Leica RF Lens sale (26 options)

Adorama has a sale on 26 Leica rangefinder lenses, with most of them also earning 2% promotional rewards.

Sigma 50mm f1.4 ART (Nikon) with extras for $900

The Nikon version of the Sigma 50mm f1.4 SLR Art lens is available as a special bundle at Adorama for $900 with free shipping. The bundle includes these bonus items: 3yr New Leaf warranty (in this case, it is included automatically, you don’t have to add it manually), 77mm filter kit (UV, CPL, ND2), lens wrap, capleash and cleaning kit. Only this Nikon bundle is going for $900. The other versions go for $950… I don’t know if it is a price error or a specific sale or a price-match.

Golla Sky Ultra-Zoom Camera bag for $6 w/free S&H

Among the various offers at the clearance website Tanga.com, there is the Golla Sky Ultra-Zoom Camera bag offered for $6 with free shipping, with a limit of ten per customer. No specs and no specific model number are provided, so I can’t really tell how big it is. The closest thing to a size estimate in the product description is this phrase: “Your mirror less camera, semi SLR camera, or camcorder”.

Sony a5000 w/16-50mm & card & case & New Leaf for $300

Adorama is offering a bundle centered around the Sony a5000 w/16-50mm for $300 with a free Lowepro case, free UV MC filter, free 16GB card, free cleaning kit. Optionally you can get a free New Leaf 1yr Spills and Drops warranty – you have to add this manually by clicking under “Buy Together and save” and then selecting the “Adorama Holiday Gift” and there you will see the New Leaf offer and then add it to bundle and then add bundle to the shopping cart. All three colors of the a5000 kits are participating. Here’s the example for the silver model.

Canon SX520 HS with card and case for $200

The Canon SX 520 HS superzoom with a free 16GB card and Lowepro case is offered for $200 with free shipping at Adorama (also free cleaning kit) and at Amazon by Amazon itself.

In-stock nao: Atomos Shogun 4K recorder/monitor for $1995

For the video crowd, the Atomos Shogun 4K HDMI/12G-SDI Recorder and 7″ Monitor is now in-stock and shipping for $1995 with free expedited at B&H Photo. As usual, B&H Photo will resume accepting orders Saturday PM.

(SOLD OUT) Friday: Pelican camera cases sale (eight options; $50 to $200)

These sold out before the full 24 hours period expired. Pelicans are apparently more popular than Storks 🙂

The Amazon Gold Box deal of the day for Friday 12/26/14 is a Pelican Camera Case featuring eight different Pelican models with prices ranging from $50 to $200. Limit three of each item per customer. Sale ends on Saturday at 3am ET or earlier if sold out.

Mac NyoP bundle: MacPhun Intensify Pro for as low as $6

Stacksocial is running a Mac Name Your Own Price bundle that includes MacPhun’s Intensify Pro and Shiny Frog’s Pixa Mac computer apps. The Pixa app is available with any price. To get Intensify Pro, you need to meet or beat the average price, which currently is $5.66. If you pay below average, you get three apps (Pixa included). If you pay above average, you get nine apps total (Intensify, Pixa, etc). The average price is shown over there and it changes as more people buy. These are digital downloads, all sales are final. 10% of your purchase price goes to a charity (three charity choices are available including Creative Commons).

Speaking of Stacksocial, if you are looking for a photography-themed WordPress theme, they have a WordPress Theme Name Your Own Price bundle featuring the Photex responsive WordPress theme (see demo) if you beat the average price of $7.84 (as of time of writing).

Panasonic GH4 w/14-140mm non-OIS for $1700

The Panasonic GH4 camera is bundled with the 14-140mm Panasonic non-OIS lens for $1700 with free shipping and a free 32GB card at Adorama. The GH4 body only goes for $1500 on its own (with various freebies).

Used (white box) Panasonic 14-42mm II for $100

The Panasonic 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 II megaOIS Lumix G Asph Vario H-FS1442A lens is available in “Used – Like New” condition, in a white box, with the description of “never been used” for $100 with free shipping by Roberts Camera at Amazon Warehouse Deals. I don’t now if this was part of a camera kit that got split apart or not.

(ENDED) New Woot-OFF is under way (started Friday 1am ET)

This special Boxing Day woot-off ended…
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(ENDED) Ends Mon 3:50pm ET: Samsung NX3000 w/16-50mm for $300

This limited time offer expired, but if you missed it, fear not; the NX cameras are recurring in the Lightning Deals (but I have no clue if/when they will re-appear)…

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Canon 50mm f1.8 II (imported or likewise) for $93

The latest action in the eBay Deals includes the new condition but very likely not-USA-warranty Canon 50mm f1.8 II lens offered for $93 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer, by eBay seller RedTagCamera (99.9%). There is no mention of warranty in the listing and the seller is not an authorized Canon dealer (as far as I can tell), so assume this is imported or something similar.

Since this is a low priced simple prime lens, for some people, this may be a reasonable risk… At authorized Canon dealers, this goes for $105 after a $20 mail-in rebate (eg Adorama, B&H Photo).

Nikon D5200 two-lens holiday bundle drops to $580

The Nikon D5200 two lens holiday bundle that consists of the D5200 and 18-55 and 55-200 DX non-VR lenses and the Nikon WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter and the Nikon School DVD and camera case and 16GB SDHC card is now down to $580 with free shipping at Adorama and Amazon by Amazon itself (limit 2).

(ENDED) Thur only: Refurbished Nikon D5300 w/18-55 for $565 (was $585)

This daily deal expired but many of the Woot deals are recurring, so it may return at some point in the future…
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(ENDED) Limited Time: four free Amazon Android Premium photo apps

This limited time promotion ended but every few weeks, Amazon’s Android-y app-store has free premium app promotions…
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Nikon A silver with FREE 32GB, extra Nikon battery, 2yr warranty, case for $400

The market competition is heating up for the Nikon A! The invisible hand of the market is now adding four free accessories at the $400 price point for the silver Nikon A! The latest situation, as of the time of writing:

+ silver Nikon A with four free accessories (32GB Lexar, extra battery, leather case, 2yr extended warranty) for $400 at Adorama [NEW!]
+ silver Nikon A for $400 by Amazon itself (limit 2) and B&H Photo and Best Buy
+ black Nikon A + DF-CP1 OVF kit for $570 at B&H Photo

Pentax K-5 IIs body only with free AF-200FG flash for $500

If you like Varys, you may also like Low Pass Filter Eunuch cameras 😉 The Pentax K-5 IIs (no low-pass filter) is currently offered for $500 with a free Pentax AF-200FG flash automatically included during this promotion at B&H Photo (the free items are mentioned right below the camera’s name on the individual product pages – if you don’t see them mentioned there, it means the promotion expired)… Optionally you can add the Corel AfterShot Pro 2 (digital download code) to this offer for +$30.

Panasonic LX100 with free Jacket Case or free Rode mic for $900

The Panasonic LX100 compact-with-RAW stubbornly holds on to the early-adopter price of $900, however, to sweeten the price, there are offers with free accessories at authorized Panasonica dealers. At B&H Photo, the silver LX100 includes for free the Panasonic DMW-CLX100 Jacket Case ($100 on its own) along with a free 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC card and 4% promotional rewards (= $36)

Meanwhile at Adorama, for the same price of $900, they have a different set of freebies, the Rode VideoMic Go on-camera microphone and a 32GB Panasonic SDHC memory card and 4% promotional rewards, available in either the black LX100 or silver LX100.

Speaking of early-adopter Panasonic prices, the FZ1000 continues to go for $900 but comes with a free $100 store Gift Card at Adorama and B&H Photo (plus 4% rewards) and at Amazon by Amazon itself.

Sony a6000 two-lens kit (18-55, 55-210) with $50 GC & extras for $750

If of all the Sony NEX e-mount APS-C camera kits it is the Sony a6000 two lens kit (18-55, 55-210) the one that you want, B&H Photo has two-lens kit bundles for $750 that include these bonus items: $50 B&H Photo gift card, 16GB SDHC, and shoulder bag. This is available in all three camera colors.

Fuji X-E1 with 18-55mm for $700

If you also need a zoom lens, the Fuji X-E1 with the 18-55mm lens is available in either black or silver for $700 with free shipping at B&H Photo. The lens goes for $600+ on its own, so this offer may also be of interest if you are interested in the 18-55mm lens. You are essentially getting an extra camera body for a few extra dollars.

Fuji X-E1 body only (silver) for $440 [corrected link]

The silver Fuji X-E1 body only is currently going for $440 with free shipping and 4% promotional rewards at Adorama [corrected link]. Or for $40 more, you can get a bundle with extra accessories (3rd-party battery, 32GB Transcend, holster case, memory card case).

Panasonic GF6 with 14-42mm for $360

To the eBay Deals we go where we find the new condition Panasonic GF6 with 14-42mm offered for $360 with free shipping by Robert’s Camera on eBay (99.6%). Limit five per buyer. As with all featured eBay deals, they are limited time offers of unknown expiration date.

GoPro HERO4 Black Ski Kit for $500

B&H Photo is offering the GoPro HERO4 Black Ski Kit for $500 with free shipping. This is a bundle created by B&H with the extra ski-related accessories. Offer ends by 12/25/14.

(ENDED) Wednesday Lightning Deals: Eneloops, Sandisk, Tamrac

Today’s round of camera and photo deals expired. For future offers, check the Amazon Camera & Photo Lightning Deals… Expired highlights after the jump…

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(ENDED) Ends 9:50pm ET: Samsung NX3000 w/20-50mm for $280

This surprise lightning deal expired…
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Ken Schultz Digital Photography Video Course for $25

Stacksocial is offering this Ken Schultz Digital Photography Video Course bundle for $25. It includes two courses, a Beginner’s and an Advanced course, with a total run time of 10 hours. This offers unlimited online access to the courses for this one-time fee. This offer includes a 15-day money back guarantee if it does not turn out to your liking. A couple of sample videos from the course are embedded at the aforelinked page (click on the “Read More” gray buttons to reveal them.

Corel Aftershot Pro 2 with two freebies for $60 (or $40 for upgraders)

Corel’s online store is offering the new flagship Corel AfterShot Pro 2 for $60 full version or $40 for eligible upgrades. And for a limited time, you also get two free software packages, Winzip 18.5 and FastFlick Instant Slideshow Make. When you add to cart, it automatically has a two year extended download for +$8 added. To remove that, simply click on the “x” in its line in the shopping cart page. If you also want to receive a backup DVD, it is a +$10 optional option.

Corel also has a non-Pro version of this software, it is the Corel AfterShot 2 going for $30 with the same two freebies. Under “Overview” over there, they have a PDF file (direct link to PDF) that compares the two different versions in detail.

Refurbished Sony 55-300mm f4.5-5.6 DT SAM SLR lens for $150

BuyDig is also offering the factory refurbished Sony 55-300mm f4.5-5.6 DT SAM SLR lens for $150 with free shipping (add to cart to see price). The price is $170 before you add it to cart. Offer ends by 12/28/14.

Sony HX300 superzoom for $290 (dented box but with 1yr warranty)

If you don’t mind dented box cameras, BuyDig.com is offering the dented box Sony HX300 superzoom for $290 with free shipping after you add it to the shopping cart. The price is $310 before adding to cart. This is a dented box, but comes with the one year Sony warranty. BuyDig is an authorized Sony dealer. Offer ends by 12/28/14.

Canon PIXMA MG2520 AiO Printer plus Adobe Lightroom 5 for $70

If you like white color printers, BuyDig is offering the Canon PIXMA MG2520 AiO Printer plus Adobe Lightroom 5 together as a bundle for $70 with free shipping. Add to cart to see the price drop from $150 to $70. No coupon needed.

A coupon is needed for this next printer and LR5 bundle offer: use coupon code EXCEL to get the Canon PIXMA MG5620 AiO Printer plus Adobe Lightroom 5 for $75 with free shipping. Coupon expires 12/26/14.

64GB Lexar Platinum II C10 (200x) SDHC for $22 w/free S&H [updated]

UPDATE (12/22/14): a new discount, Buydig’s own website is offering the 64GB Lexar Platinum II Class 10 SDXC for $22 with free shipping. Offer ends by 12/26/14. You can buy as many as you like!

Lexar time at the eBay Deals, where you can get the 64GB Lexar Platinum II SD/SDHC (200x) memory card, model LSD64GBSBNA200, for $25 with free shipping by BuyDig’s eBay store.

eBay Bucks: earn 4X on every item priced $100+

eBay is back with another eBay Bucks promotion (for members of the eBay Bucks rewards program). Good until 3am ET on 12/24/14, you earn 4X eBay Bucks rewards on almost every item priced $100 or more. You can use this promotion multiple times during this promotional period. The usual exclusions apply (eBay Motors, Industrial, eBay Gift Cards, etc). You can find the details in the eBay email or message that invites you to participate. As usual, you must manually opt-in for the offer… A good place to start looking for deals are the eBay Daily Deals

In-stock again: Nikon D7000 w/18-55 & 55-300 for $800

It is back in-stock, the Nikon D7000 Holiday Bundle, which is the D7000 with 18-55 and 55-300 and 32GB Sandisk Extreme SDHC and AmazonBasics DSLR bag is back in-stock at Amazon by Amazon itself for $800. This of interest if you want both lenses and this particular camera, all in new condition; otherwise you can go refurbished or mix-and-match… For example, the 55-300mm lens goes for $200 refurbished by Nikon USA at Adorama.

2pk 64GB Lexar 1066x UDMA7 CompactFlash for $230

B&H Photo is offering the 2pk of 64GB Lexar 1066x UDMA7 CompactFlash cards for $230 with free shipping as part of a Lexar sale over there.

Speaking of B&H, they now have both both Fuji X100T kits in-stock for $1300, along with the hand grip for $130. Interesting that Fuji priced the hand grip to be 10% of the price of the camera.

(ENDED) Tuesday Lightning Deals: Samsung NX3000, Panasonic GH3, etc

Today’s round of camera and photo deals expired. For future offers, check the Amazon Camera & Photo Lightning Deals… Expired highlights after the jump…

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(ENDED) Tue: Vidpro Professional Photo & Video LED Light Kit for $90

This daily deal expired… The B&H Photo deal of the day for Tuesday is the Vidpro Professional Photo & Video LED Light Kit offered for $90 with free shipping. Offer ends by 11:59pm ET on Tuesday 12/23/14.

(ENDED) Tue only: Popular Photography for $5 per year

This daily deal expired…
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Refurbished red Nikon J3 w/10-30 for $175

If you are Nikon CX-curious (1″ 1-System mirrorless), BuyDig is offering the refurbished red Nikon 1 J3 w/10-30 VR with a free case for $180 with coupon code EMPROSEG entered over there. This expires by end of day 12/22/14.

Monoprice MHD 2.0 Action Camera (product 12179) for $90

If you are a fan of Monoprice products, their MHD 2.0 Action Camera (product 12179) is on sale for $90 each. Offer ends 12/23/14.

Used Canon 7D body only for $580 (8+ condition)

If you are comfortable with used DSLRs (used; not refurbished), B&H Photo has a special promotion on various used Canon 7D kits, going for $580 (8+ condition) and $620 (9 condition). Used quantities are typically more limited than new condition products.

Pentax K-3 body only with D-BG5 Battery Grip for $800

K-time now, the Pentax K-3 body only kit with the Pentax D-BG5 Battery Grip included for FREE is going for $800 at Adorama (also 4% rewards, 32GB SDHC) and at B&H Photo… If you happen to also need the 50mm f1.8 DA lens, you can get it with the K-3 and battery grip and 4% promotional rewards for $900 at Adorama.

B&H Photo Lighting, Studio, Battery Grips, and such

In this post we round up some of the latest B&H Photo non-camera/non-lens specials. As usual, these are limited time offers of varying expiration dates. The usual rule of thumb of “deal half time” applies – the further you are from the blog-posting date, the higher the chances are that the prices will be different. The offers below are broken into two clusters, Lighting and Everything Else:

+ Quantum Instruments specials (30 different options)
+ Impact LiteTrek 4.0 DC Monolight and Mini LiteTrek (LT) Battery Pack Kit for $550
+ Impact Octacool-6 Fluorescent 2 Light Kit with Octabox (6 Lamps) for $375
+ Impact Luxbanx Duo Medium Strip Softbox (16 x 55″) for $125
+ Westcott uLite with 26″ Octabox Kit for $50
+ Westcott Scrim Jim Medium Reflector Kit – 42×72″ (1×1.8m) for $125
+ Vello FreeWave Stryker Lightning & Motion Triggers (six options)
+ Genaray LED-2100 36 LED Compact On-Camera Light for $25 [free shipping with an order of $49+ only]

+ Vello Battery Grips and DSLR Accessory Kits (20 different options for various cameras)
+ Delkin Devices SensorScope 3 Cleaning Kit for $70
+ Ruggard Bags (five options)
+ Kata E-690 PL Elements Cover (Black) for $30
+ Crumpler 5 Million Dollar Home Bag (Purple/Olive Green) for $50
+ Oben TT-300 Table Top Tripod for $48
+ Vanguard Abeo 323AB Tripod With Ballhead for $120
+ DIYP Camera Cookie Cutters (Set of Three, SLR, RF, TLR) for $14 with free shipping – actual cookie cutters, BPA free (DIYP = DIYPhotography.net)

Epson Workforce WF-2540 inkjet all-in-one printer for $60

A Do-It-All-Paul printer, the Epson Workforce WF-2540 inkjet all-in-one (print, copy, scan, fax) is currently on sale for $60 at the Staples website as part of their featured online offers. There are multiple delivery options, including store pickup (if in-stock locally), free ship-to-store, or free shipping (for Staples Rewards members). Offer ends by 12/27/14. Note this is an older-ish model, so only 10/100 Wired Ethernet and only 802.11 b/g/n wireless.

(ENDED) Monday Lightning Deals: Corel PSP X7, Aputure 7″ monitor, 64GB Samsung SDXC, etc

Today’s round of camera and photo deals expired. For future offers, check the Amazon Camera & Photo Lightning Deals… Expired highlights after the jump…

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(ENDED) 13.3″ Apple MacBook Pro (late 2013, ME867LL/A) for $1450 w/free Next Day delivery

This daily deal expired…
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(ENDED) Monday: 75% off Hostgator hosting from 1am to 4am ET and 11am ET to 2pm ET

This flash sale expired…
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Free Overnight shipping at Adorama

Adorama too has launched their Free Overnight Shipping for the holidays. This is a limited time offer. You can filter products by the categories shown over there, or simply search for the items of interest and check their product pages to see whether they qualify for the free overnight shipping promotion.

(ENDED) Sunday: Photography magazines for $5 per year (four options)

This limited time promotion ended…
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(ENDED) Sunday only: Duracell battery sale (single-use mostly plus rechargeable bundle)

This daily deal expired…
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