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Camera Bag Sale at Adorama (240 options)

It’s Bagorama time! Adorama has a sale on 240 Camera Bags. You can use the various options on the left hand side to narrow down the choices by price or manufacturer or function of the bag or review rating. You can also change the sorting parameters at the top right corner over there.

In parallel, Adorama is also running a sale on 50 Tripods of different kinds, from table-top to travel to studio size.

For more Adorama action, check their latest New Releases and Pre-orders page.

Friday: Usual Camera/Photo accessories

There are over 30 items listed in the Camera & Photo lightning deals (old format) or Full Page format (faster to navigate on Desktop) of the Amazon Gold Box. Due to time constraints I cannot create a detailed listing of them all. The usual assortment of accessories are running throughout the day.

Panasonic 25mm f1.7 with Extras for $148 [m43] {updated}

If you are looking for a budget “normal” Micro Four Thirds lens, the Panasonic 25mm f1.7 lens continues to go for $148 with free shipping in new condition at authorized dealers, but that’s not all. Some of them are offering extras!

This sale continues as of 9/17/17 recheck: you can instead get 4% promotional rewards (around $6~ towards future purchases) at B&H Photo.

As of a 9/17/17 recheck, the price returned to $250… At Adorama you get the Corel Software Bundle (five software titles), and a 3-piece filter kit with case, a lens wrapper, tether, and cleaning kit.

Pay $85, Get $100 iTunes Gift Card by email

If you don’t want to wait for better percentages on iTunes gift cards, then to the eBay Deals we go, where the PayPal Digital Gifts store is offering $100 iTunes Gift Cards via email for $85 with free email delivery. This is a 15% off discount. Limit four per customer.

iTunes Gift Cards are of camera and photo interest: various camera/photo apps, photography e-books, camera guide e-books, and photo documentaries at the various corners of the iTunes store.

A few more gift cards are on sale in the Trending eBay Deals.

Speaking of eBay Deals, this offer continues, the NewEgg eBay store continues to offer the new condition n 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Desktop External Hard Drive, USB 3.0, model STDT4000100, for $88 with free shipping, limit up to five per customer.

FREE (Google PLAY): Fast Camera HD Camera

If you are part of the Google PLAY ecosystem, for a limited time, the premium (for pay) app Fast Camera – HD Camera is FREE to own. It typically goes for $1.99. The developer makes three versions of this app, this is their most advanced app that is free for a limited time.

Speaking of app stores, one of the Apple announcements that flew under the radar, starting with the new iTunes version 12.7, the App Store will be removed from the desktop iTunes software. If you used that to manage or download apps (eg your iOS device wasn’t compatible with an app, but wanted to grab it for the future because it was free or it was on sale), make sure you keep one iTunes installation at a previous version.

FREE 50 4×6 inch Photo Prints with Coupon

Good until Sunday 9/17/17 at 11:59pm pacific, coupon code FREE50PRINTS gets you fifty 4×6 photo prints for FREE at Amazon Prints. You must order more than 50 prints for the coupon to work, eg 51 prints, so you have to pay at least a few pennies 🙂

Prime members get free shipping. Non-Prime members pay shipping unless the order total is $15+.

These are the detailed Terms and Conditions.

Happy printing!

Evecase Compact Shoulder Bag for $17

At the intersection of budget and style, this brown/tan Evecase Compact Shoulder Bag is offered for $17, by BlueMall with the order fulfilled by Amazon. This is not a lightning deal. It averages 4.2 out of 5 based on 127 customer reviews. Check pictures and dimensions, this is for compact cameras and lenses!

Tripod Sale at Adorama: Studio, Travel, Compact, Table Top, Video [50 options, $25 to $2000]

Adorama has just started a big sale on tripods of different sizes and different types as follows:

+ Studio Tripods, ten options, $300 to $1180

+ Travel Tripods, ten options, $90 to $470

+ Compact Tripods, ten options, $40 to $446

+ Video Tripods, ten options, $249 to $2000

+ TableTop Tripods, ten options, $25 to $299

+ participating brands include Schatler, Cartoni, Joby, Induro, Vanguard, Manfrotto, Silk, Benro, FLM, D&S, MeFOTO, 3LT, Gitzo, Feisol, and many more

7 in 1 Round Collapsible Light Photography Reflector for $10 (12″), $13 (20″), $14 (24″) [updated]

UPDATE: the Prime-eligible option sold out, but the same seller is also offering these directly with free shipping for all (but not Prime shipping)…

On the budget side of accessories, or if you want to use them as raw materials for repurposing or your DIY lightning projects, this generic 12-inch 7 in 1 Round Collapsible Light Photography Reflector is on sale for $10 by a 3rd-party seller at Amazon.

Meanwhile the 20-inch model goes for under $13, while the 24-inch model goes for under $14, and the 32-inch model under $18. All these with free shipping directly from the seller (not Prime eligible).

On the same listing, there are also options for a 5-in-1, and a 5-in-1 with a built-in handle.

Also, on each listing, check under the “Special offers and product promotions” for additional coupons and/or combined purchase discounts. Coupons and offers may differ depending on the specific model you are looking at.

There are no customer reviews, so mayhaps this is for the more adventurous shoppers.

Now shipping: Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 (Canon EF)

The mirrorless systems sort of countered the advantage of Canon and Nikon DSLR systems having more 3rd-party lens options than the DSLR systems of the other manufacturers. But DSLR-wise, Canon and Nikon systems still have an advantage over the other remaining DSLR systems.

For example, then new Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 Di VC USD G2 is only available in Nikon and Canon, and as of the time of writing, the Canon EF version is in-stock and ready to ship for $1199 at B&H Photo.

The 3rd-party lens manufacturers also serve to keep OG Canon and Nikon lens prices in check. Imagine how much the f2.8 PRO zooms would cost if Canikon knew that you couldn’t get Tamrons and Tokinas and Shigumas instead…

PS: “Shiguma” was the computer-translated name of Sigma from back in the day of earlier versions of computer-translation software technology 🙂

Pre-orders are now LIVE for Sony RX10 IV

The iPhone X ruined my joke for the Sony RX10 IV price, because it no longer costs twice as much as the iPhone 🙂 Regardless, bad jokes are not included with the pre-orders 🙂 Sony went the flagship smartphone route with separating the announcements from the pre-orders. So today is the day…

… pre-orders are now accepted for $1700 for the new Sony RX 10 IV 1-inch superzoom with RAW and much and more at B&H Photo and Adorama and Amazon itself.

If my without-calculator math is correct, this is the 13th RX-series camera, and all of them are still available for purchase. Check the most recent (July 2017) Fixed Lens Price Chart for the previous models (does not have RX0 and RX10 IV).

Canon G9 X with PIXMA PRO 100 and Paper for $400 after $350 MIR (prepaid AMEX GC)

The Canon G9 X compact with RAW (previous generation model – see Fixed Lens Camera Price Chart for a refresher on Canon’s G models) goes for $400 in new condition at authorized dealers, while the G9 X II goes for $450.

If you prefer the G9 X (first generation), AND you want the Canon PIXMA PRO 100 printer, AND you don’t object to doing mailing rebates and spending AMEX gift cards AND you still want to end up paying $400 out of pocket, then …

… to B&H Photo we go where they bundle the black Canon G9 X (first generation) with the PIXMA PRO 100 printer and its trusty sidekick (50pk 13×19″ photo paper). You pay $749 at checkout, receive the order, make sure all is well, file the mail-in rebates following instructions and deadlines, and a few weeks later, you receive a $350 prepaid American Express gift card by mail, thus making it a very long sentence, and more importantly, a $400 after $350 MIR promotion.

On the other hand, if you prefer the G9 X II with the PIXMA PRO 100 and paper promotion, you end up paying around $30 more [than the price of the G9X II alone] after rebate. In either black or brown, the G9 X II bundle is $479 after a $350 prepaid AMEX GC rebate.

This round of PIXMA mail-in rebates expires 9/30/17. The prices of the cameras themselves and the bundle can change independently of the mail-in rebate amount which is fixed for the duration of this promotion.

PS: I have a feeling I could have written this post with fewer words but an attempt to optimize it typically results in 2-3 additional paragraphs 🙂

Rokinon 24mm T1.5 Cine ED AS IF UMC for $500 (Canon, Nikon, M43, Sony E) [updated]

The new condition Rokinon 24mm T1.5 Cine ED AS IF UMC lens is on sale for a limited time for $500 with free expedited shipping and $10~ promotional rewards at B&H Photo in the Canon and Nikon SLR systems, and the Micro Four Thirds and Sony E mirrorless systems.

This is among the latest B&H Featured Sales

(ENDED) YMMV: 8% back in eBay Bucks [no minimum]

This promotion expired, but if you missed it, fear NOT! eBay has these on a regular basis these days. Another should come in the next few days…

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(ENDED) 1-Day Lighting Sale at Adorama (27 options, Profoto, Flashpoint, Westcott, Godox, etc)

This 1-day sale expired…

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(ENDED) Friday at KEH: 15% off Large Format Cameras, 20% off LF Lenses

This 1-day sale expired…

If you are a fan of Large Format cameras and lenses, Friday is the day to be at KEH Camera. Coupon code LF09A gets you 15% off Large Format Cameras and 20% off Large Format Lenses (or Accessories) using hte coupon code. The coupon code expires Friday 11:59pm ET. Over 300 items are eligible for this promotion. You can test the coupon and a S&H estimate without creating an account or logging in to a KEH account.

(ENDED) Friday: Best Buy Photo Paper Sale (9 options)

This 1-day sale expired…

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(ENDED) FREE Fuji 35mm f2R lens with select X-T1 Kits

Party’s over 🙁 As of a 9/17/17 recheck, the free lens promotion expired, AND the price of the X-T1 kits went up…

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(ENDED) 2-Day Monoprice coupons: $5/$25+ or 20% off $200+

This coupon expired…

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