Groupons: Studio in a Box, 64GB Lexar, custom photo books

Among the latest Groupon Camera Offers, you can find the Electric Avenue Studio In A Box for $35 with free shipping and free returns. This is offered by many sellers under different brands. This variation has four different color backgrounds (black, white, red, blue). Of interest on its own, or if you want to scavenge it for parts.

If you like free shipping, this 64GB Lexar SDXC 200x C10 Platinum II memory card qualifies for the free shipping minimum, $24.99. It is after all fairly cheap to ship a memory card, otherwise they’d price it at $24.98 😉 Limit five per customer. This is model LSD64GBSBNA200.

On the photo prints front, Photo Deals is offering custom photo books with $5 flat shipping with the following options:
+ 20 page 8×8″ soft cover for $5
+ 20 page 11×8″ hard cover for $12
+ 40 page 11×8″ hard cover for $15
+ plus $5 flat shipping
+ limit one per order
+ check terms/conditions for more