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Mac Mega Software Bundle for $30 includes HDR Darkroom 3, Pixlr Pro, Deep Dreamer

Stacksocial is back with another Mac Mega Software Bundle. You pay $30 and you receive (digital downloads) of 15 different Mac software packages. Of photography interest, the bundle includes HDR Darkroom 3 by Everimaging, Deep Dreamer by Realmac, and 1 year subscription to Pixlr Pro. Of degrees of separation interest, Disk Drill Pro, 3yr Spotdox subscription, Macbooster 2 Std, Commander One PRO, etc. All sales are final. These are digital downloads, available right after purchasing. Limit five bundles per customer (one bundle includes all 15 software packages). Ends in about seven days from today.

The Big Deal Photo Software Education & Membership Bundle for $100

UPDATE: this bundle is also offered through

Good until June 25 in 2015, B&H Photo is offering an electronic download bundle for $100, the The Big Deal Photo Software Education & Membership Bundle. This is delivered electronically, 1-3 business days after purchase. It includes a variety of training courses (100 hours of videos), eBooks (12 of them), presets and actions (836) and one-year memberships (six of them). A lot of familiar names are participating, Kelby, Ziser, EyeFi, Sammon, and more. This was just launched, so there are no customer reviews of it yet.

1TB Dripbit Cloud Backup for $55 (lifetime subscription)

If you are fond of cloud backups, among the offers at Stacksocial you can get a 1TB Lifetime subscription cloud backup plan for $55 by Dripbit. You only pay once and you get 1TB of cloud storage for life. Optionally you can add more storage later if you want to. Supports up to five devices at a time and works with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. This is instant redemption. All sales final.

Video courses: Train Simple Creative Cloud Mastery Bundle for $50

On the training front, Stacksocial has a Train Simple Creative Cloud Mastery Bundle for $50. It includes eight courses that include a Photoshop CC Fundamentals course. This comes with lifetime access to the online courses with instant redemption but all sales are final.

Elsewhere at Stacksocial, their Summer Mac Essentials Bundle features nine software titles for $20, including the Noiseless app by MacPhun that as the name suggests, tackles image noise. The other eight are utilitarian utilities of potential Mac interest. This is a digital download, all sales final, resale of licenses not allowed.

And on the “pay what you want front”, if you meet or beat the average price (currently $6.38), you can get a Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle that features 10 courses with a 70+ hour runtime covering HTML5, Swift (Apple’s now open-sourced language), Lollipop, WordPress, iOS8, and more). Digital redemption, all sales final, lifetime access. Compatibility varies by item, so check the individual listings there if you are interested in something specific.

On the online front, there’s a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited for $40 (up to five devices activated, updates included).

And if you have gone down the WordPress Theme rapid rabid rabbit hole like I have, they offer a variety of WordPress Theme bundles, including a “pay what you want” bundle.

Pay What You Want Bundle Includes 10 Lightroom Presets for $2.24+

Stacksocial has another “Pay What You Want” promotion, this time it is a Business Design Bundle that includes ten Adobe Lightroom Presets. To get all items, including the LR Presents you must meet or beat the average price which is currently $2.24. 10% of proceeds go to Creative Commons per the page over there.

Intensify Pro & Snapheal Pro Image Editing Bundle for $40

For Mac computer users, Stacksocial is offering this Intensify Pro & Snapheal Pro Image Editing Bundle for $40 with free shipping. The software will be delivered on an 8GB SD memory card. This is not a digital download sale. Mac OS X 10.7 or newer. All sales final.

95+ Visual Responsive WordPress Themes for $50 total (lifetime updates, unlimited sites)

While researching various WordPress themes for this blog, I found this offer at Stacksocial that looks very promising if you want to create visual blogs (eg photography or digital art or other creative endeavors). For $50, you get 95+ Premium Responsive WordPress themes with lifetime updates of the themes and use on unlimited blogs by Dessign LLC. They have a GPLv2 license. All sales are final. The regular price of this bundle is $100. Offer ends in about three days from today (unless it gets extended).

You can see them all at their ever-scrolling themes page. Each one has a “live demo” (look for the light blue button on the individual theme page) so you can see it on an actual blog.

PS: At this rate, I may be ready to start a WordPress Themes review blog 😉

Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle for $55 (by Train Simple)

Stacksocial has launched a new Adobe Photoshop CC Training Bundle from Train Simple offered for $55. This bundle contains eight different courses. It offers instant digital redemption. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Corel Painter 2015 for $250 [Essentials for $25]

If your creative interests intersect with painting, for a limited time, Stacksocial is offering the Corel Painter 2015 software (PC or Mac) as a digital download redemption for $250. All sales final. In parallel, the basic Corel Painter Essentials 5 goes for $25. The offers end in about six days from today (today = 5/5/15).

55% off Hostgator hosting with coupon

If you are looking for a shared web hosting service for your website or blog, Hostgator (which we use for the current iteration of the main blog, and previously used for the “camera reviews stream”) has a 55% off standard price sale when you use coupon REDCROSS15 until Wednesday May 6 at 11:59pm central. Coupon name is such because they are sponsoring the Red Cross Tour du Rouge Houston to New Orleans benefit.

IMPORTANT: The discount applies to the first payment you make. If you purchase a month to month plan, you get a discount on the first month and nothing more. If you purchase a prepaid plan (up to three years in length), your first payment is the total amount covering the whole period, and the 55% off is on the total amount. So if you are going month to month, this is a very small discount. On the other hand, if you are planning on a longer term plan, it’s a good discount.

Speaking of web related matters, Stacksocial’s Pay What You Want WordPress Theme Bundle gets you 15 WordPress themes if you meet or beat the average price of $7.84, and includes some photography-friendly themes. Here are the live-demo pages of those: Photex and Elevation and Magma and Novelti.

Photex WordPress photography theme for $8~ (15 WP themes total)

If you are interested in getting a photography-centric WordPress Theme, more specifically the Photex from Theme Kingdom (here is a live demo website running it), you can get it for around $8 as part of this 15 theme WordPress bundle at Stacksocial. To get the Photex and the other 14 you must meet or beat the average price, which, as of the time of writing is $7.94. These include a commercial license and no restrictions in use. 10% of proceeds to go charity. Over 6500 of them got sold so far. Offer ends in about 4 days from today.

DSLR Photography Course Bundle for $25

At Stacksocial, there is a DSLR Photography Course Bundle by Ken Schultz on sale for $25. This offers unlimited online access to the courses and instant redemption. No refunds.

Mac Software bundle for $45 includes Aftershot Pro 2

Also at social shopping website Stacksocial, there is a new Mac Software Bundle that comes with eight software titles for $45 total. This includes Corel’s AfterShot Pro 2. Other titles in the bundle include Snapselect by MacPhun, ExpanDrive 4 for cloud file access, Data Rescue 4, and more. This is an instant digital redemption, all sales final, no resellers.

Code Black HD-Camera Drone + Crash Pack for $105

Social shopping website Stacksocial is offering the Code Black HD-Camera Drone + Crash Pack for $105 with free shipping, or $90 without the Crash Pack. All sales are final. Shipping time is 1-2 weeks. Images are stored in microSDHC. Remote is powered by four AAA batteries.

Adobe KnowHow Photography Skills Course Bundle for $50

Stacksocial is back with another photography course bundle. This bundle is called the Adobe KnowHow Photography Skills Course Bundle for $50, sold by Adobe KnowHow. The terms state this is an instant digital redemption and all sales are final. It includes the following nine photography courses:

+ Lightroom 5 Fundamentals, Adobe Lightroom Crash Course, Adobe Photoshop CS6 Course, Adobe Photoshop CC Mastery Course
+ Night Photography, Black & White Photography, Art of Travel Photography
+ EasyDSLR Beginner, EasyDSLR Advanced

Click on the “Read More” of each course at the Stacksocial listing for more details.

Photographer Course Bundle for $49 (seven courses)

Seven is the magic number at Stacksocial, they are offering a Photographer Seven Course Bundle for $49. The seven courses are from six different Udemy instructors: DSLR, HDR, iPhone, Black and White, Portraiture, Travel and Photo Restoration. Click on the “Read More” of each course to see more details. They offer unlimited access to the courses once purchased. This offer has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Videographer Course Bundle for $39 (seven courses from Udemy)

More action at Stacksocial, this time Udemy is offering a seven course Videographer bundle for $39. The seven courses cover general topics and software specific topics. You can find a detailed list of the courses and their contents over there. Note that all sales are final for this offer. Once purchased, the courses are access through Udemy.

Adobe Lightroom Preset Library with Lifetime subscription for $39

New offer launched at, for $39, you get a lifetime subscription to the Adobe Lightroom Preset Library offered by Presetual. This offer includes updates, and use in both personal and commercial projects without the requirement to credit the source. However, this offer does not offer refunds. Check the description and terms/conditions for more details.

Code Black Drone + HD Camera for $90

On the drone-o-graphy front, the Code Black Drone + HD Camera is orderable again for $90 with free shipping at social shopping website Please note the shipping estimate is 7-9 weeks, with a limit of five per customer, and no refunds. It is powered by AAA batteries and takes microSD* memory cards.

Mac NyoP bundle: MacPhun Intensify Pro for as low as $6

Stacksocial is running a Mac Name Your Own Price bundle that includes MacPhun’s Intensify Pro and Shiny Frog’s Pixa Mac computer apps. The Pixa app is available with any price. To get Intensify Pro, you need to meet or beat the average price, which currently is $5.66. If you pay below average, you get three apps (Pixa included). If you pay above average, you get nine apps total (Intensify, Pixa, etc). The average price is shown over there and it changes as more people buy. These are digital downloads, all sales are final. 10% of your purchase price goes to a charity (three charity choices are available including Creative Commons).

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you are looking for a photography-themed WordPress theme, they have a WordPress Theme Name Your Own Price bundle featuring the Photex responsive WordPress theme (see demo) if you beat the average price of $7.84 (as of time of writing).

Ken Schultz Digital Photography Video Course for $25

Stacksocial is offering this Ken Schultz Digital Photography Video Course bundle for $25. It includes two courses, a Beginner’s and an Advanced course, with a total run time of 10 hours. This offers unlimited online access to the courses for this one-time fee. This offer includes a 15-day money back guarantee if it does not turn out to your liking. A couple of sample videos from the course are embedded at the aforelinked page (click on the “Read More” gray buttons to reveal them.

Over 5000 Adobe Training videos with lifetime access for $79

Stackosocial is offering this bundle of over 5,000 Adobe Training Videos with lifetime access for $79. The bundle is offered by “Train Simple”. No refunds. You must redeem within 60 days after purchase. To access the videos, per the page over there, Web browser, Flash Player, iOS device, or Android device is needed. Please note this covers all Adobe products, not just Photoshop/Lightroom.

Premium Photoshop Add-On Bundle for $39

Stacksocial is offering this Premium Photoshop Add-On Bundle for $39. Four different companies are included in this bundle. This is an instant digital download, with no refunds. Photoshop is NOT included.

Mobile Photographers: unlimited mobile backup for up to 5 devices for $10 lifetime with iDrive

If you are looking for another/additional option for protection of your mobile photography, Stacksocial has a lifetime backup promotion from iDrive. You pay $10 once, and you can make unlimited mobile device backups using the iDrive apps on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. You can connect up to five devices to this plan. This is good for new iDrive accounts only. This is a one-time $10 fee, not a monthly or annual fee. All sales are final. Check aforelinked page for terms/conditions. Offer ends in about 4 days from today.

Name Your Own Price ($3+) for 9 Mac apps including Intensify Pro and Pixa

The last few imaging software deals we mentioned were Windows-only, but now we have something for Mac computers only! It is the Mac Name-Your-Own-Price Mac Bundle at Stacksocial that offers nine different apps, including, of photography interest, Intensify Pro by MacPhun software and Pixa by Shiny Frog. This is a name your own price promotion. You can get all nine apps if you beat the average price which is currently $2.91. All sales final. These are instant digital downloads. You can also select one from three charities to support with your purchase (10% of your amount).

Preorder Limited Edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera for $90

Drone photography in double figures. Stacksocial is accepting pre-orders for this Limited Edition Code Black Drone + HD Camera for $90 with free shipping. Limit 3 per customer. Orders will ship in December. No refunds. Powered by four AAAs… This week’s South Park episode with Drone satire not included 🙂

Speaking of Stacksocial, ending in about two days (from blog-posting date) is this Adobe Knowhow training course with over 27 hours runtime for $30. It comes with a 30 day refund policy and lifetime access to the courses [see previous post for a more detailed breakdown].

Photography Course bundle from AdobeKnowHow for $30

A brand new photography course bundle has gone live at Stacksocial for $30. It is offered by a company by the name of “Adobe KnowHow” and includes these four lessons:

+ Night Photography Unlocked Video Course (4 hours)
+ Mastering Adobe Photoshop CC: A Definitive Course (13 hours)
+ EasyDSLR Beginners Photography Course (4 hours)
+ The Art Of Black & White Photography (6.5 hours)
+ 30 day refund policy
+ unlimited access to courses forever
+ licensed on a per user basis

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you are looking to host a blog/website/etc, they are offering one year of JustHost web hosting for $30 total. This gets you 12 months of service. JustHost offers only one shared web hosting plan, so it can’t scale up if you are planning to produce viral content and such. The usual caveats of using shared web hosting apply.

Ends Tue PM (Mac OS X): Corel AfterShot Pro 2 and seven more titles for $30 total

Ending by 11:59pm ET on Tuesday 10/21/14, for just $30, at Stacksocial, you can get their The Mac To The Future Software Bundle that includes Corel’s AfterShot Pro 2, along with seven other Mac OS X software titles, and a Mac OS X development course. The software are digital downloads (shortly after your purchase), there is no box-in-the-mail option. All sales are final. $30 buys them all. You can use them all or just the ones you are interested in. Note: this offer is only available for Mac OS X.

Seven Photography Classes Bundle by Udemy for $49 total

Stacksocial is offering the Seven Photography Classes by Udemy for $49 total. This offers lifetime access to the seven courses included in this bundle. You can watch on a computer, iPad or iPhone. It is licensed on a per user basis. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like them. The seven courses included are:

  • EasyDSLR Digital Photography Course: Advanced
  • Learn To Creating Stunning HDR Photos
  • iPhone Photography Secrets
  • The Art of Black and White Photography
  • Portrait Photography With Simple Gear
  • The Art of Travel Photography
  • Photo Restoration with Photoshop Tutorial
  • offer ends around 13 days from blog-posting date

FaceFilter3 Photo Retouching software for $20 (Mac OS X 10.7 & later)

For Mac OS X 10.7 or later versions, Stacksocial is offering the FaceFilter3 Photo Retouching software for $20. This is a digital download and is available shortly after payment. All sales are final. Limit two per customer. It is made by Reallusion Inc. Offer ends in about two days from blog-posting date.