(ENDED) Panasonic Eneloop KJ17MCC82A for $25 + S&H

This daily deal expired…

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(ENDED) 8-slot EBL charger with 8 AA (2300mAh) batteries for $16

This Tuesday lightning deal ended… Good until 10:30pm ET tonight you can get the EBL 8-Bay Smart AA/AAA Battery Charger with eight 2300mAh Ni-MH AA Rechargeable Batteries included for $16. The order is fulfilled by Amazon, so the usual free shipping terms apply. The price before the sale was $22 last night.

New weekly round of 1c After Rewards Duracell 16pk single-use AA or AAA alkaline Batteries after Rewards

Sunday is here which means a new round of the Office Depot-Max Duracell rewards promotion is under way. As before, you can buy a 16-pack of Duracell single-use AA or AAA alkaline batteries for full price, and a few weeks later you will receive your purchase price back (excluding $0.01 and sales tax) in Office Depot Rewards (not cash). You can buy two of these per week (any combination of AA or AAA, eg two of one kind, or one of each), the week defined Sunday AM to Saturday PM. Avoid last minute purchases online during the Sat-to-Sun date transition to prevent week-change issues. You can find them at the bottom row of the Office Depot – Max Rewards page. The offer is good in-store or online.

More details on them in our previous post.

(ENDED) 33pk various size Insignia single-use batteries with matching storage box for $10 w/FS

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Sat: 48pk AA and 36pk AAA Fujitsu single-use batteries for $20 with free shipping [limit 3 bundles]

This sale not only ended, but NewEgg dismantled the bundle…

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100pk AmazonBasics single-use AAA batteries for $18.69

This is back in-stock, a 100-pack of single-use AAA batteries of the AmazonBasics brand goes for $18.69 at Amazon by Amazon itself. This is about 5 batteries per $1. Limit up to thirty 100-packs per customer. This is also available for delivery through AmazonFresh, because the “batteries with lettuce salad” is all the rage among dieters 😉 [PSA: this is a joke! Do not eat batteries no matter what the internet says !]

A variety of other single-use battery promotions are currently running, check the Batteries-related posts for more.

(SOLD OUT) 60pk Rayovac single-use AA batteries for $9 [limit 2]

As of a late PM re-check, these are sold out and cannot be ordered… Even the “Add-On Item” restriction did not slow down the buyers apparently…

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24pk Rayovac AA batteries for $5.89 w/free S&H

Back to the eBay Deals where batteries are included! The official Best Buy eBay store is offering new condition 24-packs of Rayovac AA single use batteries for $5.89 with free shipping or free store pickup. Limit up to thirty 24-packs per customer. This averages to around 4 batteries per $1.

There are many other battery promotions in progress, including the 1c Duracell Rewards offer at Office Max/Depot, a 60pk of Rayovacs for $10 at Home Depot stores and 72pks of Sony Stamina at Woot, and such.

All the batteries above are single-use, but on the rechargeable front, the newer precharged 8-pack of AA AmazonBasics continues to go for $16.89. Meanwhile the previous generation (from the looks of it) 12pk of AAA rechargeables goes for $13.

60pk Rayovac single-use AA batteries for $10 (Home Depot pickup)

On the single-use battery front, if you are near a Home Depot store or if you are planning an order that gets free shipping, they are offering a 60-pack of Rayovac AA single-use alkalines for $10. That’s six batteries per $1, which is not a bad price for name-brand batteries. Their website has detailed inventory updates per store location.

PS: also on the single-use batteries front, Office Depot-Max are running weekly 1c After Rewards promotions on Duracell 16-packs of AA or AAA.

Weekly Duracell Batteries 1c After Rewards until 12/31/16

This is turning into a battery blog 🙂 Good until the end of the year (12/31/16), Office Depot and Office max brick and mortar stores and their website are offering the 1c Duracell Batteries after Office Depot Rewards. The limit is two per customer per week across all purchasing platforms (online, in-store, by phone or fax or telegram or raven). The week is defined as Sunday AM until Saturday PM. If you are buying online avoid the overlap between late Saturday PM to early Sunday AM to prevent time-change and website maintenance issues.

You can find these online as well, shown at the Office Depot Rewards page. Page towards the bottom to see the terms and conditions (or use your browser’s in-page search feature to search for “Duracell”). Per the terms these will be issued separately from the monthly rewards, which is a very good thing (the monthly rewards are only issued in $10 increments so you typically don’t get all your rewards [sneaky way to avoid paying the full amount of rewards earned).

This is a screenshot, View Larger, since the rewards page is not a very responsive design.


The terms are the same as before, you buy a 16-pack of single-use Duracell AA or AAA battery. You pay full price ($13.99) plus sales-tax (if collected in your store/state) and you make sure your Office Depot rewards number is on the receipt (or if buying online in your account profile) because that’s how their computer will know to send you your rewards. You don’t need to mail anything or use a coupon. About three weeks later (give or take), you will find $13.98 of Office Depot rewards in your Office Depot rewards account. You may not get an email alert, so don’t forget to check there. This is limit two for the week.

This also may appear in the weekly ads, this is the December 4-10 (2016) ad:


NOTE that the new-era Office Depot/Max rewards do NOT roll over. If you pay for a rewards-earning item with rewards, you will NOT earn new rewards. You can’t roll them over. The rewards have expiration dates, so if you want to max out, make sure you also plan how to spend all those rewards in the future before they expire. Office Depot-Max carries all kinds of things, so it shouldn’t be hard – as long as you need it that is. Or you can always buy supplies on clearance/sale, and donate them to local schools and charities and non-profits 🙂

72pk Sony Stamina Plus single-use AA or AAA for $19

The longer-running Woot Electronics deals feature a Sony Stamina Plus single-use battery sale featuring 72pks of AA or AAA for $19 each, with a limit of up to three per option. The sale also includes C, D, and V packs (of different sizes and prices). The AA + AAA is sold out but the rest are in-stock. Shipping is the usual $5 flat for everything you buy at Woot during a calendar day in the Central time zone. The sale ends 12/31/16, so one could wait until they find something else to buy from Woot (eg daily deals or future Woot-Off), so they can pay shipping only once.

(SOLD OUT) Panasonic KJ17MCC82A Eneloop Power Pack (4-slot charger, 8AA, 2AAA, 2 C Spacers, 2 D Spacers) for $25

As of a 10:40pm ET recheck, this surprisingly sold out (it wasn’t on pace to sell out when I was checking earlier, but maybe it got mentioned in high volume websites or social media?)…

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8pk AmazonBasics AA LSD NiMH rechargeables for $17

On the rechargeable AA front, the 8-pack of AmazonBasics pre-charged rechargeable low-self-discharged (LSD) NiMHs (up to 2400 mah) are on sale for the very specific price of $16.89 at Amazon by Amazon actual. The usual limit of up to 30 packs per customer applies. The AAA 8-pack goes for a few cents more. These are made in Japan according to the product description.

48pk Insignia single-use AA or AAA for $10 w/free S&H

This offer among the latest eBay Deals has batteries included – that’s because the offer itself is batteries 🙂 Lame joke aside, the official Best Buy eBay store is offering their house brand 48pk Insignia AA single-use batteries for $10 with free shipping or free store pickup (where available/possible). Limit up to 30 per customer… The same offer is available for the AAA 48-pack with the same limit of up to 30 packs per customer.

(ENDED) Thursday: 60pk Insignia Single Use AA batteries for $9

This expired but the Insignia batteries are recurring daily offers at Best Buy. They are their house brand so they have more control over pricing and deals after all…

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(ENDED) Panasonic K-KJ17MC124A Eneloop Power Pack (charger, 12 AA, 4 AAA, spacers) for $49.49 w/free S&H

This lightning deal expired… Good until 10:20pm ET, in a 6-hour lightning deal, Amazon is offering the Panasonic K-KJ17MC124A Eneloop Power Pack with 12 AA and 4 AAA rechargeable batteries, two C and two D Spacers, and a 4-slot charger for $49.49 with free shipping.

(ENDED) Monday: Panasonic Eneloop KJ17MCC82A (Charger, 8 AA, 2 AAA, etc) for $28 + S&H

Meh, another day is over… The Meh daily deal for Monday 11/7/16 is the Panasonic Eneloop KJ17MCC82A kit offered for $28 plus shipping (or free shipping if you are a paying member). This includes a 4-slot charger, eight AA and two AAA rechargeables, along with C and D spacers. More details in their forums.

(ENDED) Woot-OFF In Progress {also: Daily Deal is Energizer MAX Single Use Bundles sale}

This was a 1-day Woot-OFF at the main Woot only…

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16pk Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries for 1c After Rewards

As teased last Friday, the Office Depot Duracell Rewards promotion is back, running for the week of Sunday 10/23/16 until the end of day on Saturday 10/29/16. The terms are the same as before, you can buy up to two 16-packs of Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries, and get their purchase price (minus $0.01) back as Office Depot rewards. Sales tax is not refunded. You can find these through the Office Depot and Max Rewards and if you page-down to the bottom there, you can see the terms for this particular offer. The rewards will be sent separately from their monthly rewards, which is a good thing. The offer is good for in-store purchases or online purchases and orders by phone too. The limit is a two maximum per customer for the week, regardless of order method.

Heads Up: Duracell Rewards offer returns 10/23

If you are a fan of single-use batteries, the Duracell brand, and the Office Depot / Office Max Rewards program, we have good news for you! The 1c Duracell Rewards promotion returns for the week of October 23-29 in 2016 at their stores. The offer may also be available online but we’ll know that for certain on Sunday when their Rewards page is updated.


Official GoPro Battery for $10 w/free S&H

The official GoPro battery (1180 mah) for the GoPRO HERO3+ and HERO3 models is currently on sale for $10 with free shipping at the Verizon Wireless store. Limit five per customer. No contract needed 🙂 Charger NOT included, only the battery.

(ENDED) 8-slot EBL Battery Charger for $7.50 (ends 1:30pm ET)

This lighting deal ended… For more, check the scheduled lightning deals of the Amazon Gold Box for Monday…

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16pk Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries for 1c After Rewards

The Duracell Battery Rewards promotion is back at Office Depot and Max Rewards. It is good online or in-store. You can get a 16-pack of Duracell AA or AAA single use batteries for $13.99. Make sure you use/enter your Rewards account when you purchase them. A few weeks later you will receive $13.98 back in Office Depot Rewards. Limit TWO per customer during the week of October 2-8 in 2016. These rewards will be emailed separately from the monthly rewards, so you will receive the full amount.

If you are buying online, an order of $35+ gets you free shipping. At the Rewards page you will also notice a Folgers coffee promotion (seven options) that is 100% back in rewards. These will not be emailed separately, so make sure the total is in multiples of $10, since the regular monthly rewards are issued in $10 multiples. The Folgers is online only. Limit five per customer.

NOTE: you cannot “roll rewards” any more. You have to pay for this order with “new money”, not with existing rewards. If you are not familiar with how their rewards program works, be sure to research it, do not assume it works a certain way!

(ENDED) Thursday: 48pk Insignia Single Use AA or AAA batteries for $8

This daily deal expired…

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48pk Duracell Single Use (24 AA + 24 AAA) for $19 w/free S&H

If you need a mix of single use AA and AAA batteries, to the eBay Deals we go, where eBay seller SLKCellular (99.5%, New York) is offering a 48-pk of Duracell Single Use Batteries with CooperLock, 24 AAs and 24 AAAs for $18.88 with free shipping. Limit 50 bundles per customer. Over 3300 units got sold so far from this listing according to eBay’s stats.

(ENDED) Ends 11:59pm ET: Panasonic K-KJ17MC124A Eneloop Power Pack for $46

This daily deal expired: Good until 11:59pm ET tonight (or earlier if sold out), you can get the Panasonic K-KJ17MC124A Eneloop Power Pack for 12AA, 4AAA, 2 C Spacers, 2 D Spacers, Advanced Individual Battery Charger for $46. The price before the sale was $55 last night. Non-Prime members can buy this starting at 8:30pm ET.

An alternative, not a lightning deal, is this other Panasonic KJ17MCC82A Eneloop Power Pack for 8AA, 2AAA, 2 C Spacers, 2 D Spacers, Advanced Individual Battery Charger which goes for $37.11.

Both have the CC17 4-slot charger (see pictures #2 of each gallery there, the back of the Eneloop case). As far as I can tell, the difference between the two kits is 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries

8-slot pair-charging EBL Charger with 4 AA (2800 mah) and 4 AAA (1100 mah) batteries included for $18

Come on Barbie let’s go have a Battery party! Sounds like I put Baileys in the morning coffee instead of Half and Half 😉 Which brings us to this 8-Bay EBL Battery Charger bundled with 4 AA (2800mah) and 4 AAA (1100mah) rechargeable NiMH batteries for $18. It is sold by EBL with the order fulfilled by Amazon, so you get free 2-day shipping (Prime members) or with the new-usual $49+/$25+ for non-Prime members. It averages 4.4 out of 5 based on 1000+ customer reviews, but multiple bundles are grouped together. This particular kit has 683 of those reviews.

It charges batteries in pairs, and can take either AA or AAA for each pair.

If you need more EBL AA or AAA batteries, check the “Special Offers and Product Promotions” section below the main product section over there for combined purchase coupon discounts.

(ENDED) Energizer Alkaline or Lithium single-use bundles for $19 to $210

This daily deal expired…

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2pk Duracell AA 2400mah Recharg. for $5.39 shipped

And now a $5 Gadget item, also found in the Chaos of the eBay Deals, it is the new condition 2-pack of Duracell 2400mah AA rechargeables for $5.39 with free shipping. These are precharged Duralock models in their own 2-pack package. Limit 50 2-packs per customer. The seller is Shnoopcom (100%, New York). Of interest if you only want a small quantity and free shipping without being a member or making a bigger purchase.

Duracell Battery Rewards return at Office Depot Max 8/28 to 9/3 [Update: Good online as well!]

UPDATE 8/28/16: the fine print of this offer (both online [view larger screenshot] and in the printed weekly ad) says the Rewards will be sent separately, so you will get the full amount (sales tax NOT included as usual with rebates)… Also, the offer is good in-store or online according to the Office Depot Rewards page.


Keep in mind, you can’t roll rewards any more, so you have to pay with “fresh money”, not with existing Office Depot Rewards! The good news though is that they have began sending out the rewards faster than they used to.

Duracell party reloaded! Between Sunday 8/28/16 AM and Saturday 9/3/16 PM, the Office Depot and Max stores are bringing back their 1c after Rewards promotion on the Duracell single-use alkaline battery 16-packs. The promotion includes AA or AAA 16-packs. You have to buy the specific SKUs that participate in the promotion.


You pay $13.99 plus tax (if applicable). You must show your Rewards number (or use your phone number to look it up). A few weeks later you will receive $13.98 in Office Depot rewards in your online account. You can use those for future purchases there but you can’t “roll” them. Limit two per customer during this week, your choice of any combination of AA or AAA 16-packs.

The one question is whether these will arrive separately or will be part of the regular rewards. You want them to arrive separately, otherwise you won’t get the full amount. This is usually mentioned in the Weekly Ad fineprint and on their Rewards website after they go live on Sunday 8/28/16. You won’t get the full amount because for their regular rewards, you only get rewards in multiples of $10. This is a very sneaky way of not paying you the rewards you earned AND getting away with it (until bored Attorney Generals go after them).

60pk Insignia AA alkaline batteries for $10 w/free S&H

The eBay action continues with the official Best Buy eBay store offering the new condition 60pk Insignia AA single-use alkaline batteries for $10 with free shipping or free store pickup. Free shipping for all, no minimum amount required. Limit 30 60-packs per customer during this sale. It comes out to 6 AA batteries per $1.

Green Extreme LP-08 Battery for $10 w/free S&H

Among the latest Adorama Summer Clearance specials you can get the new condition Green Extreme LP-E8 battery which is a replacement battery for the Canon LP-E8. This goes for $10 with free shipping. Also on sale are Green Extreme Replacement Batteries for the Canon LP-E06, LP-E10, LP-E12. The 06 and 12 go for $20 each, while the 10 goes for $13 each. All get free shipping even if you buy just one battery.

In-stock now: 12pk Eneloop AAA pre-charged for $20

The 12-pack of Panasonic Eneloop AAA pre-charged batteries (up to 2100 recharges cycles) with 750mah minimum and 800 mah maximum are now back in-stock and ready to ship in 1-2 days at Amazon by Amazon itself for $20. You can buy as many as you like. The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $49+).

12pk Eneloop AAA (BK-4MCCA12BA) for $20

If you don’t mind waiting for them to arrive, the 12pk of Eneloop Panasonic AAA pre-charged re-chargeable batteries (model BK-4MCCA12BA) are on sale for $20 at Amazon. The usual free shipping terms apply (Prime or $49+ (or $25+books)).

(ENDED) Fujitsu 4-slot Charger with 4 AA batteries (2000mah rechargables) for $13

This daily deal expired but Fujitsu rechargeables are frequent Newegg specials… One of the daily deals at NewEgg for Sunday 7/31/16 is the Fujitsu 4-slot Charger with 4 AA batteries (2000mah rechargables) offered for $13 with free shipping. Offer ends 11:59pm pacific time.

16pk Duracell AA or AAA single-use batteries for 1c + Tax after Rewards [updated]

UPDATE: the affiliate links to Office Depot are not working for some reason. Except for Amazon, eBay, B&H and Adorama, the rest of the retailers are mostly clueless when it comes to affiliate programs 🙂 I replaced them with direct links.

If you are part of the Office Depot and Office Max Rewards program, among the Reward Offers for the week of Sunday July 24 until Saturday night fever July 30 in 2016, you can get up to two 16pks of Duracell single-use AA or AAA alkaline batteries for $0.01 after Rewards. Only these 16-packs are eligible. You can get two AA or two AAA or one of each. Maximum two 16pks total regardless of AA or AAA.

You pay $13.99 plus tax (if applicable) for one 16-pack. A few weeks later you will receive the equivalent of $13.98 in Office Depot rewards. Sales tax is not refunded. This offer is good online and also in-store. Make sure you show the reward card if buying in-store or you have the correct Rewards number linked to your online shopping account if buying online.

While there, they have a very nice deal on their website for this hybrid Solo Backpack/Briefcase for laptops. It has two sets of built-in straps, one to wear as a backpack and one to carry as a briefcase. The sale price is $25.

July 24-30: the Duracell Battery Rewards return at Office Depot and Office Max (limit 2)

For the week of July 24-30 in 2016, the Duracell battery promotion is back at Office Depot and Office Max stores. You can buy up to two 16-packs of single-use AA or AAA batteries for $13.99 each, and receive back the equivalent of $13.98 in the Office Depot-Max rewards program. You have to be a rewards member to take advantage of this offer.


48pk AmazonBasics AA Alkalines for $10 to $12

If you are a fan of single-use AA alkaline batteries and the AmazonBasics brand, their 48-pack is currently on sale for $11.62. Or if you sign up for a “Subscribe and Save” subscription you get it for 5% off ($11.04). But if you have at least five Subscribe and Save subscriptions in a particular month, the discount increases to 15% off ($9.88~). The prices of the batteries can change at any time and this will obviously affect the 5% and 15% off discounts. They are currently the #1 best seller in …Camcorder batteries.

48 Duracell Alkalines (half AA, half AAA) for $17

Batteries are definitely included with these promotion. Because it’s a sale of batteries 🙂 Groupon Goods is offering a 48-pack of Duracell Single Use Alkalines for $17. You get 24 AA and 24 AAA. You get free returns. Free shipping if the order total is $34.99 or more, so either a combination of this and other Groupon items, or three of these. These average 4.6 out of 5 based on 1901 Groupon customer ratings. Of those 286 are reviews, the rest are just star ratings.

(ENDED) Panasonic Eneloop PRO bundle for $48

Cancel the loopiness, as of 5/31/16 recheck, the price is $70~…

[Read more…]

120 Sony Ultra H. Duty Carbon Zinc AA batteries for $27

If you are a fan of single use Carbon Zinc AA batteries, Adorama has a couple of offers on Sony Ultra Heavy Duty packs. The 120 Sony Ultra Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc AA batteries goes for $27, while the 80 Sony Ultra Heavy Duty Carbon Zinc AA batteries goes for $20. The 120-pack wins the batteries per dollar.

PS: these are delivered as multiples of 40s. The 80 count is two 40-packs, while the 120 count is three 40-packs. In case you want to split orders with friends and co-workers, this can be handy versus “counting batteries”.

Accessory Bundles (charger, battery, card) for Various Canon, Nikon, Sony Cameras

Adorama is having an Accessories Bundle Sale for various popular digital cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony. The bundles typically include charger, battery/ies and/or memory cards and/or cleaning kits and/or Etc. They vary by camera. Note that cameras are NOT included with these bundles. The accessories are for a mix of new (D5, M3, etc) and older cameras (Df, D3300, SL1, A99, RX-series, etc). A total of 40 bundles are available there, use the arrow widgets to see them all.

Panasonic VW-VBN130 Battery Pack for $29 w/free S&H

The Panasonic VW-VBN130 Battery Pack (for camcorders) is on sale for $29 with free shipping and handling at B&H Photo. Limit 10 per customer. If your order total is $49+, you get free expedited shipping instead of the slower free shipping.

(SOLD OUT) Eneloop Kit (4-slot charger, 10 AA, 4 AAA) for $26 {limit five kits}

As of a 11pm ET recheck, this sold out and is no longer available at this price…

If you go loopy for Eneloops, you can loop over to the Amazon Gold Box where one of the day-long deals is a sale on this Panasonic Eneloop Kit for $26, with a limit of five kits per customer.

This is the K-KJ17MZ104A power pack, with a 4-slot charger, 10 AA rechargeables and 4 AAA rechargebles. There are two different AA colors and two different AAA colors. They average 4.8 out of 5 based on 300+ customer reviews. Offer ends on Tuesday at 3am ET (or earlier if sold out).

PRO TIP: if you buy multiple kits, you can color code the battery colors and use them as “teams”, eg the “blue team” and the “cyan team”.

(ENDED) Energizer Single-Use Battery Sales (Alkaline or Lithium; 13 bundles)

This daily deal expired…

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72pk Sony Stamina Plus AA batteries for $16

If you are a fan of Sony Stamina AA single-use batteries, Groupon Goods is offering 72pks of Sony Stamina Plus AA or AAA single-use batteries for $16 per pack. That’s 4.5 batteries per dollar. You can select AA or AAA from the menu there. Limit five total sets per customer. Free shipping if your order total is $35+, so if you want free shipping, you need three of these, or a combination of these and other products that get you over $35. Their expiration is in 2024 per the listing.

100% Back in Rewards on 16pk of Duracell Single Use Alkalines (limit 2; ends Sat PM)

If you are a fan of the Office Depot and Office Max rewards and Duracell single use batteries, the 100% Rewards promotion is back on their 16-pack Duracell Coppertop single-use AA or AAA alkalines. You get 100% back on the purchase price (but not the sales tax) on up to two units. You can do one of each, or two of the same. The offer is good for orders placed online, or in-store or by phone or even by fax (!).

Online orders get free shipping if your order total is $35+. Also participating in the 100% promotion are Folgers ground coffee, with a limit of five. One of these will get you free shipping 🙂

You can see all the offers, and if you page down towards the bottom you will see the details and restrictions of each promotion at the Office Depot Rewards Offers page.

Note that Office Max Rewards do NOT roll. If you pay with your existing Rewards balance, you won’t get new rewards. So you have to pay for these with “new money” (credit, debit, cash, gift cards, store credit, barter) but NOT Office Depot Rewards certificates.

The promotion expires at the end of day on Saturday 4/30/16 (closing time for stores, 11:59pm assume Eastern to be on the safe side for online orders). If buying online, don’t wait until the last minute on Saturday as weekend nights can be computer maintenance hick-up time.

24pk Duracell Quantum AA batteries for $11 {limit 10 sets}

If you are a fan of the Duracell Quantum single use batteries, one of the latest online Staples Deals is a 24pk of Duracell Quantum AA batteries for $11. Limit ten sets per customer at the discounted price. Free Ship to Store, or with a $15+ order if you are a Staples Rewards member.

PS: the same offer is available for a 24pk of Quantum AAAs.

48pk Duracell CopperTop Single-Use Batteries (24 AA, 24 AAA) for $17

If you don’t want to participate in the occasional OfficeDepot Duracell Rewards offers (or if you need a lot more batteries sooner), Groupon Goods has a limited time offer on a 48pk of Duracell Coppertops (24 AA, 24 AAA, single-use alkalines) for $17. You can buy up to five sets per customer. Free shipping with an order of $34.99 or higher of items shipped from Groupon facilities. Delivery estimate is seven business days, so if you are used to Prime, keep in mind, this will take longer. They are part of a Groupon Spring Sale that ends 4/7/16.

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries have their own $5 AmazonDash button ($5 credit after first use)

Until I see this in person, I still think it’s an April Fool’s joke that everybody else is in on 🙂 But it’s actually for real. For Prime members, a few months ago Amazon launched a Dash Button Service where you press a button, and Amazon automatically orders and delivers the designated item for you. So far it’s mostly household items but more brands are coming on-board (eg printer inks).

At the moment, there is one Dash button of photography interest, the Rayovac Battery Button (single-use alkaline AA, AAA, C, D). You pay $5 for it, and after you place your first order with it (by pressing it), Amazon will add a $5 store credit to your account. For each button, there is a box that you can click on the Amazon product page for that particular button to see all eligible items (annotated screenshot crop below):