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Pay What You Want Photography Bundle: $1+ gets you two classes (DIY Food Photography, Advanced Creative Skills), $14 gets you five more classes

The Stacksocial Pay What You Want Photography Bundle gets you two photography classes with $1 or more: “DIY Food Photography” and “Advanced Creative Photography Skills”. They are about an hour each. Or if you meet or beat the average of around $14, you get an additional five classes (Portrait Masterclass, Travel Photography, Black and White in the digital age, and Become a Better Photographer two-parter), along with two sets of photography assets (pictures to practice on/with). There is a slide-show with details on each class over there.

The 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle for $20

It is back for Mac OS fans! It is the latest incarnation of the The 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle at Stacksocial going for $20 featuring ten MacOS apps. Of photography interest, they have the Movavi Photo Editor by Golden Software. Other software include “Flip PDF” (turn PDFs into digital flipbooks), Concealer (no, not a retouching app, but hide/encrypt files), anti-malware subscription, duplicate files finder, uBar 4 dock, HoudahSpot 4 file finder, 2-year Cargo VPN subscription, BusyCal3 calendar and a classic game.

Alpine Labs Spark Camera Remote for $59

Another crowdfunding success story, the Alpine Labs Spark Camera Remote is currently on sale for $59 at Stacksocial. If you join their email list as a first time customer, you get a 10% off coupon. There are four different cable option bundles. You can check the camera compatibility to see which cable works with which cameras.

2TB Zoolz Lifetime Cloud Storage Service for $42.50

These clouds don’t make it rain 😉 Coupon code SAVEZOOLZ15 gets you 15% off the 2TB Zoolz Lifetime Cloud Storage Service dropping it from $50 to $42.50.

Disconnect: VPN Lifetime Subscription for $42 after coupon

If you like the idea of VPNs with a lifetime subscription instead of an annual subscription, coupon code PRIVACY15 drops the price of the Disconnect: Lifetime Premium Subscription from $49 to $41.65 at Stacksocial. They also offer 1-year and 3-year subscription options (instead of lifetime) for $19 and $29 respectively (before coupon, around $16 and $26 after coupon).

Expiring Green Monday Late Night Round-Up!

Monday is getting closer to its end. Some of the Green Monday offers will expire at 11:59pm eastern time (eg retailers who reside in the eastern time zone), others will expire at 3am ET (eg pacific time zone).

+ Canon D-Rebel T5i with 18-55 for $449 at B&H Photo

+ KEH Camera coupon code GREEN17A gets you:
+ 10% off Cameras
+ 15% off Lenses
+ 20% off Accessories
+ coupon works on USED items only
+ offer ends Monday at 11:59pm ET
+ used items purchased in “BGN” (or better) condition get a 365-day instead of a 180-day warranty

+ I don’t know the exact expiration time of these!

+ B&H Photo Green Monday sale and B&H Apple Sales

+ Adorama Green Monday Sale

+ 20% off every $100 spent at Target
+ max discount $100; DSLRs, lenses, popular brands/tech NOT eligible

+ 20% off storewide at Rakuten with coupon GREEN20

+ Dell Home Deals
+ Microsoft Store 12 Days of Green

+ 60% off at Skillwise with coupon GREEN60
+ Stacksocial: 20% off physical products with GREEN20, 40% off digital with GREEN40

+ I don’t know the exact expiration time of all of these!

+ 50% off ALL classes at CreativeLIVE

+ Walmart Green Monday sale

+ 15% off regularly priced items at Toys R US

+ MacMall Green Monday and Best Sellers and PC Mall Green Monday

+ Groupon Crash the Site (it hasn’t crashed)

+ 20% off at Barnes and Noble website with coupon GIFTS4ALL

+ 20% off at Monoprice with coupon 20GREEN

+ various Amazon Gold Box deals of the day

+ NewEGG Green Monday sale and Promo Code sale

2TB Zoolz Lifetime Cloud Storage for $30 (one time fee)

The previously mentioned Stacksocial coupons can get you the 2TB Zoolz Lifetime Cloud Storage Service for $30. The price on the page is $50, dropping to $30 with 40% off coupon GREEN40. This is a one-time fee, not an annual fee.

This service gets you 1TB of vault storage and 1TB of cold storage, with two users. On the same listing, there’s a 100GB option for the same price. The 100GB option is for “hot storage”, for example you can use it to stream movies you uploaded to the Zoolz cloud, it is more of a smartphone or tablet companion, and you only have one user. Check the Specs and License terms for their differences.

You can test the coupon without logging on or creating an account. Add the items of interest to the shopping cart, and look for the “Promo Code” little link on the right side of the page, below the “Order Summary”.

60% off Course Bundles at SkillWise with coupon

Skillwise is a parallel website to Stacksocial (same login) and as part of the Green Monday festivities, they are offering 60% off course bundles using coupon code GREEN60 over there. You can use the search box over there to look for topics of interest (eg photography, adobe, photoshop, etc).

On the other hand, if you prefer physical hardware products (not software or classes) coupon code GREEN20 gets you 20% off at their sister site Stacksocial. Stacksocial has coupon code GREEN40 for courses, apps, and software.

(ENDED) The Trending Five: KEH, Groupon, CL, 5D Mk IV, Etc

These Cyber Monday offers expired…

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2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $28 after coupon

UPDATE: coupon still works as of 11/26/17 AM!

Stacksocial is offering the 2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $35. You only pay $35 once, and you have lifetime access to 2TB of cloud storage. This is divided into 1TB of Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage. Offer cannot be combined or stacked with existing accounts for more storage.

Then enter limited time 20% off coupon code BFRIDAY20 in the shopping cart, and the price drops to $28! The coupon applies to almost everything on their website, not just this cloud service!

(ENDED) Expiring Tonight (Black Friday night) Round-Up

These offers expired as did Black Friday 2017….

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2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $35

For a limited time, Stacksocial is offering the 2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $35. You only pay $35 once, and you have lifetime access to 2TB of cloud storage. This is divided into 1TB of Instant Vault and 1TB of Cold Storage. Offer cannot be combined or stacked with existing accounts for more storage.

Also on sale is the new condition Code Black Drone with HD Camera for $35, all sales final, with a 30-day warranty. There’s also so much they can offer for $35 🙂

Learn to Become A Master Photographer 2017 Bundle for $29

And now something education! The Stacksocial Learn to Become A Master Photographer 2017 Bundle of eight different photography courses is on sale for $29 for a limited time. Details on each class over there… Another sale there, for $15 is their The Award-Winning Speed Reading Bundle: Lifetime License

Action Cameras Under $50: YI 1080p, ActiveON CX

There are a couple of action cameras on sale for under $50, so this is a good opportunity to round them up!

Active ON! Apply directly to the forehead. Okay, not directly – you probably need a head strap or a helmet mount for that 🙂 The new condition ACTIVEON CX Action Camera with 1080p and Wifi is on sale for $40 at Stacksocial and Walmart itself.

Next up, the new condition YI 1080p action camera with Wifi and bluetooth, in the black color scheme, is on sale for $48 with free shipping by YI, with the orders fulfilled by Amazon (Prime eligible).

But that’s not all, you also get a FREE YI Action Camera Battery. Simply add both in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Both must be sold by YI. If you don’t see the discount at the top right corner of the Amazon checkout page, it means something’s wrong, you won’t get the discount if you don’t see it. No coupon is needed.

Speaking of YI, their new condition YI 42.5mm F1.8 Lens with Macro Mode Micro Four Thirds lens in the silver color scheme continues to be on sale for $100 fulfilled by Amazon.

Mac Black Friday Bundle for $39 includes Roxio, Art Text, Etc

MacOS user bundle up time. Stacksocial is offering their Black Friday Mac Bundle for $39 with digital delivery (not boxes by mail). A total of eight titles are included: Roxio Toast 16 Titanium, Art Text 3, PDF Expert 2.2, Default Folder X 5, WALTR 2 for Mac, Flux 7, Stylizer 7, and MacReviver.

As always, Stacksocial has various Pay What You Want offers, along with a variety of Photography and Adobe related classes and offers.

Speaking of Stacksocial, they are offering a Pure VPN Lifetime Subscription for $70. You pay once, and you have lifetime access to the service. You can connect up to five devices at the same time. It seems to average 4 out of 5 based on 4280 star ratings over there. They don’t have detailed star breakdowns like Amazon.

1-Year Dropbox Plus Subscription + $25 Promo eGift Card for $60

Dell Small Business is off to the Black Friday races with a cloud-busting deal. They are offering 1-Year Annual Dropbox PLUS subscription for $60 and with that you also receive a $25 promotional Dell e-Gift Card within 20 days after purchasing.

Dropbox Plus gets you 1TB of storage for one year for one user. They support all the major platforms including Linux. I do not know if this offer can be appended to an existing Dropbox paid subscription.

The $25 promo e-gift card can only be spent at Dell, and usually within 90 days upon receipt. That’s why it’s a promotional e-gift card instead of a regular gift card.

PS: speaking of clouds, Stacksocial offers the 2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $40 instead of its usual price of $50. The 2TB are broken into 1TB of Instant Storage and 1TB of Cold Storage. It includes access to two machines for backups. This is for new customers only and cannot be “stacked” for more space. This is a lifetime service, not an annual subscription!

2TB Zoolz Cloud Storage for $40 (lifetime subscription; not annual)

Cloud action now! Stacksocial has a new limited time doorbuster, they are offering the 2TB Lifetime Zoolz Cloud Storage for $40 instead of its usual price of $50. The 2TB are broken into 1TB of Instant Storage and 1TB of Cold Storage. It includes access to two machines for backups. This is for new customers only and cannot be “stacked” for more space. This is a lifetime service, not an annual subscription!

Pay What You Want Adobe CC Training Bundle: $10 gets you nine courses

Among the currently running Pay What You Want offers at Stacksocial they have one running that is Adobe CC themed. It is the Pay What You Want: The Adobe CC Lifetime Mastery Bundle. If you pay $1 or more, you get two free classes.

But if you meet or beat the current average of $9.82, you get all nine bundles. The nine-course bundle includes two classes on Photoshop CC. This bundle covers a variety of Adobe CC software. They offer lifetime access. Details on each class in the slide further down the page over there.

VPNSecure for $40 after coupon (lifetime service)

For a limited time, coupon code VPNSECURE20 gets you 20% off a lifetime subscription to VPN Secure, a VPN service, for $40 (price before coupon $50). You pay only once. Updates are included. Check under the “Specs” to see device compatibility.

Speaking of Stacksocial, the following offers continue:

+ 2TB of Zoolz Cloud Storage (lifetime service) for $50

+ Premium PC Power Bundle for $29 includes Corel Paintshop Pro X9

+ Wpbasin WordPress Power Pack Bundle for $39 includes 42 WordPress Themes, 23 WP Plug-Ins, 25 HTML templates, and a 1-Year of Web Hosting (SSDPage)

+ Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification for $20 with lifetime access

2TB Cloud Storage for $50 (lifetime service)

If you are looking for an additional storage and backup option to integrate into your strategy, for a limited time, Stacksocial is offering 2TB of Zoolz Cloud Storage for $50. This is a lifetime service. You pay $50 once and you continue to use the service without any additional fees.

This includes 1TB of instant Vault storage, and 1TB of cold storage. This runs on the Amazon AWS. You can use two different computers to make backups. This offer is for new customers only, it cannot be stacked with additional promotions like this to get more storage at the same price.

Premium PC Power Bundle for $29 includes Corel Paintshop Pro X9

It’s not just Mac software bundles at Stacksocial. They also have Windows 10 software bundles. The ten software title Premium PC Power Bundle goes for $29 and includes among others the Corel Paintshop Pro X9 software. Most of the other apps are computer security and utilities, along with a speed-reading class. All these are digital redemptions.

Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editing Masterclass for $9.50 after coupon

Stacksocial launched a new limited time coupon, coupon code SANTA90 (yes, we are five months away from Christmas 2017), gets you 90% off online courses offered at their website which include their Adobe Lightroom CC Photo Editing Masterclass dropping from $95 to $9.50.

There are 55 lessons in this class produced by VideoSchoolOnline, with 6 hours of content, 15-day satisfaction guarantee, and lifetime access. Check the aforelinked product page for all the details. The Course Outline is available further down the page over there.

PS: the math is easy for this coupon. A 90% off discount means you pay 10% of the original price. So all you have to do is take a zero away from the online course price you see on their website 🙂

Pay What You Want Mac Bundle for $16+ [includes PhotoBulk]

Stacksocial is promoting their Pay What You Want Mac Bundle. If you meet or beat the current average price of $16.07+, you will receive all fifteen software titles included. It includes PhotoBulk (as the name suggests, bulk photo editor), Data Rescue 4, CrossOver 16, and more.

PS: if you like the idea of “Pay What You Want” bundles, there are many options available at the Stacksocial website.

PS2: if you like to experiment with a variety of WordPress themes, a couple of the WordPress Themes with lifetime subscription are on sale over there. Caution: playing and tweaking WordPress themes can be addictive 🙂

1TB of Cloud Storage with Lifetime Access for $30 (one time payment)

If you are a fan of cloud storage, Stacksocial has a 1TB Zoolz Cloud Storage sale with lifetime access for $30 as a one time payment fee. This is two products, you get 500GB of instant storage, and 500Gb of cold storage (takes 3-5 hours to retrieve the backups). You can install the Zoolz backup app on two devices, but you can restore your backups from additional devices. You can change the designated backup devices, but you can only have two active ones at a time. Check terms and description for all the details.

Speaking of Stacksocial, they have a variety of Pay What You Want promotions including one for photography. Minimum price is $1, but if you want to unlock additional items, you have to meet or beat the average price, which typically is under $20.

Self-Stirring Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug for $12 + $2 S&H [AAA powered]

Lens-shaped coffee mugs are everywhere these days, but what if you want to take your coffee-lensing to the next level? How about a a self-stirring coffee-shaped lens-mug? It is currently on sale for $13 plus $2 flat shipping at Stacksocial. Don’t forget to use any coupons (eg new customer) or credits you may have. The self-stirring is not powered by your love of coffee, but by two AAA batteries.

This is listed as 11 ounces, so if you are buying coffee at coffee shops, it won’t match the standard 12/16/20/24 sizes. You can try to convince them to sell you the kids size (8 oz) if they have it 🙂 However, if the coffee shop has free refills (eg Starbucks Gold Rewards), then losing an extra ounce is no big deal. Then again, with some places, you don’t want to drink any more of their coffee, even with unlimited free refills 🙂

If you plan to use this regularly, this 4-pack of Eneloop AAA Pre-Charged NiMHs currently goes for $7.60 at Amazon. They are not Add-ON, so Prime members get them in 2~ days without the need to buy anything else. These AAA are 750 mAh minimum (800 mAh “type”), with up to 2100 recharges. They are also eligible for “Subscribe and Save” as well. Limit one set for each purchase option.

Speaking of Stacksocial, their Pay What You Want Photography Bundle continues. $1+ gets you two classes, while meeting/beating the average price of $12.84 gets you all nine items (seven classes, two assets (stock photos to be experimented upon for class learnings)). More Pay What You Want options at our previous post.

Today’s entertainment video, the self-stirring coffee mug:

Pay What You Want Photography Bundle: $1+ gets you two items, $13+ gets you nine items

I forgot about Dre, and I also forgot about the Stacksocial “Pay What You Want” Complete Photography Bundle. If you pay $1 or more (your choice), you get two items, a food photography class and a “Advanced Creative Photography Skills” class. If you meet or beat the current average price (currently $12.84), you get seven more items, five of which are classes, and the other two are bundles of stock photos to be used for educational (post-processing) purposes.

These have instant digital redemption and come with a 15-day satisfaction guarantee. The “Leaderboard” you see there is if you want to pay more and get your name/brand prominently featured.

Meanwhile, if you are curious about getting started with WordPress, their Pay What You want developer bundle offers the “Basic WordPress Course” (20 hours, 12-month access only) if you pay $1 or more.

Speaking of WordPress, there are a few WordPress Theme bundles available as well (these are sold separately, not part of that “Pay What You Want” offer). One is a meta bundle even, you get a mix of various themes and educational material, the “The All-In-One WordPress Business Bundle” for $39.

Having said that, there’s plenty of FREE WordPress material available online (including the default annual themes by Automattic), so you don’t have to buy any classes or themes unless you want or need them.

In addition to the various for-pay items at Stacksocial, they also have a Freebies section. They typically require some kind of social media action (share on twitter, like on facebook, or email a friend about the offer (honor code system), etc).

IMPORTANT: if you are not familiar with Stacksocial, make sure you check each particular offer’s terms. Some offer lifetime access, others offer access for only a limited period of time (eg 12 months). Some courses are streaming only, others are accessible through apps, some may be downloadable. And so forth…

Speaking of free, don’t forget to check the CreativeLIVE On-Air Schedule to see if there any classes of potential interest coming up. They are free to watch when they record/air originally, but you have to pay for the “DVR” later.

5-year subscription to Polaroid University’s Mobile Photography Classes for $25

Stacksocial is back with another educational promotion, they are offering a prepaid 5-year subscription to the Polaroid University Video Classes for $25. This is a one-time payment that gets you five year access to their online classes, which you can watch via a web browser or their iPhone app. You can see details and previews at their website.

If you instead prefer a shorter term, a 1-year subscription is available as either a digital download or a gift-box delivered by mail for $20 through Amazon. Pay attention to the listing – download vs box.

Course bundle: “Become a Photoshop Pro” for $41

Stacksocial is currently offering a “Become a Photoshop Pro” course bundle for $41. This consists of seven online classes with 22+ hours of content. This includes Lifetime access to the courses, with instant digital redemption but there are no refunds. Each class is detailed (verb) over there. This is a larger size of the picture below:

(ENDED) Flash Sale: Code Black Drone with HD Camera for $44; Adobe Suite Mastery Course Package for $49

This flash sale expired…

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Cyber Monday: 50% off All Courses at Skillwise w/coupon

Skillwise is a spin-off of Stacksocial, focusing, as the name suggests, on online courses and learning, and their Cyber Monday special is 50% off all courses using coupon code CYBER50 over there. The sale is good for Cyber Monday. They feature the usual assortment of courses, search for things like Photoshop, DSLR, Adobe, Photography to see if there’s anything interesting.

PS: if you are not familiar with their website, they have not discovered “search box technology” yet, their search box expands when you click on the tiny magnifying glass icon. You may need an actual magnifying glass to see the magnifying glass icon 🙂