(ENDED) Saturday: 99c Amazon Dash buttons include Rayovac and AmazonBasics and Ansmann batteries

This sale ended, but the 99c Dash Button deal is recurring every few weeks. It may return during the Prime Day festivities, I do not know but Amazon has ever-increasing focus on their own hardware devices and services these days…

If you frequently buy single-use batteries at Amazon, for Saturday 7/8/17, they have a 99-cent sale on Dash buttons. This includes the Rayovac Batteries and the AmazonBasics Batteries and Ansmann batteries buttons. (Not a battery, but Peet’s Coffee is eligible too!).

I haven’t bought one of these yet (I will be getting one tonight just so I can test it), but the steps towards making a profit (purchase with button required for profit) on these are as follows:

1) Find 99c Dash Buttons of Interest

2) Before you buy them, page down on the individual pages of each Dash button of interest and locate the “What products can this Dash Button order?”. Make sure the options you see there are what you want to buy in the FUTURE

3) Buy the 99c Dash buttons of interest before Sunday 3am ET

4) Once they arrive, set them up. They need Wifi and the Amazon app, and you have to decide which one of the eligible items to link to the Dash button.

5) Place your first order by pressing the Dash button. Don’t press it blindly. Price-check the item beforehand to avoid price sticker shock. Only press it if you like the price.

6) After your first order by pressing the Dash button, you will receive a $5 credit in your Amazon account.

7) So as long as you only pick Dash buttons for products you want to buy (or were already buying), you make $4 per Button.