Fujitsu charger + 8 AA and 4 AAA rechargers and Spaces for $25 after coupon

If you are a fan of Fujitsu chargers and rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, coupon code EMCSRFCB4 gets you a Fujitsu 4-slot charger, 8 AA and 4 AAA rechargeables along with 2 C and 2 D spacers (not batteries, but shells to put AA batteries and make them work in C or D situations ~ YMMV on how well they work depending on device and application) for $25 with free shipping at NewEgg by NewEgg itself.

On Sunday, the coupon works for people who are subscribed to NewEgg’s newsletters. On Monday, it will move to their “Shell Shocker” daily deals and be open to everyone. Because daily deals were not complicated enough, so NewEgg decided to make them so 🙂