Refurbished Samsung WB1100F superzoom for $150, DJI Phantom 3 Standard for $314, Etc

NewEgg launched what they call the Ultimate Refurbished Sale and it includes:

+ manufacturer refurbished DJI Phantom 3 Standard Quadcopter Aircraft with 3-Axis Gimbal and 2.7k CamerA for $314
+ sold by the official DJI store on NewEgg
+ limit three per customer

+ various refurbished Parrot drones prices ranging from $20 to $70

+ some $100-ish refurbished Chromebooks in the middle of the page

+ and a blast from the past towards the bottom, the refurbished red Samsung WB1100F superzoom for $150 by RedTagCamera thru NewEgg (35x optical zoom)

Samsung Gear 360 VR camera for $89

The new condition Samsung Gear 360 VR is now down to $89 with free shipping and handling, sold by various 3rd-parties sellers with the orders fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day Prime shipping if a member. It averages 3.6 out of 5 based on 270+ customer reviews and has almost 200 answered questions.

In-Stock Now: Samsung Gear 360 4K Spherical VR Camera (2017 Version)

The new Samsung Gear 360 4K Spherical VR Camera (2017 Version) is now in-stock and ready to ship for $230 at Adorama and B&H Photo and Verizon Wireless.

Note that Verizon Wireless has a limited time promotion that gets you a $50 prepaid VISA gift card if you spend $200+ using coupon code 50BACK. Since this is priced at $230, you are eligible for the prepaid VISA gift card. This offer ends 5/29/17.

Another offer running at Verizon Wireless also mentioned under “Description”, gets you the Gear 360 for just $50 IF you purchase it TOGETHER with either the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the S8+ smartphones from Verizon.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 (GC200; 21x optical; Android) for $295

To the galaxy of eBay Deals we return, where the legendary Legend Micro store (I can’t help all these bad puns) is offering the manufacturer refurbished Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 (GC200) Android camera with 21x optical zoom for $295 with free shipping and a 90 day warranty.

Samsung NX3000 w/20-50 & 50-200 for $379

If you happen to be interested in the Samsung NX system (despite its lack of future) the Samsung two lens kit with the 20-50mm and 50-200mm lenses is on sale for $379 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo.

(ENDED) Samsung NX3000 w/20-50 & 50-200 & Flash & Case & LR5 for $400

This daily deal expired…

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Samsung NX1 Body with $42 Rewards for $1049

If you have Samsung NX lenses, or you don’t need the kit lens bundled with the NX1, there is a sale at Adorama, you can get the Samsung NX1 body only for $1049 with free expedited shipping along with 4% promotional rewards (around $42 to be used in future Adorama purchases)… The NX1 with 16-50mm kit goes for $1200…

(ENDED) Samsung WB380 compact-zoom (21x) + Extras for $130

This daily offering expired…

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Samsung NX1 with 16-50mm f2-2.8 S OIS & Battery Grip & Extra Battery & Audio Technica Camera-Mount Mic for $2200

The Samsung NX system did not hitch a meteoric ride on the popularity of the Galaxy phones, but on the other hand, it’s still around, which may have been the “tide lifts all boats” impact of the Galaxy phones. Regardless, the current Samsung NX1 body only goes for $1100 at authorized dealers with some offering 4% promotional rewards ($44~) such as B&H Photo and others while retaining the same $1100 price offer a free Audio-Technica AT8024 mic (Adorama; the mic goes for $250 on its own).

On the other hand, if one is looking for a “serious kit”, the NX1 is bundled with the 16-50mm f2-2.8 S ED OIS lens for $2200 with 4% promotional rewards ($88~) at B&H Photo.

But if you want a better bang for the buck power-user deal, at Adorama you still pay $2200 for the NX1 with 16-50mm f2-2.8 S OIS but instead of the 4% promotional rewards, you get the Samsung ED-VGNX01 Vertical Battery Grip, an additional Samsung battery, and the Audio-Technica AT8024 camera-mount mic. So that’s three additional items instead of $88~ to be used in future purchases.

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy 2 Android Compact-Zoom (21x) for $179

eBay is running a curated refurbished Camera Sale (55 options) and among the offers there is the manufacturer refurbished with a 90 day warranty Samsung Galaxy 2 Android Camera, model EK-GC200ZWAXAR, with a 21x optical zoom, offered for $179 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer by eBay seller “Northwest Outdoor” (98.8%).

PS: if you want to research it, you may want to google a combination of its name and model number, because Galaxy is mostly associated with their blockbuster smartphones.

Samsung WB350F Travel-Zoom (Wifi, NFC, 21x optical) for $140

More eBay Deals action this time it is the Roberts Imaging (Roberts Digital of the Great Midwest) eBay store that is offering the new condition Samsung WB350F (EC-WB350FBPBUS) compact travel-zoom with 21x optical zoom, Wifi and NFC, for $140 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer.

(SOLD OUT) Samsung NX3000 with 20-50mm and Flash and LR5 for $300 with free 1-Day shipping

As of a late 12/19/15 recheck, this is sold out…

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(SOLD OUT) Samsung NX3000 with 20-50mm & 64GB microSDXC for $280 (LR5 comes standard with camera)

As of a Tue 1:45am ET, all four options of these got sold out before the full 24 hour deal window closed…

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Samsung NX30 w/18-55 OIS (LR5 included) for $430

The Samsung NX specials continue at B&H Photo, this time it is the Samsung NX30 with 18-55 f3.5-5.6 OIS offered for $430 with free expedited shipping. One of the included “accessories” in the camera box by Samsung (not B&H) is Lightroom 5 on DVD… For more specials check the B&H Pre-Black-Friday sale page…

Samsung NX500 with 16-50 PZ for $500

The Samsung NX500 with the 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 power zoom lens is now down to $500 with free shipping in your choice of black, brown or white at B&H Photo where you also earn 4% promotional rewards on this purchase (= $20~)… This kit was $650 last week per the Mirrorless Price Charts.

Samsung NX1 body for $1100 (or with 16-50 for $1300)

The Samsung NX1 flagship is joining the discounting party at B&H Photo where the body only goes for $1100 while the NX1 with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 goes for $1300, and the NX1 with 16-50 f2-2.8 goes for $2100. All earn 4% promotional rewards as well.

Samsung NX1 with 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 OIS and Audio Technica Microphone for $1400

For a limited time only, Adorama has a Samsung NX1 bundle that includes the Samsung NX1 with the 16-50mm f3.5-5.6 Power Zoom OIS lens and the Audio-Technica AT8024 Stereo/Mono Camera-Mount Microphone, all together for $1400. It is temporarily on backorder but you can place an order if you like the price/combo… The Mic on its own goes for $250, so if you don’t need it, you should be able to trade/sell it for triple figures.

(ENDED) Samsung DV180F DualView P&S for $80

This daily deal expired…

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Samsung NX30 w/18-55 (with LR5 included) for $400

B&H Photo is celebrating the 1-Year Anniversary of their Deal Zone and celebrate this, they have a 2-day sale on 58 different products, including the new condition black Samsung NX30 with 18-55 f3.5-5.6 OIS for $400 with free expedited shipping… One of the standard items included by Samsung with this is Lightroom 5… These sales end by the end of day on Tuesday 11/10/15…

Refurbished Samsung NX300 w/20-50 for $280

The action continues at the eBay Deals on the Samsung front, the Focus Camera eBay store is offering the manufacturer refurbished Samsung NX300 with 20-50mm for $280 with free shipping… This is part of a refurbished gear sale…

New-Other Samsung Galaxy EK-GC120 (Android, 21x superzoom, Verizon, No Contract) for $105

To the eBay Deals we return, where we find the Samsung Galaxy Camera EK-GC120 superzoom (21x, blue color scheme) in New-Other Condition on sale for $105 with free shipping by eBay seller “Guarantee Cellular” (98.4%) with 220+ units sold so far.

This is an Android camera with a SIM slot for cellular coverage. But no contract, you don’t even have to use the cellular part if you don’t want to. The product details there say “GC120 Verizon” which suggests this is the Verizon version. The listed model number is EK-GC120BKAVZW.

The condition is described as “New Other” with this blurb:

“The device is in new condition in original retail box with everything included (not sealed). Clean ESN”

(ENDED) Wedn: Samsung NX with 18-55 for $550 [Android]

This daily deal expired… For more action, check the B&H Featured Deals page

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(ENDED) Tuesday Lightning Deals: refurb Samsung NX30 w/18-55, etc

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

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(ENDED) Refurbished Samsung NX30 with 18-55 OIS for $355

This daily deal ended… The Woot Sellout Daily Deal good until 1am ET on Sunday is the factory reconditioned black Samsung NX 30 with 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OIS Lens, model EV-NX30ZZBGBUS, for $350 plus $5 flat shipping. Limit three per customer.

(ENDED) Ends Wedn 4pm ET: 15% off Samsung NX500 bundles

This lightning deal expired (and it was mostly ignored by buyers)…

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(ENDED) Samsung NX1 w/18-200 for $1630 [with 16-50 PZ, 18-200 for $1800] (ends 4pm ET)

This flagship lightning deal expired after four hours…

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(ENDED) Starts Tue 12pm ET: Samsung NX1 Bundles Lightning Deals

This offer ended…

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Samsung NX30 with 18-55 (LR5 bundled) for $500

The Samsung NX30 with the 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 OIS Lens is going for $500 with free shipping at Amazon by Amazon itself and B&H Photo. The camera box includes Adobe’s Lightroom 5 with it.

Samsung NX Mini with 9-27mm, SEF-7A Flash, LR5 bundled for $280

To the eBay Deals we return where we find the Mini-Me of the NX system. Buydig’s eBay store is offering the new condition Samsung NX Mini with 9-27mm NX-M and SEF-7A External Flash for $280 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. Lightroom 5 is bundled with the camera. You have a choice of Black, Blue or Mint. Sorry, no Basil 🙂

Sunpak PZ58X Flash for $95 (C/N)

The Sunpak PZ58X Flash is currently on sale for $95 with free expedited shipping at Adorama, available in either for Canon DSLRs or for Nikon DSLRs.