(ENDED) Two 16×20″ Gallery-Wrapped Canvas Prints for $35 with free S&H [or one for $21] with Coupon

This limited time offer expired…

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Pay $100 Get 1 Year of NewEgg Premier and $100 NewEgg Promo Credit (or $50/6mo/$50)

If you are a fan of NewEgg and want to to use their Premier membership, there is a Groupon Promotion in progress as follows:

+ Pay $100, Get 1-Year of NewEgg Premier and $100 NewEgg Promotional Credit

+ Pay $50, Get 6-Months of NewEgg Premier and $50 NewEgg Promotional Credit

+ use coupon code NEWEGG10 for an additional 10% off (does not say when this coupon expires)

+ the $100 or $50 Promotional Credit must be spend within 90 days

+ NewEgg Premier is their Amazon Prime equivalent plan
+ you get free 3-day shipping, free returns, no restocking fee, rush processing, exclusive offers, etc

+ limit 2 per Groupon customer

+ NOTE: this is only a good deal if you are planning to use all the promotional credit. If you can’t spend it within the next 90 days, you may be better off getting NewEgg Premier directly from NewEgg ($50 for 1-Year but NO Promotional Credit; extra month for new customers).

15% off Groupon Goods with Coupon (includes Electronics and Camera and Photo)

Groupon time, especially if you have gift certificates or store credit! Good until the end of day today (2/10/16) coupon code EXTRA15 gets you 15% off Groupon Goods products, which are typically physical products (not services/vacations/etc). This includes Electronics (over 17,000 items) which includes Camera and Photo items (770+ items). Of those 300+ are in accessories of all kinds, and 300+ are in security cameras. There are around 45 digital cameras in two categories (DSLR, P&S). You can see all those subcategories on the left hand side of their website.

The coupon restrictions: you can use the coupon on three separate purchases. On each purchase, you can use the discount on one unit of an item (eg one item X, one item X, one item Z). There is no minimum purchase amount. The maximum savings from this promotion is $50 per deal. Typically you can get free shipping with orders of $34.99 or higher (for items sold and shipped by Groupon itself).

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 (ECG200, 21x, Android) w/6mo warranty for $215

If your interests intersect at Android and Compact Superzooms, you can get the certified refurbished Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, model ECG200, with a 21x optical zoom lens and a six month Samsung warranty for $215 with free shipping and free returns from Groupon Goods.

In new condition, this goes for $350 at B&H Photo and Amazon itself.

Refurbished Nikon S9900 compact-zoom for $230

The Nikon Coolpix S9900 is offered manufacturer refurbished with a 90 day Nikon USA warranty for $230 with free shipping at Groupon Goods. Before I give you the spoiler, take a closer look at that listing. Spoiler in the next paragraph, stop reading if you don’t want to be spoiled 🙂

The spoiler is… the picture is of a Sony superzoom camera, but everything in the listing is about the Nikon S9900 which may perhaps explain why they only sold one, even though it’s a good price, when you consider the new condition is $300 at Amazon and Best Buy upon eBay et al. The Groupon listing for the new condition Coolpix S9900 has the correct picture.

(ENDED) Wedn: 10% off Groupon Goods, 20% off Local Deals with Coupon

This daily deal expired…

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Some may remain: $5 Groupon Offers: $5 online fashion photography class, $5 20-page 8×8 photo books PLUS Shipping [updated]

UPDATE: some of the offers remain at $5, others expired. Some of them were created specifically for this promotion while others were $5 anyway and they got tagged along…

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Refurbished Nikon 30-110mm VR for $110

For the Nikon CX 1″ Angry Inch 1-System, Groupon Goods is offering the camouflage color scheme of the manufacturer refurbished Nikon 30-110mm VR lens for $110 with free shipping and free returns and 90 day Nikon warranty. Delivery within 7 business days after purchase.

Fuji X30 for $480 (either color)

The Fuji X30 compact with RAW is currently offered, in either color scheme, for $480 with free shipping and free returns at Groupon Goods. Delivery within 7 business days after purchase.

Refurbished Panasonic FZ70 superzoom for $180

The Panasonic FZ70 superzoom (60x optical) is currently offered in manufacturer refurbished condition for $180 with free shipping and free returns at Groupon Goods. A camera case and 16GB card are included. It arrives within 12 business days after purchase, so do note that if you are making a time-sensitive purchase.

Refurbished Nikon 30-110mm VR for $110

The manufacturer refurbished Nikon 30-110mm f3.8-5.6 VR lens with a 90 day warranty is on sale for a limited time for $110 with free shipping (with the usual limit of five) at Groupon Goods. This is a limited time offer but they don’t mention a specific expiration date.

Groupons: Studio in a Box, 64GB Lexar, custom photo books

Among the latest Groupon Camera Offers, you can find the Electric Avenue Studio In A Box for $35 with free shipping and free returns. This is offered by many sellers under different brands. This variation has four different color backgrounds (black, white, red, blue). Of interest on its own, or if you want to scavenge it for parts.

If you like free shipping, this 64GB Lexar SDXC 200x C10 Platinum II memory card qualifies for the free shipping minimum, $24.99. It is after all fairly cheap to ship a memory card, otherwise they’d price it at $24.98 😉 Limit five per customer. This is model LSD64GBSBNA200.

On the photo prints front, Photo Deals is offering custom photo books with $5 flat shipping with the following options:
+ 20 page 8×8″ soft cover for $5
+ 20 page 11×8″ hard cover for $12
+ 40 page 11×8″ hard cover for $15
+ plus $5 flat shipping
+ limit one per order
+ check terms/conditions for more

Portable tabletop studio for $35 w/free S&H

The portable tabletop studio in a box that goes by many names is currently offered for $35 with free shipping at Groupon Goods as the Electric Avenue Deluxe Table Top Photo Studio Bundle. It comes with a carrying case that unfolds to become the “studio”, along with two lights and a mini tripod and three different color backgrounds. Some of the other variations come with only the blue background, which is perhaps why this one is “deluxe”. Especially of interest if you have Groupon balance or gift cards or promotions.

Sigma 150–500mm F/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM (C/N/A/P/S) for $770 [not sure about warranty]

Groupon Goods is offering the new condition Sigma 150–500mm F/5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM for $770 with free shipping in the five SLR mounts (Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Sigma). One thing to pay attention to is that it only says “One-year warranty from Sigma”.

I don’t know if this is an incomplete explanation of the warranty, since Groupon does not specialize in camera gear? Or it this actually different from the warranty offered by other sellers? For example, if you look at the pages of this lens at Adorama or B&H Photo, where it goes for $870, it says you get a one year international warranty plus a two year USA warranty.

Sony A58 w/18-55 & 55-200 & Lightroom 5 for $480

The Sony a58 A-mount pellicle-mirror APS-C camera with the 18-55mm and 55-200mm lens along with Lightroom 5 is offered for $480 with free shipping and free returns at Groupon Goods. IMPORTANT: under Options (right side of the page over there, below the green BUY button), you must select the Kit with Lightroom! I can’t create a link with the Lightroom pre-selected. The default option is without Lightroom and goes for $450. Also included is a case and 16GB card.

(ENDED) Refurbished Nikon 55-200mm DX non-VR for $80

This offer ended but sometimes Groupon offers return after a few weeks…

The Nikon 55-200mm DX non-VR SLR lens is offered in manufacturer refurbished condition for $80 with free shipping, free returns and a 90 day Nikon warranty at Groupon Goods as part of their Camera & Photo Deals… Groupon also has a running page of pre-Black-Friday doorbusters.

(ENDED) Ends Fri 3am ET: 10% off one item at Groupon Goods

This limited time offer expired… Groupon Goods is running a limited time coupon promotion. Use coupon code SALE to get 10% off a single Groupon Goods item (this is where most cameras and electronics are), or 20% off a Local item. The coupon expires 3am ET on Friday 11/14/14. Limit one item per customer. Maximum discount is $50 (eg a purchase price of $500). Due to time constraints I cannot price-check Groupon offerings right now, but you can check their Groupon Goods page for ideas (Camera and Photo has its own sub-category on the left side of the page).

Sony RX100 Mark III + Lightroom 5 + extras for $800

Interesting in the Sony RX100 Mark III and you can also use Lightroom 5 (full version)? Well, we have good news for you. Groupon Goods is offering a Sony RX 100 Mark III bundle that includes the camera along with Lightroom 5 (full version) and a generic 64GB memory card and a generic camera case. Free shipping and free returns. You pay the same $800 price that you would have paid for the camera on its own. Limit 3 for you and 2 more as gifts for other photorawsumers. Delivery is 7 business days from purchase, so don’t get this if you need it yesterday. As with most Groupon offers, they are limited time offers…

7″x10″ Metal Print for $10 w/free S&H (and other print offers)

Picture It On Canvas has a Groupon offering a 7″x10″ Metal Print for $10 with free shipping with a limit of one per order.

For fans of collage photo books, Collage.com has a Groupon offering a 20-page hardcover 8.5×11 inch Collage photo book for $10 plus $6 flat shipping.

On the 16×20 inch custom canvas prints front, Picture It On Canvas is offering two for $50 or one for $29. With free shipping.

There are currently 49 photo print offers at Groupon with more options and print sizes and print materials. Please note, some offer free shipping, others shipping is additional, others do not specify whether it’s free shipping or not. So be sure to check the terms, conditions, restrictions, etc of each offer.

Refurbished Nikon Coolpix S800c for $90 w/free S&H [Android 2.x]

Curious about Nikon’s Android 2.x camera attempts but don’t want to pay triple figures for it? For a limited time, you can get the refurbished Nikon Coolpix S800c for $90 with free shipping and with a 90 day Nikon warranty and free returns from Google Goods.

[DEAD] Refurbished Nikon 55-200mm f4-5.6G DX non-VR for $75 [updated]

The $75 Woot daily deal sold out before the 24 hours elapsed, but if you still want/need this lens at a double figure price point, you can get it for $90 with free shipping from Groupon Goods… Previous updates after the break…

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Refurbished Nikon D3100 w/18-55 & 55-200 (both non-VR) for $333

For a limited time, thanks to coupon code GOODS10 you can get the refurbished Nikon D3100 with 18-55mm DX non-VR and 55-200 DX non-VR lenses for $333 at Groupon Goods. The price is $370. The coupon is 10% off, $370 – $37 = $333. The coupon expires at 10/12/14 11:59pm central time (Groupon is central time). Note this is an older DSLR and neither of the lenses is stabilized (VR).

10% off a single Goods Item (eg electronics) at Groupon Goods

For a limited time, Groupon has a a promotional coupon, use code GOODS10 for 10% off towards the purchase of a single Groupon Goods item (a product, not a service) at Groupon. The promotion expires at 10/13/14 at 3am ET. Maximum savings is $50 (eg after a purchase price of $500, no more discount). This is only good for a single item, not a shopping cart or multiple transactions. They currently list over 40 items (security cameras not counted) at their Camera and Photo page. The promotion is good for over 6000 Groupon Goods (physical products). It is not good for other items they sell (not for local, travel, restaurants, etc)