Manfrotto Replacement 1/4″ Screw/Turnbuckle for 200PL-14 for $4 with free shipping

Clearance time! All you pay is $4 with free shipping (no minimum-amount purchase required for free shipping) and for that, Adorama will send you the new condition Manfrotto Replacement 1/4″ Screw/Turnbuckle for 200PL-14. It is not a pacifier!

For more of these type of things, dig into the various Adorama sales/clearances mentioned in our earlier round-up

8GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC for $5 w/free S&H [limit 3]

It’s a doorbuster and a $5 Gadget at the eBay Deals. The official Best Buy eBay store is offering new condition 8GB Sandisk Ultra SDHC I memory cards for $5 with free standard shipping. Limit up to three cards per customer during this limited time sale!

Order Appetizers (aka $5 Gadget): AmazonBasics Cleaning Kit for $1.94

It’s the modest return of another “$5 Gadget” post…

This is turning into the small AmazonBasics camera bag of a few months ago that kept getting discounting. The new condition AmazonBasics Cleaning Kit for DSLR Cameras and Sensitive Electronics is now down to $1.94 with a limit of three sets per customer.

Six items are included in this kit, check our detailed post on this 🙂

You must needs place a $25+ in order to buy it, because this is designated as an ADD-ON item. Check other AmazonBasics posts for ideas, along with some “fresh” ideas below:

+ AmazonBasics Over-Ear Headphone for $6.77 [limit 3; not Add-ON]

+ AmazonBasics 15.4-Inch Felt Laptop Sleeve for $5.26 [ADD-ON; no limits]

+ Battlestar Galactica 35 Year Anniversary Water Bottle for $3.49 [750ml around 25 fl oz; limit 3; Add-On; By Your Command!]

+ 11oz New England Coffee Chocolate Cappuccino Ground Coffee for $3.78 [limit 10; Add-On]

+ AmazonBasics Hypoallergenic Vinyl-Free Waterproof Mattress Protector, King for $7~ [limit 3; ADD-ON]

+ 6pk Balance Bar 1.75oZ Caramel Nut Blast bars for $3 after $2 Clip-ON coupon [Add-ON]

+ 6pk Two Moms 2oz Sprouted Almond Butter Truffles for $3.69 [limit 4; ADD-ON]

$5 Gadget: Neewer Wireless IR Remote Control Shutter Release ML-L3 For Nikon for $4.25

From the big things to the small. It’s the return of an ever-sprawling “$5 Gadget” post!

The new condition Neewer Wireless IR Remote Control Shutter Release ML-L3 for Nikon has trickled down to $4.25, with a limit of up to three units per customer, by Amazon itself where it averages 4 out of 5 based on almost 100 customer reviews.

There is a meta-catch however, this is an ADD-ON item, so you must place a $25+ order in order for Amazon’s shopping cart to let you buy it. The restriction applies to all customers, especially Prime members since the Add-ON program was created to counter the unconditional free 2-day shipping of Prime.

Ideas to help get you to $25+

+ 12pk ACCO Small Binder clips for $0.98 [limit 10 packs per customer]

+ 440pk Avery 0.5-Inch DiameterAssorted Foil Star Labels for $0.98 [limit 90 per customer]

+ 315pk Avery Color Coding Sticker labels for $1.12 [limit 90 sets per customer]

+ Monoprice 18-Inch SATA III 6.0 Gbps Cable with Locking Latch and 90-Degree Plug for $1.66 [limit 30]

+ 6ft RCA audio cable for $1.83 [limit 27 per customer]

+ Palmolive Dish Liquid, Essential Clean, Apple Pear, 28 Fluid Ounce for $1.97 [limit three per customer]

+ 250pk Springhill, Digital Card White, 110lb, Letter, 8.5 x 11, 92 Bright for $2.26 after $4 off CLIP-ON coupon

+ Yogi Tea, Honey Lavender Stress Relief, 16 Count for $3.22 [limit 10 per customer]

+ AmazonBasics In-Ear Headphones with Universal Mic for $3.43 [other colors for slightly more]

+ 18pk (36 count) Nature Valley Mega Pack for $4 after $2 off CLIP-ON coupno

+ Road Rage Adult coloring book for $4 [limit 30 per customer; has plenty of swear words]

+ DIO, “Holy Diver” Audio CD with AutoRIP MP3 for $4.99

+ this post is going out of control. HELP!

DIY Thrifty Lighting: 16ft Daylight White Flexible Light Strip (cuttable/linkable) for $1.63

And now something from the “$5 Gadget” department. This will definitely not replace a professional $lighting$ system, but if you want to do some DIY lightning, this 16.4 ft Daylight White Flexible Light Strip (cuttable/linkable) is on sale for $1.63 at Amazon by Amazon itself. Limit up to six units per customer. It averages 4 out of 5 based on 49 customer reviews. There are 300 bright white LEDs in the whole spool. See gallery picture #1 over there.

There is a however a catch, it is an ADD-ON item, so you must needs place a $25+ order in order to buy this. Even buying the maximum of six of these is not enough to get you to $25+ [that’s just under $10].

But fear not, there are some used items we mentioned yesterday that can help you get there, $4 lens adapters, and $11 used camera bag, etc ~ look for them in the Used category. A USED APE CPRO342W Metro Collection Medium Camera Case goes for $10.80, while a Fotodiox T to M43rds adapter goes for under $4.

It is the bizareness of Amazon, sometimes lower prices can make you pay more!

UPDATE: AmazonBasics is another good place to find low priced items to get to $25+. Check their AmazonBasics products. Some items:

+ universal smartphone waterproof pouch for $3.36 [not an ADD-ON, so you can buy this on its own]

+ $8 headphones or or $3.75 earhpones

UPDATE #2 more ideas for items to get you to $25+:

+ Bottle Cleaning Kit for $2.38
+ 72pk of Tetley Green Tea bags for $2.66
+ Calm Your Tits: 40 Hilarious Road Rage Coloring Book for Adults for $4 (not an Add-ON item)
+ Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD with Digital Copy for $4.08
+ Bodum BRAZIL Coffee Maker, French Press Coffee Maker, Black, 34 Ounce for $8.61

Adorama Compact Flash Memory Card Adapter CF I or II to PCMCIA Type 2 for $5 w/free S&H

We haven’t had a “$5 gadget” in a while, so here’s one! Adorama is offering the Adorama Compact Flash Memory Card Adapter, Compact Flash I or II to Notebook PCMCIA Type 2, for $4.95 with free shipping. This is among their latest 4th of July offers.

8GB AData USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $5 w/free S&H

Another “$5 gadget” item, it’s trending at the Trendy eBay Deals, the A4C eBay store is offering the new condition 8GB ADATA (C008) Capless Sliding USB 2.0 Flash Drive for $5 with free shipping. If you buy three of more items (this or any other combination of eligible items from them), you get a 5% discount on the sale prices. Limit 50 USB sticks per customer. The sliding mechanism is via a thumbelina type of a red button (judging by the picture, I haven’t seen this in person).

1-Year of ShopRunner Service for $5

Groupon launched a $5 Sale and among the offers is a 1-Year subscription to the ShopRunner service for $5. Shoprunner is like a Prime-like shipping service for a variety of non-Amazon retailers including NuevoHuevo (= NewEgg), Casio, MacMall, Staples, and a lot of high margin fashion/style brands.

NOTE: if you have an American Express credit card you may qualify for a free ShopRunner subscription. Check your AMEX email archives for details on the offer if your card is eligible. Note that AMEX has a variety of credit cards and not all offers are available to all cards.

2pk Duracell AA 2400mah Recharg. for $5.39 shipped

And now a $5 Gadget item, also found in the Chaos of the eBay Deals, it is the new condition 2-pack of Duracell 2400mah AA rechargeables for $5.39 with free shipping. These are precharged Duralock models in their own 2-pack package. Limit 50 2-packs per customer. The seller is Shnoopcom (100%, New York). Of interest if you only want a small quantity and free shipping without being a member or making a bigger purchase.

Adorama Clearance sale with coupon (item prices range from $1 to $9 each)

And now we have the return of the $5 Gadget, in fact, the items in this offer range from $1 to $9 each when you use coupon code NOVDECSALE at the Adorama Clearance Sale. The clearance is organized by after-coupon price, so you can check all the $1 or $2 or $3 or … $9 items. The prices you see there drop to their after-coupon prices after you enter the coupon during checkout.

Think of this as a virtual thrift store sale. A lot of items are manufacturer branded, for example, cases/bags for older P&S digital cameras, straps, cables, filters, and other small things. Lots of camera cases, maybe about half of the items offered.

Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo Memory Card for $2 w/free S&H

And now something from the “$5 Gadget” department. If you have old (and I really mean old) Sony gear that takes MemoryStick Pro Duo memory cards, A4C (All4Cellular) is offering 2GB Sandisk Memory Stick Pro Duo Memory Cards for $1.95 with free shipping. Free shipping even if you buy just one. You can buy as many as you like. They ship from New York.

PS: A4C is one of a few retailers out there that has free shipping for everything in their store. Faster shipping options (eg Priority mail) costs extra.

Case Logic TBC-302 camera case for $3.19 w/free s&h for all {limit 3}

To average down the four figure prices of the all-new Zeiss Milvus lenses, we have the return of the “$5 Gadget”. For $3.19 with free shipping for all, you can get the black Case Logic TBC-302 camera case, sold and shipped by Amazon itself in frustration-free packaging (typically ships in sturdy cardboard box which you can re-use for other projects). You don’t have to be a Prime member to get free shipping on this one. Limit three per customer. Only this color scheme is on sale.

In yet another twist of the Amazon free shipping labyrinth, this is not eligible for Prime shipping benefits, even though it is sold and shipped by Amazon, and it ships for FREE. And it is not part of the Add-On program. Amazon needs to maintain a live flowchart to help us keep track of the various free shipping twists 🙂

Eagled-eyed readers may have noticed a familiarity with the case. Indeed, it looks very very similar to the previously mentioned AmazonBasics tiny case, which is now down to $1.80. This is part of the Add-On program, so you must place a $25+ order to buy it (regardless of Prime status). I don’t have the Case Logic version, but I have the AmazonBasics case, and it is very small (eg for small/thin P&S digital cameras; see earlier long post). At this rate, I will soon be launching the brand new “$5 Camera Case blog” 🙂