(ENDED) Starts 12pm ET Thursday (and repeats until Friday 9AM): “DIY Lightning” FREE to Watch streaming class

This particular stream expired but there are many more upcoming at the CreativeLIVE FREE On-Air schedule

“DIY Lighting” is one of those topics where a number of interests converge. If one of your interests converge on this, starting at 12pm ET on Thursday (today, 9/21/17, making sure I know what day and date it is), Kevin Kubota’s DIY Lighting will begin streaming.

The video is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. This is a replay of a previously recorded class. The stream will continue repeating until Friday 11:50am ET, so you have plenty of opportunities to catch the reruns. They don’t have a TV-style schedule of all the reruns. Maybe they need a TV Guide style grid? 🙂 If you like the class and want to keep it, the sale price is $29.

Once upon a time, CreativeLIVE was only streaming the original recordings of live classes, but now they also do promotional re-airings of previous recordings. In fact, judging by the FREE On-Air schedule, most of the free-streaming classes are re-airings: the majority don’t have yellow highlighter “LIVE” designations.

Don’t forget to also pencil-in our previously posted Camera Fast Track schedule if you are interested in the Fuji-san X-T20, Sony a9 or Canon M5/M6 mirrornyets.