Now shipping: the Elinchrom ELB 1200 system

From a $6 used camera to a four figure lighting system we go! The Elinchrom ELB 1200 system is now in-stock and ready to ship at Adorama which has all the bundles and accessories nicely organized in one page. There are four bundles with prices ranging from $3500 to $3700, along with a variety of system accessories and batteries. It beats using flashlights 🙂

B&H Lighting/Studio offers: Elinchrom, Dynalite, 10% off PocketWiz, Impact, Ikan, Rotolight, Etc

UPDATE: oops, I left half of them off the original post. More of them have been added (Ikan, Rotolight, etc)…

In addition to the two items previously mentioned, B&H Photo is running a few other lighting/studio related limited time offers as follows:

+ 10% off select PocketWizard models (17 options)

+ Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $699

+ Elinchrom D-Lite RX 4/4 Softbox To Go Kit for $834

+ Dynalite Baja B4 Battery Powered 2-Monolight Kit with Case for $1134

+ ikan IB508-v2 Bi-Color LED 3-Light Studio Kit for $1450

+ Rotolight NEO On-Camera LED Light for $280

+ Redrock Micro microMatteBox Deluxe Bundle for $495

+ Impact Speedlight Solution Kits for Canon & Nikon Cameras (six options, $100 to $130)

+ Impact Venture TTL-600 Battery-Powered Monolight Kit for Canon or Nikon or Sony for $1099

+ Impact PowerSync16 DC Radio Slave System for $85

+ Light & Motion Stella 2000 LED Light for $600

+ Angler Chromakey Collapsible Background (5 x 7′, Chroma Green) for $44~

+ Lomography Light Painter for $10~
+ free shipping IF your order total is $49+

+ for more new offers, check their Featured Deals page

Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $699

On the lighting front, the Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter is on sale for a limited time for $699 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo. B&H is back from the holiday and orders are being processed as we speak.

On a semi-related product category (economy of blog-posts), the Vello Extendá Wi-Fi DSLR Remote Control for Canon and Nikon is on sale for $100 with free shipping,. Check product details to see which cameras it is compatible with. It has apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. Sadly, no Firefox OS apps 🙂

Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 500W/s Compact Flash Head with Three Free Extras for $850

More bundle action, this time you can get the Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 500W/s Compact Flash Head with three free extras (Standard Reflector, Portalite Softbox, Flashpoint Light Stand), all together for $850 with free expedited shipping by Adorama. As of the time of writing, this bundle with the freebies has the same price as the standard item.

Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 Bundle (w/Reflector, Softbox, Stand) for $966

We a mini-theme of lighting-related offers. We start at Adorama with a Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 bundle going for $966~ with free expedited shipping. It includes the Elinchrom ELC Pro HD 500 500W/s Compact Flash Head, along with the Elinchrom 26141 Standard Reflector 21cm, and the Portalite 25.5×25.5″ Single Diffuser Square Softbox for Flash, and the Flashpoint Pro Air Cushioned Heavy Duty 9.5′ Light Stand. There’s no coupon, no rebate, all these items are bundled together automatically by Adorama while this promotion is running. You will see them mentioned above the fold on the page.

Elinchrom Lighting Sale ($75 to $3000; 17 options)

Adorama is having a sale of up to 35% off on seventeen different Elinchrom Lightning products. Prices range from $75 to $3000. This is an ever-scrolling page, it initially shows a small number but it keeps loading more as you page down.

Speaking of lighting, Adorama is offering the Sunpak Lightstick 516 LED Dual Panel Photo Video Light for $149 with free shipping and handling.

They also have a sale on the Glow SpeedLight Bracket for Beauty Dish and 16X16″ Softbox for $40 PLUS shipping (under $10 for many zipcodes).

Lighting Offers: Profoto and Elinchrom (and Magmod, Bolt, Dracast)

You can’t have photography without light and if you don’t have enough light, you must needs make some light. Here we round up lightning related specials from B&H’s PSW2015:

+ UPDATE: some require coupon PSWBH15, others don’t
+ Profoto B2 250 Air TTL To-Go Kit for $1900
+ Elinchrom BRX 500/500 2-Light To Go Set with Bag for $1275 – use coupon PSWBH15
+ Elinchrom Quadra Living Light Kit with Lead Battery, S Head and Transmitter for $900 – use coupon PSWBH15
+ Bolt VB-22 Bare-Bulb Flash Kit with Cyclone PP-400DR Power Pack for $485
+ Dracast LED160 5600K Daylight On-Camera Light Plastic Black for $100
+ MAGMOD kits, 11 options – use coupon PSWBH15
+ Interfit Fluorescent Ring Light (19″) with free Interfit 4-Section Air-Cushioned Stand (7.5′) for $100
+ Ikan Piatto Accent Light with free extras (two options)

Elinchrom Lighting Sale (40 options)

Adorama is also having a sale on Elinchrom Lighting Gear with a total of 40 items listed over there as part of the sale (page #2 has the bottom 20 items). The red ink prices denote the sale. I do not know when the sale ends. Prices range from $12 to $1900. Free shipping (expedited for overs of $49+).

Speaking of Adorama, they are bundling the Lumex BeamPod MX-65 PicoMax VGA Projector with the 1TB WD My Passport Ultra Portable HDD (black) together as a bundle for $280 with free shipping.