Archives for December 8, 2020

Wedn: refurbished Canon SX520 HS superzoom for $150

Good news there’s a camera in the Best Buy daily deals for Wednesday 12/9/20. Bad news it is a …rerun.

It is the refurbished red-color-scheme Canon SX 520 HS superzoom (40x optical) going for $150 with a 1-year warranty (per the Specs section)…

Wedn: Robus, Luxli, Lexar, Unagi, LG, Etc

Robus, Luxli, Lexar, Unagi, these could be the names of the leading characters of a “Hunger Games” clone movie/book 🙂

And just like that, it’s another Hump Day and with it we have a new set of B&H daily deals good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out) as follows:

+ 128GB Lexar 667x UHS-I microSDXC for $15
+ back in our time kids, we had to pay $15 for a 1MB Smartmedia card 😉

+ Luxli CNS-20D Constructor Medium Block On-Camera Daylight Balanced LED Light for $30
+ daily reminder: you can’t have photography without light

+ Robus RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod, 65″ for $85
+ you can also cosplay Gandalf with this

+ Celestron Lenspen Optical Cleaning Tool for $6

+ LG 34WL550-B 34″ 21:9 UltraWide FreeSync HDR10 IPS Monitor for $235
+ poor LG it suffered the most in the Smartphone wars of Apple vs Samsung vs China

+ Unagi Model One E500 Dual-Motor Electric Scooter for $749 in three color schemes

+ EzViz C6CN 1080p Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Network Security Camera for $27
+ mayhaps the most affordable tilt shift lens ever 😉
(+ just so we are clear, this is not a tilt shift lens 🙂

+ flash deal: GVM Dolly Track Camera Slider (31.5″) for $79
+ next flash deal: some kind of a APS UPS

UPDATE: for the EU shoppers, good until Friday 12pm ET (6pm Germany time) Amazon Chermany has the new condition Pergear 35mm f1.6 lens on sale for 56 euro-dollars in the Sony APS-C E-system (NEX time!)…

UPDATE #2: under “Clearance” in the Woot daily deals there’s the 10 inch Kamaitatchi selfie ring light going for $18 while under “Electronics” there’s the Surface headphones for $150…

*OR* you can pre-order the exciting (for Apple’s accountants for sure) Apple AirPods Max for $549 in your choice of five different color options… There are complaints about pricing but lt’s not forget audiophiles willing pay up to $5000 for headphones, so Apple kept it modest with these 😉

*OR* to go in Rockwell-mode, this $18 Koss KSC-75 headphone is the only headphone you’ll ever need. And it won’t ruin your hair or press on your jaw or jam up the inside of your ears 🙂 And when you open the package, you also get a bonus aroma of the Koss (Wisconsin) diary air 😉

Tuesday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals (110+ options)

No manual focus prime lenses in the Tuesday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals at Amazon, but they have, as of the time of writing:

+ over 115 options

+ lots of the usual studio, lightning and background kits

+ toy/kids digital cameras

+ smartphone photo accessories (“selfie” ring lights, smaller stabilizery things, etc)

+ tripods and other stabilizery things

+ flashes and macro ring lights

+ action cams and binoculars

+ and of course it’s a Neewer party once again!

Meanwhile the current Adorama daily deals (change Wednesday 10am ET) include a $40 USB microphone and a $400 HP Desktop 600 G3 micro-tower (i5-7530 3.4GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, etc)…