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B&H Mega Deal Zone Continues for Day #2

We have Day #2 of the B&H All Star Game, aka the Mega Deal Zone, aka almost all of the daily deals of the last few months happening all together at the same time and you can buy as many of the offers as you want! But if you are Bill Gates or Elon Musk, please don’t buy everything, leave some for us 😉

UPDATE: the headliner of the Best Buy daily deals for Tuesday 12/29/20 is an 8TB WD EasyStore external USB 3.0 HDD going for $130, that’s $16.25 per gigabyte!

Monday: Camera & Photo Lightning Deals

Among the Monday 12/28/20 Amazon Gold Box deals of the day there is a return of the Office promotion variant. You get a $40 plastic Amazon gift card with the purchase of a 1-Year prepaid Microsoft 365 Family subscription for up to six separate users (up to six different Microsoft accounts, 1TB OneDrive per account)… This goes for $100… This is an auto-renewing subscription. The $40 gift card is only for this initial purchase, not every year…

NEXT up we dive into the Camera and Photo Lightning Deals where as of the time of writing there are 110 options including:

+ starts 6:50pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 MF APS-C lens
+ only again Gold Box teaser points to the Sony E version, price before sale $70

+ binos

+ backgrounds, studio and lightning kits galore

+ kids cameras and generic P&S digicams

+ stabilizer-y things including FeiYu and Moza

+ light panels, ring light kits

+ monolights and on-camera flashes

+ action cams and generic camcorders

+ digiframes

+ Neewer is the new Cal Ripken