(ENDED) Saturday: 99c Amazon Dash buttons include Rayovac and AmazonBasics and Ansmann batteries

This sale ended, but the 99c Dash Button deal is recurring every few weeks. It may return during the Prime Day festivities, I do not know but Amazon has ever-increasing focus on their own hardware devices and services these days…

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(SOLD OUT) 60pk Rayovac single-use AA batteries for $9 [limit 2]

As of a late PM re-check, these are sold out and cannot be ordered… Even the “Add-On Item” restriction did not slow down the buyers apparently…

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24pk Rayovac AA batteries for $5.89 w/free S&H

Back to the eBay Deals where batteries are included! The official Best Buy eBay store is offering new condition 24-packs of Rayovac AA single use batteries for $5.89 with free shipping or free store pickup. Limit up to thirty 24-packs per customer. This averages to around 4 batteries per $1.

There are many other battery promotions in progress, including the 1c Duracell Rewards offer at Office Max/Depot, a 60pk of Rayovacs for $10 at Home Depot stores and 72pks of Sony Stamina at Woot, and such.

All the batteries above are single-use, but on the rechargeable front, the newer precharged 8-pack of AA AmazonBasics continues to go for $16.89. Meanwhile the previous generation (from the looks of it) 12pk of AAA rechargeables goes for $13.

60pk Rayovac single-use AA batteries for $10 (Home Depot pickup)

On the single-use battery front, if you are near a Home Depot store or if you are planning an order that gets free shipping, they are offering a 60-pack of Rayovac AA single-use alkalines for $10. That’s six batteries per $1, which is not a bad price for name-brand batteries. Their website has detailed inventory updates per store location.

PS: also on the single-use batteries front, Office Depot-Max are running weekly 1c After Rewards promotions on Duracell 16-packs of AA or AAA.

Rayovac Alkaline Batteries have their own $5 AmazonDash button ($5 credit after first use)

Until I see this in person, I still think it’s an April Fool’s joke that everybody else is in on 🙂 But it’s actually for real. For Prime members, a few months ago Amazon launched a Dash Button Service where you press a button, and Amazon automatically orders and delivers the designated item for you. So far it’s mostly household items but more brands are coming on-board (eg printer inks).

At the moment, there is one Dash button of photography interest, the Rayovac Battery Button (single-use alkaline AA, AAA, C, D). You pay $5 for it, and after you place your first order with it (by pressing it), Amazon will add a $5 store credit to your account. For each button, there is a box that you can click on the Amazon product page for that particular button to see all eligible items (annotated screenshot crop below):


Now shipping: Rayovac Fusion AA batteries

Rayovac’s new Fusion single-use alkaline AA batteries that claim to last up to 35% more than the Energizer Max batteries are now in-stock and ready to ship in 8, 16 or 24 packs at Amazon by Amazon herself. They have no customer reviews yet, so this are perhaps for the curious and the early adopters.