Saturday: Bag the …Batteries Bags for $15 + S&H

We have a very special Bag the Bags for you for Saturday 9/9/23, mayhaps the first time ever mentioned on this blog, it’s battery bags! That’s right. The Saturday Meh daily deal are bags that hold AA and AAA and B and C and CR2023 batteries! There are two sizes in the bundle and you get BOTH for $15 plus shipping (free for paying Meh-Meh-Meh-members). The bundle also includes two battery testers and two mini screwdrivers!

The battery testers can be quite handy because batteries that may appear dead in high-drain devices actually have enough juice in them to be used in low-drain devices like remote controls and such.

The kits are available in three color schemes from the fashionable “leopard” to the more subdued black and slate gray options.

At Adorama, they continue to be in Top Deals mode with a PTZ camera [I think that’s the correct name] headlining the action.

Fire TV devices, Samsung S22 flagships, Sony electronics and more can be found at the Amazon USA Gold Box.