10% off site-wide at AdoramaPIX with coupons

The AdoramaPIX printing labs are closed 9/21 to 9/24/17, but you can still place orders! But their website is still taking orders and as a patience appreciation reward of sorts, they are offering 10% off site-wide on orders placed until 9/24/17 PM with coupon code EMPIX10 or coupon code PXADO10 (if you need multiple orders). Orders placed in the meantime will be processed after 9/24/17 so if you have a time-sensitive order, keep that in mind!

2 thoughts on “10% off site-wide at AdoramaPIX with coupons”

  1. I’ve never understood why a buyer, especially, but also a seller would want to complete a deal outside of eBay. Completing a deal following the simple rules provides both parties with certain protections. My first thought is that a seller who would indicate a willingness to cheat eBay is just as likely to be willing to cheat me.

    1. Indeed! That would be a big red flag if someone wanted to do an off-the-books sale, instead of going through with it using eBay’s system.

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