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Free Overnight Shipping at Adorama (500+ options)

The clock is ticking for these promotions to end as we get closer and closer to Christmas Day 2020! Adorama is offering over 500 items with Free Overnight Shipping. Follow the prompts in their shopping cart to get it while this promotion is running…

Needless to say, an item has to be in-stock and ready to ship right now for overnight shipping to work in the expected time frame…

PS: keep in mind the COVID situation along with the usual things (weather, snow, blizzards, storms, Marvel superhero battles, etc) can cause unexpected delays…

Wednesday: Pixel 4a, CamBee, LitePanels, LightSabers, Etc

Hump Day is here once again, the hump now being the one on our backs from too much time on computers and smartphones and such 😉

Because life is too short to take too seriously, the Meh daily deal for Wednesday 12/23/20 is a 4-pack of lightsabers for $20, with free S&H for Meh-members… Bonus points the Star-Wars-ized basketball player names at the Meh page, Jruebacca Holiday, Kylo Korver, etc 🙂

Meanwhile at the B&H Photo daily deals they have this lot good until 11:59pm ET (or earlier if sold out):

+ Google Pixel 4a (128GB) for $319 after automatic in-cart coupon
+ if it wasn’t for early Android releases, would anyone buy the Pixels?
+ #BitterNexusUser

+ LitePanels Caliber LED Fresnel 3-Light Kit with Soft Case for $550

+ CamBee panel lights, two options, $49 and $89

+ SmallHD 502 Bright On-Camera Monitor for $529 with FREE SmallHD Faux LP-E6 Battery with DC Barrel Connector
+ in an era of 100-inch UHD TV sets, it’s a good thing they named them “Small HD” 🙂

+ Joby GripTight PRO TelePod for $69
+ because there’s a market for all combinations and variations and permutations of tripods, monopods, hand pods, and pod-pods 😉

+ Sachtler Ace M System Black Edition with Tripod & Mid-Level Spreader (75mm Bowl) for $460
+ PRO TIP: you cannot eat your cereal out of this bowl 😉

+ RucPac Professional Tech Headlamp for $25
+ move over Light Painters, we, the Headlamp Painters are coming!

+ flash deal ends 12pm ET: Roland GO:LIVECAST Live Streaming Audio and Video Studio for Smartphones and Tablets for $190
+ because we are now in the SuperChat and Patreon and GoFundMe and KoFi and Cash-app era (which reminds me I need to set those up LOL)

+ next flash deal starts 12pm ET: ONA The Beacon Lens Case (price before sale $89)
+ despite the name, no light comes out of the case ~ unless you personally attach flashlights or other self-powered light sources inside 😉

Tamron 70-210mm f4 Di VC USD w/Tripod Collar and 64GB SDXC for $399 [OR ADD Vanguard Tripod for +$30] {C/N}

Hooray, hooray, it’s a LENS DAY at the Adorama daily deals good until 10am ET on Wednesday (or earlier for anything that may sell out ahead of its designated expiration time):

+ Tamron 70-210mm f4 Di VC USD with Tamron Tripod Collar and 64GB Fuji SDXC card for $399 in your choice of Canon EF or Nikon F

+ Tamron 70-210mm f4 Di VC USD with Tamron Tripod Collar and 64GB Fuji SDXC card AND Vanguard VEO 2 235AB 5 Section Aluminum Tripod with VEO 2 BH-50 Ball Head for $429 in your choice of Canon EF or Nikon F

+ this is double-checked, it is indeed Tamron, not Tokina 🙂

+ Joby GripTight PRO Smartphone Mount for $17

+ CLAR Venus 5″ On-Camera RGB LED Light for $79

Tuesday Camera and Photo Lightning Deals including Neewer 35mm f1.7 MF

Tuesday action at the Amazon Camera and Photo Lightning Deals where, as of the time of writing, they have 121 items, among them:

+ starts 5pm ET: Neewer 35mm f1.7 manual focus lens
+ lightning deal once again points to Sony E version

+ action cams and binos and monos

+ lightning kits galore

+ generic kids cameras, P&S, camcorders

+ background and studio kits

+ monolites galore and on-camera flashes

+ digiframes and camera backpack

+ light meter and on-camera monitors

+ stabilizer-y things including sliders and FeiYu