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Tuesday: G-Tech, Tamrac, Axler, Apple, Etc

We start Tuesday with some Meh action, their deal du jour is a 4-pack of Geeni Prisma 1050lm color smart bulbs for $35 with free S&H for Meh-members… This is model GN-BW944-999… They can be controlled via smartphone and three voice assistants not named Siri…

Unlike the ever-so-sprawling Woot, Meh has only a single deal of the day, but that’s not the whole story either, because the Meh family of companies includes two websites that offer multiple deals du jour (SideDeal, Morning Save), while two others offer a single item (CaseMates (wine) and Mediocriteeee (t-shirts)) [you can find them all at the bottom of the Meh site]…

Speaking of the the Woot website their dailies include another assortment of Apple devices (iPads, iMacs, MacBooks, etc) and Surface devices, 2 lbs of Smokin’ Aces coffee, etc… Speaking of which, third wave coffee is so passe, I’m starting fourth wave coffee as we speak 😉

At the Big Yellow daily deals [outlived Radio ShaQ, Circuit City, Montgomery Ward’s Electric Avenue, The Incredible Universe, HH Gregg, Office Max, etc] includes:

+ 2TB WD Easystore external HDD for $60
+ 1TB Sandisk Ultra internal PCI Express 3.0 x4 NVMe for $90
+ 10″ Simply Smart PhotoShare digiframe for $90
+ various Case Logic bag the bags
+ headliner 15.6″ Dell G3 gaming laptop (i5, 120Hz, 8GB, 512GB SSD, Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti, etc) for $700
+ etc, etc, etc

Next up we head on to the B&H daily deals. Not a lens day today but it’s the usual 7+1 configuration. The “+1” being the flash deals.

+ Vello LENS-2020 lens calibration tool for $25
+ because pixel-peeping is a lifestyle!

+ G-Tech hard drives, 8 options, further discounted by automatic in-cart coupon

+ Tamrac TradeWind BackPack 24 for $40

+ Axler Robin 20 Stabilizer S for $99

+ Magnus MegaGrip flexpod for $13

+ GenAray Spectro LED-14 Flood LED Light for $159

+ Transcend DrivePro Body 30 1080p Body Camera for $220

+ flash deal: Gossen Digiflash Light Meter 2 for $100
+ next flash deal: Vanguard Alta Pro 263AGH Aluminum-Alloy Tripod Kit with GH-100 Pistol Grip Ball Head (price before sale $190)

UPDATE: of potential interest to Prime members since they get free shipping regardless, or non-Prime members who may be interested or want to append these to a planned order, Woot is running an Electronics Stockings Stuffer sale until 12/16/20 at 11:59pm central (or earlier if sold out) that includes these potentially interesting items:

+ 250GB MegaZ BackUp Slim external USB 3.0 HDD for $20
+ not a typo, 250GB (yes, I know this is 2020) and $20 (twenty dollars)
+ up to three per customer, 90-day Woot warranty
+ potential use-case: you can backup a 256GB SD/CF card on this 🙂
+ another use-case: deliver images to a good/high-paying client more impressively

+ Altigo 13400 mAh powerbank for $21
+ two 2.4A USB Type A power-output ports
+ charges via USB-C or micro-USB
+ 90-day Woot warranty
+ up to three per customer

UPDATE #2: this new Humble Bundle is of potential two-fold interest, make something new to eat, which is also something new to photograph (preferably before you eat). It is a PDF cookbook sale that includes Fish, Donuts, Cannabis, Bento and Bread and on the $1 tier, and adds six more on the next tier (veggie burgers, ramen, candy, pies, bisquits, geeky chefs), and adds seven more at the next tier (from vegan to roasting pigs), and adds another ten to the top tier, from pho to BBQ to kitchen gear talk [of course, why not!]… This runs for about three weeks [as of the time of writing]…

Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens for $50 [Fuji X only]

Not part of the just mentioned Monday lightning deals, but on sale on its own is the Fuji X version of the Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens for $50…

UPDATE: the latest Adorama daily deals [change Tuesday 10am ET] are:

+ Slik Pro AL-323DX Tripod with SH-705E 3-Way Pan Head for $70
+ Green Extreme 4K HDMI Game Capture Card, HDMI to USB 3.0 for $40

Monday: Amazon’s Lighting Deals Wake Up with three Neewer Manual Focus Primes

Meanwhile at the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals at Amazon, as of the time of writing, there are over 100 listed items including:

+ starts 12:04pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens for the Sony E system
+ price before sale $63
+ there’s only a Sony E option on this listing

+ starts 2:34pm ET: Neewer 25mm f1.8 manual focus lens for Canon EF-M
+ price before sale $70
+ there’s only the Canon EF-M option on this listing

+ starts 7:44pm ET: Neewer 25mm f1.8 manual focus lens for Sony E
+ price before sale $66
+ only the Sony E option is on the listing

+ starts 7:44pm ET: ATLI EON Time Lapse Camera
+ price before sale $199
+ the listing also has a 20% off clip-on coupon on the silver color scheme and a 10% off clip-on coupon on the black color scheme
+ clip-on coupon may be stackable with the Lightning Deal discount
+ Gold Box Teaser points to the black color scheme; we have no way of knowing ahead of time whether both color schemes will be a lightning deal

+ starts Tuesday 3:30am ET: Neewer Battery Grip (replacement for Canon BG-E14)
+ price before sale $39

+ studio and lightning kits galore from Neewer and GVM and friends

+ stabilizer-y things: tripods, monopods, phone/camera hand stabilizers, ball heads, holders, etc
+ includes FeiYu products

+ action cams, digi frames, etc

+ flashes, monolights, etc

+ items may get added, cancelled, or rescheduled without prior warning in the Gold Box

+ also, the more things I post, the higher the chances of me introducing errors (wrong times, wrong links, etc)

Monday: refurbished Sony HDR-CX405/B camcorder for $89

Surprise! Some kind of a name-brand camera makes its way to the NewEgg deals du jour, it is the refurbished Sony HDR-CX405/B full HD flash-based camcorder going for $89, sold and shipped by 3rd-party seller “VIP Outlet”… This is a 30X optical zoom…

Meanwhile the headliner of the Amazon Gold Box for Monday is an unlocked USA-warranty Samsung Galaxy S10+ going for $550 in the 128GB variant. Check the listing for the other options…