12oz Mango Spot Stainless Steel Lens Coffee Mug (Leica 180 f3.4 Homage) for $12

If you like lens-shaped coffee mugs, and like the Leica-style lenses, but don’t want to pay top bucks for the Leica-branded ones, the Mango Spot brand is offering the 12oz Stainless Steel Lens Coffee Mug, an homage to the Leica 180 f3.4 lens, for $12 by a 3rd-party seller with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so free 2-day shipping for Prime members.

(ENDED) Mango Spot Lens Cup for $8 (ends Fri 2:45am ET)

This deal zoomed out of existence but I believe this is a recurring lightning deal, so it will likely come back in the future…

And now to something fun in single figures, the 12oz Mango Spot Lens Cup is on sale for $8 in either the black or white color schemes by the maker with the order fulfilled by Amazon. This is a Lightning Deal ending by 2:45am ET on Friday or earlier if sold out. As of 11:41pm ET, the white is 67% claimed and the white with the transparent lid is 44% claimed. I believe you can buy one of each style.

(SOLD OUT) 12oz Lens Shaped Coffee Mug for $8 w/free S&H (limit 5)

As of a 10:41pm ET recheck, this is sold out with over 1600 lens-mugs sold… And now to the single figure featured items at the eBay Deals, for $8 with free shipping, you can get this 12oz Lens Shaped Coffee Mug from eBay seller “GearXS” (98%) with a limit of five per customer. Dxo has not yet measured this one 🙂

Caniam 70-200mm Lens Coffee Mug for $10 w/free S&H (from China)

Do you want to be fashionably late to the Lens-shaped coffee cup trend? If so, and if you can wait an extra 2-3 weeks, Meritline is offering the Caniam 70-200mm Lens Coffee Mug [corrected link!!!] for $10 with free shipping from China (takes 2-3 weeks) when you use coupon code MLCE21SN over there. The price before the coupon is $20. Coupon offer expires 10/23/14 at 3am ET. This is an “homage” to the Canon 70-200mm f4 lens. It holds around 280ml, which is around 9.5oz, so not a good idea for Starbucks.