AreoBLL LP-E10 rechargeable for $10 [Canon T-series D-Rebels]

BATTERIES are included in this offer, it’s a Woot Plus offering good until the end of April 2024 [or earlier if sold out], 11 options of single-use batteries (Fuji, Duracell, AC Delco, AmazonBasics, Energizer, Rayovac) of various kinds and sizes and bundles.

The twelfth, at the end of the pile, is a surprise, it’s a rechargeable battery, the AreoBLL LP-E10 rechargeable for $10, new condition, up to three per customer, 90-day Woot warranty. This is compatible with a variety of T-series Digital Rebel type of Canon DSLRs.

Per the Woot listing, the compatibility list is: