24pk Tenergy AAA LSD rechargeables for $19

Woot has launched a month-long Tenergy Power sale which includes a 24pk of Tenergy AAA rechargeable batteries (800 mAh, low self-discharge) for $19. The sale also offers the harder to find rechargeable C batteries in 8-packs for $24 [the D size already sold out for $40]. There’s also a 12-bay AA/AAA smart charger with LED (model TN160) for $25. Limit up to ten per offer per customer. Sale ends at the end of April or earlier if sold out.

Speaking of Woot, one of their deals of the day ending by Monday 1am ET is refurbished iPad (2nd Generation) models as refurbished scratch & dent for $90 to $130 (storage options 16, 32, and 64GB). Note that this is an OLD model and it uses the old 30-pin connector (not the Lightning connector).

Shipping is free for Prime members, or $5 flat for everything you buy from Woot during a single calendar day in the Republic of Texas time zone (central).

UPDATE: speaking of daily deals [I don’t have anywhere else to put it and it would be off-topic if it got its own post] you can get this lovely 34oz stainless steel Caribou Coffee kettle for $10 from Best Buy. Shipping is extra unless you reach certain limits [it depends depending your Best Buy Rewards level] or store pickup is available.

24pk Tenergy Rechargeable AAA for $19 or AA for $28

A longer-running Woot Plus sale running until 3/25/18 at 11:59pm central time features various Tenergy batteries including a 24pk of AAA rechargeables for $19, and a 24pk of AAs for $28. They also have the 12-bay Tenergy TN160 AA/AAA battery charger for $25. New condition. Free shipping for Prime members. The usual $5 flat shipping for everything purchased from Woot during the calendar day for non-members…

24 Tenergy AA LSD rechargeables for $26 w/FS

NewEGG is back with another 72 hour sale with some of the offers requiring promo codes (and email addresses) in customary Huevo fashion. The usual assortment of techie items are featured including monitors, SSD/storage, computers, software, and some mail-in rebate doorbusters (cables and such, only for mail-in rebate pros because who wants to do a mail-in rebate for $3 or $5?).

But safe from rebates and promo codes, it’s just an old fashioned sale, running until Saturday night, you can get 24 Tenergy Centura AA rechargeables for $26 with free shipping. These are of the low self discharge (LSD) kind, proclaiming 85% after one year of storage. They are 2000 mah and can be recharged up to 1000 times. They are delivered as six 4-packs, so this is handy if you are planning to split the order with friends and family. But if you need more, you can buy up to three 24-packs at the sale price.

Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: refurb Panasonic ZS35 w/extras for $100, $30 Sunpak, $60 Case Logic, 32GB SD for $10, etc

Time sure does fly, and with it, we have a new round of Weekly Promo codes for Fry’s Electronics (some work for their website, some for their stores, some for both). You have to be signed up to their e-mail newsletter. Each newsletter contains a unique coupon code you can use to purchase the deals of that particular promotion. The offers below are for the week of October 18-24 (2015):

+ refurbished Panasonic ZS35 compact-zoom with case and 16GB for $100 (limit 1)
+ Sunpak Ultra 7000TM 70″ Tripod/Monopod for $30 (limit 1)
+ Case Logic Konstrast Pro KDB-101BK Water-Resist Backpack for $60 (limit 1)
+ 32GB Toshiba Class 10 SD for $10 (limit 2)
+ 25% off inks and toners (limit 5)
+ 4pk Tenergy AA or AAA single-use batteries for $0.49 (limit 2; in-store only)
+ various tech and storage sales
+ offers Oct 18-24 (2015) using your personal Fry’s email newsletter promo/coupon codes

Weekly Fry’s Promo codes: 70″ Sunpak Tripod for $30, etc

On Sundays, Fry’s has new weekly promo code deals, running from Sunday AM until the close of business on Saturday PM of the same week. So, for the week of September 13-19 (2015) [forgot the link in OP], using the custom promo codes found in individual email subscriber emails, you can get the following – of potential chimera and photon interest:

+ 4pk Tenergy single-use AA batteries for 40c (limit 5)
+ 70-inch Sunpak Ultra 7000TM Tripod/Monopod for $30 (limit 1)
+ Canon Gadget Bag 2400 for $40 (limit 1)
+ various Samsung SSDs
+ end by Sat 9/19/15 or earlier if sold out

Tue Fry’s with Promo Codes: Cyberlink PhotoDirector 6 Ultra for $40

Among the Tuesday 9/1/15 Fry’s personal email promo code offers, you can get the Cyberlink PhotoDirector 6 Ultra software for $40, limit one, in-store or at their website (free S&H with a $34+ order)… Meanwhile, in-store only, 4-packs of Tenergy AA or AAA NiMH rechargables go for $3 each (limit 4).