16×20″ Canvas Prints for $31 plus Shipping (at least $10)

Some pictures beg to be printed and some of those would work great as canvas prints. Which brings us to a CanvasOnSale Groupon promotion that includes five different sizes, including a one 16×20 inch print for $15 or a 2-pack for $31 (they list them as 20×16). For this Groupon shipping is additional and it starts at $10 and increases based on size and weight of the shipment. They do not specify how much it costs for each particular option.

Two 16×20″ Canvas Prints for $50 with free S&H (or one for $30 w/free S&H) [updated]

UPDATE 8/2/16: the prices increased to $50 for two and $30 for one. Free shipping remains.

It’s canvas time at Groupon Goods, where Canvas On Demand is offering 16×20-inch customer canvas prints with free shipping regardless of which option you select. It goes for $25 for one 16×20 inch print or $40 for two. You have to select the quantity from the above page, not using the shopping cart in order to get the 2-pack discount. You can still buy multiple 2-packs, up to four per person plus an additional one as a gift. Check the terms/conditions/restrictions if you are not familiar with the offer.

Nikon Coolpix L32 red AA-powered P&S for $80

Among the 500+ items featured in the Groupon Back to College sale is the new condition red AA-powered Nikon Coolpix L32 P&S digital camera for $80 with free shipping and free returns.

New Groupon Customers: 40% off Local Deal (custom photo prints there)

This post is for brand new Groupon customers only! Existing customers are not eligible for these two promotions.

Most of the custom photo print offers (photo books, canvas, metal, photo gifts, etc) are under Local Deals at Groupon and if you are a new Groupon customer, you can get 40% off one of those offers using coupon code JUNGLE in the shopping cart over there. Some items may not be eligible. Limit one unit of one offer during this promotion. Maximum discount is $50.

Also for new Groupon customers only, they have a Pay $5, Get $10 Starbucks eGift Card good until 7/31/16 or earlier if sold out.

(ENDED) Mystery % OFF Coupon at Groupon (ends Tue PM)

This coupon expired… Groupon is back with a reality-TV style coupon, coupon code SURPRISE entered at the Groupon website gives you a discount of up to 51%. The discount percentage is random and varies from person to person. This is good for Groupon Goods as well, not just Local Deals (custom photo print offers live here). The maximum discount is $20 for Goods and $50 for everything else. Limit one unit/use per customer during this offer. Some items may be excluded as usual. Works on desktop or mobile Groupon sites. Offer ends 7/26/16.

Buy More Save More Groupon Coupon (eg custom photo books, prints, canvas, etc)

Groupon has a new “Spend More, Save More” coupon for Local Deals. Local Deals is where most of the photo print offers reside (photo books, canvas, wood, photo gifts, etc). Coupon code TAKEOFF gets you $5 off $20+ OR $10 off $40+ OR $15 off $60+. The coupon can be used on up to three different offers per customer during this promotion, with the discount good for one unit/item in each offer. The maximum discount is $50 per offer. Offer ends tonight (7/21/16).

You can either traverse the Local Deals categories or simply use the search box over there to look for things, eg Photo Books (this is prefilled with NY, you can change the location in the search bar).

(ENDED) 20% off Groupon Local (custom photo prints exist there)

This particular coupon expired but Groupon has new coupons out on a regular basis…

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(ENDED) 30% off Custom Photo Books, Canvas Prints, Etc with coupon

This limited time coupon expired… For today only (July 11, 2016) coupon code CUSTOM30 gets you 30% off Customizable items at Groupon Goods which includes custom photo books, canvas prints, custom photo gifts, and more. The coupon is good for one unit per offer. A maximum of two offers per customer. The maximum discount is $50 per offer. Works on desktop or mobile. Some items are not eligible for various reasons (manufacturer or legal restrictions, etc).

(ENDED) 20% off Groupon Local Coupon (most Photo and Canvas and Custom Book Print offers are there)

This particular coupon expired, but Groupon has new coupons on a regular basis…

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Groupon Coupon: 10% off Goods, 20% off Local (photo prints there)

Coupon code SALE3 entered at the Groupon website gets you 10% off Groupon Goods and 20% off Local Offers. Local offers is where many of the photo print (and photo book and metal and canvas such) offers reside. The coupon expires tonight 6/28/16, and has the usual exclusions and limitations (one unit per transactions, max 3 users per customer, max $50 discount per offer, some items excluded, etc).

Two 16×20″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas for $38 w/free S&H {or Three for $55}

Groupon launched a new Solstice Sale good until 6/22/16 PM, and among them there is Canvas On Demand promotion that gets you:

+ ONE 16×20 inch gallery-wrapped canvas for $24 with free shipping
+ TWO 16×20 inch gallery-wrapped canvas for $38 with free shipping
+ THREE 16×20 inch gallery-wrapped canvas for $55 with free shipping
+ ONE 24×36 inch gallery-wrapped canvas for $55 with free shipping
+ ONE 5×7 inch TableTop Canvas for $5 plus $5 flat shipping

NOTE: to get the volume discount, you must select the Two or Three options. Not buy three one-unit. Annotated screenshot below:


Even though the jump from two to three is higher than the jump from one to two, on average, the two-unit option is $19 per canvas, while the three-option is $18.33 per canvas. So if you are buying for volume, the 3-unit is the lowest per-canvas price.

Limit four sets per person plus one more as gift, the usual Groupon limit of five. Check the terms, conditions and restrictions over there if you are not familiar with these type of offers.

(ENDED) 20% off Local Deals at Groupon with coupon (Photo Print/Book/Canvas/Metal offers there)

This particular coupon expired but Groupon has frequent coupons. Groupon rhymes with coupon after all 🙂

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(ENDED) 20% off Local Deals at Groupon with coupon (ends 9pm ET; Photo Print offers there)

This flash sale coupon expired…

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(ENDED) New Groupon Users Only: 40% off Local Deal (print offers reside there) with Coupon

This limited time offer expired…

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Groupon Print Offers: Custom Photo Books, Canvas Prints, Metal prints, Etc

Groupon has a Pre-Father’s Day running until the end of day on 6/2/16 that includes:

+ Metal Prints from Printerpix
++ 10×7 inch for $10
++ 11×14 inch for $15
++ 16×20 inch for $20
+++ free shipping!!!

+ Easel Back Photo Canvas from MailPix
++ 5×7 inch for $9
++ 8×10 inch for $13
+++ free shipping!!!

+ 8″x10″ Customized Framed Canvas from FramedUp for $7 plus $10 flat shipping and handling

+ Custom Photo Books from MyPublisher as follows:
++ 20 page 11.25″ by 8.75″ for $10 or 30 page for $15
++ 20 page 11.5″ by 15″ Deluxe for $19 or 30 page for 25
+++ Shipping and Taxes are ADDITIONAL

+ Canvas prints from Canvas On Sale
++ 12×8 inch for $7
++ 16×12 inch for $13 or two for $25
++ 20×16 inch for $16 or two for $31
+++ Shipping and Taxes are ADDITIONAL

+ Custom Photo Books from York Photo
++ 20 page 8×8 inch for $8
++ 20 page 8×11 inch for $10
++ 20 page 12×12 inch for $19
+++ Shipping and Taxes are ADDITIONAL

+ Canvas prints from Easy Canvas Prints
++ 8×10 inch for $10
++ 11×14 inch for $15
++ 16×20 inch for $20
++ 18×24 inch for $30
+++ flat $10 shipping and handling

As usual, be sure to check the terms, conditions, restrictions and deadlines for each offer before buying!

New Groupon customers only: 50% off one Local Deal (Photo Print offers are there)

If you are a brand new Groupon customer, for today only (Monday 5/23/16), coupon code HALFSIES gets you 50% off one unit of one Local Deal at the Groupon website. Local Deals is where many of the photo print service offers live (canvas, wood, metal, photo books, mugs, gifts, phone cases, etc). Maximum discount is $25 with this coupon.

Metal Prints with Free Shipping: $10 to $20 depending on size (10×7 to 16×20 inch)

Time for some metal! Not heavy metal, but heavy enough to hold the prints. Groupon Goods is having a PrinterPix Metal Prints offer with Free Shipping. The prices are $10 for a 10×7 inch metal print or $15 for a 11×14 inch or $20 for a 16×20 inch. Check the listing for details, terms, restrictions, etc.

Groupon Coupon: 10% off Goods, 20% off Local (many photo print offers live here)

Groupon is having another 2-day coupon code. Coupon SALE3 gets you 10% off Goods (physical items, eg cameras, bags, memory cards, etc) and 20% off Local deals which is where most of the various photo print offers live (custom photo books, canvas prints, wood, metal, coffee mug prints, etc). Navigate the categories or use their search box to look for items of interest at the Groupon website, or look for ideas in our previous Groupon posts.

The usual coupon restrictions apply. Maximum discount is $50 per deal. Discount on only one unit per transaction, but you can use it on up to three of each deal type (Goods, Local, Gateways). Some items are not eligible (eg manufacturer or legal restrictions). Coupon expires Thursday night 5/19/16.

Due to time-constraints, I can’t go through the Groupon site looking for deals at the moment. The highly anticipated 2-hour Google I/O 2016 keynote begins in 30 minutes or so, I will be live-tweeting the Google I/O (these things are fun!) on Twitter.

Pay $25, Get $65 to spend on custom Lay Flat Seamless Photo Books (or $30/$80 or $40/$110)

If you like custom lay-flat seamless photo-books, there is a Picaboo offer on Groupon that has three options:

+ Pay $25, Get $65 to spend
+ Pay $30, Get $80 to spend
+ Pay $40, Get $110 to spend
+ shipping (on your future custom book order) is additional
+ check the terms and conditions and restrictions over there

(ENDED) 20% off Groupon Local Deals with coupon

This promotion expired ahead of time. Groupon coupons are rather frustrating. Sometimes they expire early sometimes they get extended multiple days in a row. Grrr…. All apologies but it’s beyond my control…

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72pk Sony Stamina Plus AA batteries for $16

If you are a fan of Sony Stamina AA single-use batteries, Groupon Goods is offering 72pks of Sony Stamina Plus AA or AAA single-use batteries for $16 per pack. That’s 4.5 batteries per dollar. You can select AA or AAA from the menu there. Limit five total sets per customer. Free shipping if your order total is $35+, so if you want free shipping, you need three of these, or a combination of these and other products that get you over $35. Their expiration is in 2024 per the listing.

Metal Prints with Free Shipping: 10×7″ for $15, 11×14″ for $15, 16×20″ for $20

It’s metal time. Not Iron Maiden metal, but metal-prints metal. Groupon is offering custom Metal Prints from PrinterPix with free shipping. They have three different sizes, 10×7 inch for $10, 11×14 inch for $15, and 16×20 inch for $20. Free shipping. Check listing for more details. Groupon now has customer reviews as well, another way to get more info on their offers.

First time Groupon customers: $10 off $25+ coupon

Groupon is trying to tempt new customers to try their service with coupon code WELCOME that gets you $10 off a purchase of $25 or more from the Groupon website. Most offers are eligible but some local offers and consumer electronics are not eligible. Must be used on the desktop or mobile website, not the app. Limit one use per customer. This is a good way to try out different photo print services. Use the search bar over there to search for things like “photo” or “canvas” or “custom photo book” or photography classes or wood or metal prints and such. Their search bar has auto-complete so it will give you pointers.

48pk Duracell CopperTop Single-Use Batteries (24 AA, 24 AAA) for $17

If you don’t want to participate in the occasional OfficeDepot Duracell Rewards offers (or if you need a lot more batteries sooner), Groupon Goods has a limited time offer on a 48pk of Duracell Coppertops (24 AA, 24 AAA, single-use alkalines) for $17. You can buy up to five sets per customer. Free shipping with an order of $34.99 or higher of items shipped from Groupon facilities. Delivery estimate is seven business days, so if you are used to Prime, keep in mind, this will take longer. They are part of a Groupon Spring Sale that ends 4/7/16.

20% off on the current Groupon Shutterfly offer (ends 3/31/16)

If you are a fan or curious about Shutterfly, Groupon has a limited time coupon on their Shutterfly Promotion. The regular promotion is a 50% off, eg “Pay $20, Get $40 to spend at Shutterfly”. The coupon SFLY20 drops the price you pay by 20% off. So it becomes “Pay $16, Get $40 to spend” or “Pay $24 Get $60 to spend” or “Pay $40, Get $100 to spend” or “Pay $60 Get $150 to spend”.

The coupon expires 3/31/16. Limit one unit per transaction, three deals per customer. Maximum discount is $50 for this promotion.

Be sure to read the terms, conditions, restrictions, and exclusions on this offer if you haven’t done something like this before.

30% off Photo Blankets with Groupon coupon

Whether as gifts or as promotional material that is front and center (at least during the colder months of the year), Groupon is offering 30% off the current prices of Photo Blankets by Collage.com when you enter coupon code SPRING30 over there. They have four different options, with sizes ranging from 30×40 inch to 60×80 inch. Maximum discount with the coupon is $50. Maximum three redemptions per Groupon user. Flat $10 shipping is additional. Check all the details in the aforelinked page. Coupon expires 3/28/16.

PS: the same coupon gets you 30% off canvas prints ~ check our previous post for that.

30% off current prices of Canvas Prints with coupon

Groupon has a new coupon promotion, coupon code SPRING30 gets you 30% off the current prices of the five choices of Canvas Prints from CanvasOnSale. Regular prices (before coupon) range from $7 (one 12×8″) to $31 (two 16×20″). Shipping is additional (not included in the Groupon price). Over 640 got sold so far from this Groupon. Maximum discount via coupon is $50. Limit three redemptions per user. Full terms and conditions over there. The coupon expires 3/28/16 [corrected; not 3/31/16].

(ENDED) Groupon: $10 off $20+/$25+ order for NEW Customers Only

The internets are very confused today. Amazon went down 1999-style [now it’s back online], now this Groupon coupon was cancelled/expired/killed by Groupon…

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(ENDED) New coupon for First Time (New) Groupon users: $10 off $20+ Local Deal

This promotion expired…

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(ENDED) 40% off Shutterfly Photo Books with Coupon

This sold out very quickly…

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