f1.7 MF

As of the time of writing, 88 items are buzzing around in the Friday Amazon Camera and Photo Lightning Deals. Among them, of potential interest:

+ starts 11:45am ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens
+ listing has a 10% off clip-on coupon on the Sony E APS-C
+ price before sale: Fuji X for $50, Sony E for $69, Canon EF-M for $73
+ the Gold Box teaser points to the Sony E version
+ UPDATE: the sale is the Sony E APS-C version for $58

+ lightning, studio and background kits – as always

+ stabilizer-y things including tripods

+ action cameras

+ generic P&S digital cameras and camcorders

+ monolights, ring lights (including selfie style)

+ digiframes, binos, etc

+ Neewer reigns supreme for another day

MEANWHILE at the Adorama daily deals [change Saturday 10am ET] they have this trio:

+ FotoPro X-Go Max 4-Section Carbon Fiber Tripod with Built-In Monopod, FPH-62Q Ball Head for $140

+ Minolta MN67Z super-zoom digital camera for $349

+ Minolta 10″ HD Smart Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame for $90

Monday Camera & Photo Lightning Deals include Neewer 85mm f1.8 MF (Canon APS-C)

Thunderbolt and Lightning! No, not a weather report, and not the technical connector standards either. Monday is here at the Amazon USA Camera & Photo Lightning Deals and as of the time of writing there are 129 listings, among them:

+ starts 12:30pm ET: Neewer 85mm f1.8 manual focus for Canon APS-C
+ price before sale $101
+ only the Canon version is on the listing
+ averages 4.3 out of 5 based on 356 ratings

+ starts 1:24pm ET: Neewer Battery Grip (replacement for Canon BG-E14)
+ price before sale $39

+ action cams, kids cameras
+ generic P&S cameras and camcorders
+ body camera too

+ stabilizer-y things including tripods and Feiyu

+ studio, lightning (including LED panels) and background kits

+ digiframes, binos, on-camera monitors

+ on-camera flashes, monolites, selfie ring lights

+ once again, Neewer reigns supreme

Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens for $50 [Fuji X only]

Not part of the just mentioned Monday lightning deals, but on sale on its own is the Fuji X version of the Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens for $50…

UPDATE: the latest Adorama daily deals [change Tuesday 10am ET] are:

+ Slik Pro AL-323DX Tripod with SH-705E 3-Way Pan Head for $70
+ Green Extreme 4K HDMI Game Capture Card, HDMI to USB 3.0 for $40

Monday: Amazon’s Lighting Deals Wake Up with three Neewer Manual Focus Primes

Meanwhile at the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals at Amazon, as of the time of writing, there are over 100 listed items including:

+ starts 12:04pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens for the Sony E system
+ price before sale $63
+ there’s only a Sony E option on this listing

+ starts 2:34pm ET: Neewer 25mm f1.8 manual focus lens for Canon EF-M
+ price before sale $70
+ there’s only the Canon EF-M option on this listing

+ starts 7:44pm ET: Neewer 25mm f1.8 manual focus lens for Sony E
+ price before sale $66
+ only the Sony E option is on the listing

+ starts 7:44pm ET: ATLI EON Time Lapse Camera
+ price before sale $199
+ the listing also has a 20% off clip-on coupon on the silver color scheme and a 10% off clip-on coupon on the black color scheme
+ clip-on coupon may be stackable with the Lightning Deal discount
+ Gold Box Teaser points to the black color scheme; we have no way of knowing ahead of time whether both color schemes will be a lightning deal

+ starts Tuesday 3:30am ET: Neewer Battery Grip (replacement for Canon BG-E14)
+ price before sale $39

+ studio and lightning kits galore from Neewer and GVM and friends

+ stabilizer-y things: tripods, monopods, phone/camera hand stabilizers, ball heads, holders, etc
+ includes FeiYu products

+ action cams, digi frames, etc

+ flashes, monolights, etc

+ items may get added, cancelled, or rescheduled without prior warning in the Gold Box

+ also, the more things I post, the higher the chances of me introducing errors (wrong times, wrong links, etc)

Thursday (starts 2:30pm ET): Neewer 35mm f1.7 MF lens

Per the Amazon Camera and Photo Lightning Deals schedule, starting at 2:30pm eastern (3pm for non-Prime members) there is going to be a manual focus lightning deal, FINALLY at Amazon!

+ starts 2:30pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 MF lens (price before sale $69)
+ the listing also has a 10% off clip-on coupon
+ the Gold Box listing points towards the Sony E option, which has the same pre-sale price as the Canon EF-M
+ also on the same listing is the Fuji X version which is down to $50
+ sometimes the lightning deal is for the item pointed to by the Gold Box teasers (in this case the Sony E)
+ sometimes the lightning deal is for all or multiple items in a listing
+ on rare occasion the lightning deal is on something other than the one pointed to by the Gold Box teasers
+ in order words, we’ll know for sure when it goes live at 2:30pm ET on Thursday πŸ™‚

The rest of the lightning deals include the usual fare, lots of Neewer camera and photo accessories, including LP-E6 charging, lighting kits, AKASO and other action cams, etc, etc, etc…

Meanwhile the day-long Amazon Gold Box deals du jour include:

+ ASUS Vivobook 15.6″ FHD laptop for $600
+ i5-1035G1, 8GB RAM, 256GB PCIe SSD, backlit keyboard, fingerprint reader, USB-C and USB 3.x ports, HDMI, bluetooth 5, Win10, Intel UHD, 1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz, 45% NTSC, anti-glare, 178 degrees, etc

+ Hyper-X Gaming Gear

+ Electric Guitar Starter Kit with everything needed for $125
+ PRO TIP: before you buy this for anyone, make sure you calculate the distance between the electric guitar and your bed πŸ™‚

Wedn Camera & Photo Lightning Deals: it’s a Neewer Party!

This post is a warm-up to the Madness that will start Thursday and continue until Tuesday. We are back at looking at the Camera & Photo Lightning Deals. These are some potentially interesting items scheduled to go live on Wednesday. They are posted in the order they are scheduled to go live:

+ Neewer F100 7″ IPS camera field monitor

+ ring light generic and also a Neewer

+ Neewer 2pk lighting kit

+ Neewer camera trolley case

+ Hohem iSteady X and FeiyuTech handheld gimbal stabilizer-y type things

+ Neewer macro ring light flash kit

+ even more GVM and Neewer lightning kits throughout the day

+ generic camcorders throughout the day

I am not posting times in this practice post for expediency reasons.

Keep in mind, as always with the Gold Box other products may also be offered unannounced, and some items may get added/deleted. The distinction of the unannounced is that Amazon doesn’t want millions of people sitting and waiting for a high-demand item and then getting furious because only X units were available. These are what we call in the business “known unknowns” πŸ˜‰

Thursday: Neewer RingLight Kits, Samsung Note 10+, Etc

Some action at the Thursday Amazon USA Gold Box, good until 11:59pm pacific, or earlier for anything that may sell out:

We have the return of the Neewer Ringlight Flashes, with prices ranging from $18 to $160, with a total of a dozen options:

+ eight different Ringlight flash kits
+ two lighting kits
+ one selfie ring light
+ one 2-n-1 monopod/tripod

For fans of the S-Pen, the new condition factory-unlocked with 1-year Samsung US warranty 256GB Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ for $800 with free US shipping. This is available in three color schemes. Up to three per customer at the sale price.

And for coffee fans [is this turning into a coffee blog?] there’s a couple of Nespresso Vertuo Next pod systems for $100 each. The thumbnails look similar but one is made by DeLonghi and the other by Breville. They include coffee-pod starter kits to get you going… I don’t know if Nespresso has 3rd-party refillable pods (they exist for the Keurig system, with mixed results [of the ones I tried])…

Sunday: LOTS of Neewer products (Flashes, Ring lights, Umbrellas, Etc) in the Gold Box Lightning Deals

IF you are a fan of Neewer camera accessories, the lightning deals of the Camera & Photo Gold Box for Sunday 7/28/19 includes a variety of their C&P accessories, including:

+ fluorescent ring light
+ TT560 Flash
+ mini tabletop tripod
+ C-stand
+ telescopic background support
+ umbrella set
+ NW-670 TTL flash kit
+ foldable LED panel
+ another ring light kit
+ NW-562 E-TTL flash
+ NW400 GW36 2.4G flash
+ another ring light
+ NW-565-EX E-TTL flash
+ Backpack

The above are all Neewer branded products and are running for the next 24 hours as of the time of writing of this post. They are listed in the order of appearance (order of going live in the Gold Box ~ other things equal)

EU: Neewer Mini Travel Tabletop Tripod (up to 24″) for 20 euro

Usually the Amazon USA has better prices but in this case, Amazon Germany handily defeats it. For just 20 euro (shipping depends on location and Prime status), you can get the new condition Neewer Mini Travel Tabletop tripod fulfilled by (a trio of sellers offer it at this price, one appears to be in the UK judging by the name). Note that this only has two customer reviews of its own. The other 70 belong to a phone-size travel tripod.

This is an actual tripod, it’s just small in size ~ it ranges from 12 to 24 inches and can handle up to five kilos (around 11 pounds ~ the product title is wrong when it says 25 pounds but it says correctly 11 later in the product description)

This goes for $30 at where it averages 5 out of 5 based on five customer reviews…

(SOLD OUT) Used Neewer Battery Grip (BG-2P replacement) for $6

As of a 4/18/18 recheck, these sold out…

[Read more…]

Neewer USB Charger for Fuji NW-W126 for $8.50

The Neewer NW-W126 USB battery charger for Fuji NW-W126 batteries is currently on sale for $8.50 sold and shipped by Amazon with up to ten per customers. This is only a charger, batteries not included. It averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 35 customer reviews. This is not a lightning deal, so expiration time is unknown.

(ENDED) Neewer Crane V2 3 Axis Brushless Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer for $439

These lightning deals expired…

[Read more…]

Used Neewer 3-Filter Kit for select DJI Phantoms for $3.40

The Neewer 3-filter kit for the DJI Phantom 4 or Phantom 3 PRO or Advanced [incompatible with Phantom 3 Standard] goes for $12 in new condition, but if you are okay with used products, you can get it for $3.40 in “Used – Very Good” condition (cosmetic imperfections, original packaging) through Amazon Warehouse Deals.

Shhh! Don’t tell the Amazon bots. This is not an Add-ON item, so if you are a Prime member, you can get this with free 2-day shipping or select a slower shipping method for a “no-rush credit” (depending on whatever promotions the shopping cart may be running at the time of purchase).

If you are not a Prime member, you have the new-usual minimum of $25+ for free shipping.

This too was another find while checking the Warehouse Deals.

(ENDED) Neewer 2.4G HSS 1/8000s TTL GN36 Wireless Master Slave Flash Speedlite for Sony for $65

This lightning deal expired…

[Read more…]

$5 Gadget: Neewer Wireless IR Remote Control Shutter Release ML-L3 For Nikon for $4.25

From the big things to the small. It’s the return of an ever-sprawling “$5 Gadget” post!

The new condition Neewer Wireless IR Remote Control Shutter Release ML-L3 for Nikon has trickled down to $4.25, with a limit of up to three units per customer, by Amazon itself where it averages 4 out of 5 based on almost 100 customer reviews.

There is a meta-catch however, this is an ADD-ON item, so you must place a $25+ order in order for Amazon’s shopping cart to let you buy it. The restriction applies to all customers, especially Prime members since the Add-ON program was created to counter the unconditional free 2-day shipping of Prime.

Ideas to help get you to $25+

+ 12pk ACCO Small Binder clips for $0.98 [limit 10 packs per customer]

+ 440pk Avery 0.5-Inch DiameterAssorted Foil Star Labels for $0.98 [limit 90 per customer]

+ 315pk Avery Color Coding Sticker labels for $1.12 [limit 90 sets per customer]

+ Monoprice 18-Inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cable with Locking Latch and 90-Degree Plug for $1.66 [limit 30]

+ 6ft RCA audio cable for $1.83 [limit 27 per customer]

+ Palmolive Dish Liquid, Essential Clean, Apple Pear, 28 Fluid Ounce for $1.97 [limit three per customer]

+ 250pk Springhill, Digital Card White, 110lb, Letter, 8.5 x 11, 92 Bright for $2.26 after $4 off CLIP-ON coupon

+ Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, 16 Count for $3.22 [limit 10 per customer]

+ AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with Universal Mic for $3.43 [other colors for slightly more]

+ 18pk (36 count) Nature Valley Mega Pack for $4 after $2 off CLIP-ON coupno

+ Road Rage Adult coloring book for $4 [limit 30 per customer; has plenty of swear words]

+ DIO, “Holy Diver” Audio CD with AutoRIP MP3 for $4.99

+ this post is going out of control. HELP!

(ENDED) Neewer NW-561 LCD Display Speedlite Flash for $32

This lightning deal expired…

Generating some traction among today’s Gold Box deals is the new condition Neewer NW-561 LCD Display Speedlite Flash going for $32 with free shipping. The price was $40 last night when I posted the Lightning Deals schedule. It is 14% claimed as of 10am ET. Offer ends at 1:39pm ET or earlier if sold out. It averages 4.1 out of 5 based on 169 customer reviews.

(ENDED) Neewer Aluminum Film Movie Kit System Rig for $100

This lightning deal expired…

[Read more…]

(ENDED) Neewer Dimmable Bi-color LED with U Bracket Professional Video Light for $88

These lightning deals expired…

[Read more…]