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(ENDED) Friday: Lytro Illum with Accessories Bundle for $300

This offer ended…

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(ENDED) GoPro, NatGeo, Fuji Instax, Lytro, Monoprice, Etc

These Black Friday offers expired…

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Course Bundle: The Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package for $79

Stacksocial is offering the Complete Adobe Suite Mastery Package featuring 135 e-courses on a variety of Adobe products and topics for $79. These are offered by “eCourses4you” and are online classes. This is of general Adobe learning interest, not photographer-specific.

Also in progress at Stacksocial is the Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 featuring nine software titles for the Mac for $20 total as digital downloads, including Corel’s AfterShot 3 (not the PRO version).

Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 including Corel After Shot 3 for $20 total (digital download)

Stacksocial launched their Black Friday Mac Bundle 2.0 featuring nine software titles for the Mac for $20 as a digital download. This includes Corel’s AfterShot 3. As far as I can tell, this is not the PRO version. Other titles include Particle Shop, Crossover, PDF Expert, Total Video Converter PRO, etc. Check under the Specs of each title to see if it’s compatible with your current version of MacOS if you are running an older version.

Refurbished Sale at Adorama (100+ options, Nikon, Epson)

Adorama has another sale on refurbished camera gear with over 100 items participating. Nikon has about half of them, and Epson about a quarter of them. I will “digest” them later in the day, but I’m posting this alert so you don’t have to wait for me if you feel like deal-fishing.

PS: as of 3:48pm ET, a number of big websites and services (eg Twitter) are currently down because of major DDoS attacks. Of shopping interest, Stacksocial is down.

HDR Projects 4 Professional (PC or Mac) for $26 w/coupon

Also using limited-time coupon-code BYESUMMER10 you can get the HDR Projects 4 Professional software (PC or Mac) for $26~ in either the PC or the Mac at Stacksocial for a limited time.

Lytro Illum Camera for $315 with coupon

Limited time coupon code BYESUMMER10 gets you 10% off orders at Stacksocial, and that would make the full size Lytro Illum Camera going for $315 with free shipping. Note that Lytro is now out of the consumer camera business and focusing on professional video.

Corel AfterShot 2 Standard for $10 [download]

The non-Pro version of Corel’s Aftershot 2, aka the Standard version is going for $10 as a digital download for the PC or Mac or Linux at Stacksocial. Select OS of choice from the product page over there. Check terms/restrictions before buying.

30% off Online Classes at Skillwise with coupon

Might as well get all the coupon offers grouped together in a cluster. Stacksocial launched a sister service called Skillwise that focuses specifically on online courses and as part of the launch coupon code SPF30 (yes, another coupon with a summer joke in it!) gets you 30% off the current prices over there. These are their photography-related courses. Coupon expires Wednesday 7/20/16.

Tuesday: Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle (41 hours of video classes) for $25.50 with coupon

Another potentially interesting offer for Tuesday 7/19/16, coupon code SUMMERSANTA drops the Ultimate Adobe Photo Editing Bundle from $30 to $25.50 (15% off). Eight courses are included with a runtime of around 41 hours. They cover Photoshop and Lightroom. There’s a slideshow there with details on each course.

Tuesday: Lytro Illum Camera for $298 with coupon

Lytro is out of the consumer camera market, but if you are still curious about their more serious light field photography camera, coupon code SUMMERSANTA gets you the Lytro Illum Camera for $297.50 with free shipping. The price before the coupon is $350. The coupon drops it by 15% off. Coupon is good for Tuesday 7/19/16.

Self-Stirring Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug for $13 w/free S&H

I suppose this falls squarely into the Dads and Grads gift season, it’s not just a Lens-Shaped Coffee Mug, BUT a Self-Stirring One! No, it does not use gravitational waves harvested from the soul of the universe, but two AAA batteries to power the self-stirring which is activated with a button on the side of this 11oz lens-shaped coffee mug going for $13 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer at Stacksocial. There is a short video demonstrating the stirring over there. Delivery estimate is two weeks from today.

PS: I have only used the non-powered ones, so I don’t know how well the stirring works on this one.

Giveaway: Five Years of Adobe Creative Cloud membership

I normally don’t post Giveaways here, but this one might be of interest, you can win one Five Year Adobe Creative Cloud membership that includes all the Adobe software (not just the Photography Plan). It is a $3000 value, which is probably what the tax liability will be. It is offered at Stacksocial. Click on the “Read official rules” over there for the Terms/conditions of the Giveaway. This ends in about 21 days from today (around May 44, which translates to mid June 2016).

Parallels 11 for Mac for $50 with purchase of another item priced $30+

Stacksocial has a Parallels 11 for Mac promotion. Its price is $80. But if you purchase an additional $30+ item, and enter coupon code PARBUNDLE, it will take $30 off the price, making Parallels 11 a $50 item. Your shopping cart total must be $110+ (before taxes/fees) before you enter the coupon. The coupon will drop it to $80+.

(ENDED) 16GB Lytro Light Field Camera for $72 with coupon [updated]

This coupon offer expired…

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(ENDED) Polaroid 600 Camera & Color Film Pack for $117 with coupon

This coupon offer expired…

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Polaroid 600 Camera & Color Film Pack for $130

From the Impossible Project, the Polaroid 600 Camera is bundled with one Color Film Pack (eight exposures) together for $130 with free shipping at Stacksocial with a limit of three bundles per customer.

PS: it is interesting to go back and forth between digital and instant, where you can take near infinite pictures without additional cost, versus paying additional money for every exposure. This could make an interesting photography essay/exploration for someone to write!

AfterShot 2 Standard for $10 (digital download)

The non-PRO version of Corel’s latest AfterShot 2 software (aka the “Standard” edition) is available for $10 as a digital download for PC or Mac or Linux at Stacksocial. They only carry the non-PRO version.

PS: if you are planning to buy a camera from Adorama, keep in mind that a number of the Adorama bundles for select dSLRs, mirrorless and serious P&S cameras come with a Corel software bundle that includes the PRO version of this and PSP too.

Pay What You Want Photography Bundle: $1+ gets Two Courses, $20+ gets 11 Items

Stacksocial has a Pay What You Want Photography Bundle. If you pay $1 or higher, you get two photography courses, “The Ultimate Guide to Using Off-Camera Flash” and “Night Photography Unlocked”. If you meet or beat the average price (currently $19.50), you get nine more free items, seven more classes and two assets (reference photos and food photos). Annotated screenshot of all the items right below:


Among other Stacksocial offers in progress:
+ More Pay What You Want Offers including Mac Software (includes Aftershot), and Design and Software and more
+ HDR Projects 4 software for $29 (PC or Mac)
+ Pro Digital Photography & Photoshop Bundle for $29 (30 hours content)
+ DSLR Photography Course Bundle for $25
+ Corel AfterShot 2 Standard Edition for $10 (PC, Mac, Linux)

5TB Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 3.5″ Desktop External Hard Drive for $108 (limit 5)

The action continues to pick up at the eBay Top 100, NewEgg’s eBay store is back with another e-doorbuster for your megapixels, it is the new condition 5TB Seagate Expansion USB 3.0 3.5″ Desktop External Hard Drive, model STEB5000100 in black, for $108 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. Over 700 units sold so far. You may have to do the “See price on checkout” song and dance to see the price. This may sell out quickly ~ it goes for $130 at Amazon.

PS: for other buzzing tech-related eBay offers, check our earlier roundup post.

PS2: speaking of storage, a new promotion went live at Stacksocial, 3-Year 1TB Tapnet Cloud Backup & Storage for $69. License for one device. Check page for details.

2TB SkyHub Cloud Backup Lifetime Subscription for $40

If you are looking for more cloud backup options, another Stacksocial promotion gets you a 2TB SkyHub Cloud Backup Lifetime Subscription for $40. This covers up to four computers and back up for NAS & DAS drives. This is an all sales final promotion. Check the listing over there for all the details. I haven’t used this service, so I can’t say what to expect when you sign up for the first time. Limit five subscriptions per customer per the shopping cart there.

HDR Projects 4 software for $29 (Mac or PC)

Stacksocial is offering the HDR Projects 4 software for either Mac or PC (select from the TYPE dropdown menu your choice) for $29. This is instant digital redemption, all sales final. The license is lifetime but updates are not included. The terms also say redeem within 30 days of purchase. Check the listing for all the details.

Adobe Digital Photography Training Bundle for $29

Stacksocial is back with another Adobe-centered training course bundle. This one is offered by the “Live Photo Academy” and it is a four course Adobe Digital Photography Training Bundle going for $29 with instant digital redemption but no returns (all sales final). The four courses are Lightroom, Photoshop, Photography and Graphic Design and Creative Suite. They will be available live or you can watch them later on-demand. Details on the four courses over there.

Speaking of Stacksocial, their Spring 2016 Pay What You Want Apple MacOS bundle continues, with $1+ getting you the Emulsion App or if you beat the average $15.50+, you get 10 more software titles, including Corel’s Aftershot PRO 2.

Mac Users: Pay What You Want Bundle ($1+) gets you Emulsion Digital Library [Pay $16+ get more including AfterShot PRO 2]

For Mac Users, Spring is in the air, and so is the Spring 2016 Pay What You Want Mac Software Bundle at Stacksocial. If you pay $1+, you get three software titles which include the Emulsion digital photo library app. Click on “View All Products”, it’s the last one in the long list.

If you meet or beat the current average price of $15.48 (may change slightly over time), you get a total of 13 software titles, the three above, plus ten more, which include Corel’s Aftershot PRO 2, along with Owlet (photo realistic 3D Models), and various other computer utilities (files, security, music, etc).

Corel Aftershot 2 Standard for under $10

The Corel Aftershot 2 Standard edition software (PC, Mac, Linux) goes for $10 at Stacksocial, but you can get it for slightly less by using surprise-discount coupon TAXES that is good for this weekend. Note that this is not the PRO edition of AfterShot 2, but the standard edition.

Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle for $69 (14 streaming courses with lifetime access)

If you are interested in learning more about Adobe’s various software products, Stacksocial has a 14-course Adobe KnowHow All-Inclusive Photography Bundle offered for $69. These courses stream online and you have lifetime access to them. You must redeem the promotion within 30 days of purchase. The bundle has three Lightroom*.* courses (Mastery, certification exam prep, Crash Course), general photography classes, specific photography classes (flash, studio, wedding, B&W, night), and more. You can watch them in any way and order as you like. All sales are final. You can redeem them right away.

NOTE: “Lightroom*.*” is my shorthand for all Lightrooms, CC and stand-alone. Although if I have to write a whole paragraph to explain the shorthand, perhaps the shorthand is no so good 🙂

On the other hand, if you want to pay less or get fewer courses, the Pay What You Want Bundle gets you two courses if you pay $1+ (night, off-camera flash), or if you meet/beat the average price (currently $19.50), you get 11 total courses and assets (the previous two plus a cornucopia of photo-related courses). Assets as in downloadable graphics and other related digital files.

Speaking of “Pay What You Want”, they also have a Design Bundle bundle that gets you eight different font sets if you meet or beat the current average price of $10.08.

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you want to learn about Linux or refresh or beef up your /learnings, there is a Linux Power User Bundle offered for $19. It includes five different courses. Sorry, no dedicated “vi” course though 🙂

Pay What You Want Photography Bundle ($16.18+ gets you 11 courses)

The previously mentioned coupon offer won’t really help in the “Pay What You Want” offers since you decide your payment amount. They currently have a Pay What You Want Photography Bundle. You can pay any amount you like and get two free courses. Or if you meet or beat the average price ($16.18 as of the time of writing), you get a total of 11 courses. Topics include general purpose courses, black and white, off-camera flash, outdoor/nature, night photography, Lightroom 6, and more. 10% off your purchase amount goes to a children charity. You can check the details of each online course by expanding the “VIEW ALL PRODUCTS +” section.

Drone Photography & Video Course for $25

Drone photography has different challenges than grounded photography. If you are interested in a class in video format, Bruce Geddes through Udemy has a Drone Photography & Video Course, currently available for $25 through StackCommerce (formerly known as StackSocial – the “social” hype is wearing off!). All sales final. Instant digital redemption. This is video course available for Web and/or Mobile video-streaming. Lifetime access. You must redeem this promotion within 30 days after purchasing.

(ENDED) 40% off Canvas Print with coupon (Walgreens Photo)

These coupon offers expired…

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Photoshop 2-course bundle by GoSkills for $39

This offer expires soon (unless renewed), so it can’t wait for the upcoming round-up. At Stacksocial, you can get the Photoshop 2-Course Bundle by GoSkills for $39. This provides 12 months of streaming access to the courses. Internet access is required to watch the courses. Instant redemption. All sales final.