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Saturday: YI 4K+ Action Cam, Usual Camera/Photo accessories

There are over 30 items listed in the Camera & Photo lightning deals (old format) or Full Page format (faster to navigate on Desktop) of the Amazon Gold Box. Due to time constraints I cannot create a detailed listing of them all. The usual assortment of accessories are running throughout the day.

Refurbished Canon Mirrorless w/1-YR Warranty: M10 w/15-45 and two Grips for $399; M3 with 18-55 and EVF-DC1 EVF for $499

Three of the four refurbished Olympus refills of yesterday continue (the E-M10 II and silver Pen-F) to be in-stock as of the time of writing, and so do many of the Canon Pumpkin Spice Sales.

A couple of them are “take pictures with” kits if you want to try out the Canon Mirrorless system without spending too much money on it. Both the M3 and M10 mirrorless cameras are starting to fade out in new condition from authorized dealers (eg a number of kits are gone from B&H and Adorama).

Both of the kits offered by the Canon USA store come with a full 1-year warranty and they also come with free accessories to make them more tempting…

Canon M10

The refurbished Canon M10 with 15-45mm EF-M in the black color scheme goes for $399 and includes two free BG-E3 grips, one brown, one black. They go for $24 each on their own. You can keep the extra grips but they are also simple enough to sell or trade with photo-friends…

In new condition, this kit goes for $450 at Adorama without the two free BG-E3 grips. So mayhaps the grips are the deciding factor?

Canon M3

Meanwhile the refurbished Canon M3 with 18-55 IS STM EF-M goes for $499 and it has a freebie of its own, the EVF-DC1 Electronic Viewfinder included automatically by Canon’s outlet store while this promotion is running…

In new condition, this kit is not available at B&H and Adorama, but you can get the M3 body only with the usual freebies (NOT the EVF-DC1 EVF) for $429 at Adorama. The EVF-DC1 is a more expensive freebie, it goes for around $200 on its own, and it’s more versatile, you can also use it with the G3 X and G1 X II rawsumers, which by the way are also on sale as part of the Pumpkin Sale.

PS: it appears we have an impromptu theme today, long-ass/long-winded posts 🙂

YMMV: 8% back in eBay Bucks on $50+ items

If I ever use the term “Fall into Savings” please feel free to e-yell at me in the comments! Because every other email I open today says “Fall into Savings” 🙂 Might as well fall into a pumpkin spice latte while eating a pumpkin kringle and wearing harvest-orange head-to-toe 😉

Which brings us to another eBay Bonus Bucks promotion 🙂

Jump in the Bay of Fees! This is YMMV ~ I do not know if eBay offers this to everyone or a subset of their registered users. Good until Saturday at 11:59pm pacific time (9/23/17), you earn 8% eBay Bucks on your purchases with a minimum individual price of $50+.

First you have to manually activate the offer from the eBay email or your eBay messages (if invited/selected to participate). Some exclusions apply as usual and the maximum rewards you can earn is $100 per transaction, and $500 during the promotional period.

A good place to look for ideas are the eBay Deals along with the Trending Deals (shows only 100 trending deals, less overwhelming to look at than their main deals page). There’s also a dedicated search box there that searches only the Deals, not everything else on eBay.

Another way to look for ideas is our eBay Category posts here…

Monoprice 2-Day coupons: 20% off $200+ (or $5 off $25+)

KEH is giving us three days to think about and plan on their Buy More, Save More Coupon. Monoprice on the other hand is giving us two days, which is still better than one day, but not as good as having the whole weekend to plan ahead, and wrap it around your schedule.

So good until Saturday night, coupon code SAVINGS gets you 20% off orders of $200+ (of eligible products), while coupon code FALL gets you $5 off purchases of $25+ (of eligible products) at the Monoprice website.

But that’s not all, Monoprice also has some doorbusters and such:

+ 12oz Pure Outdoor Vacuum Sealed Narrow-Mouth Water Bottle for $6 with free standard US shipping (no minimum purchase required)

+ IP65 Rugged Power Bank 10050mAh Lithium-ion Cell for $20 with free standard US shipping (no minimum purchase)

+ new release (not eligible for the coupons): second generation MP 22″ IPS FHD Graphic Pen Display for $500

+ TIP: you can guesstimate the age of Monoprice products by their PID (product ID). The smaller/larger the number, the older/newer a product typically is