1TB of Cloud Storage with Lifetime Access for $30 (one time payment)

If you are a fan of cloud storage, Stacksocial has a 1TB Zoolz Cloud Storage sale with lifetime access for $30 as a one time payment fee. This is two products, you get 500GB of instant storage, and 500Gb of cold storage (takes 3-5 hours to retrieve the backups). You can install the Zoolz backup app on two devices, but you can restore your backups from additional devices. You can change the designated backup devices, but you can only have two active ones at a time. Check terms and description for all the details.

Speaking of Stacksocial, they have a variety of Pay What You Want promotions including one for photography. Minimum price is $1, but if you want to unlock additional items, you have to meet or beat the average price, which typically is under $20.