(OLDER POST) Nikon A for $500 (limited time) [updated]

A newer post has the latest updates…

A falling knife price! The Nikon A is now on sale, in new condition, for $500 at Amazon by Amazon herself (limit 2)…

UPDATE #2: the B&H Photo sale ended… UPDATE #1: both the black and the silver are on sale, simply click on the Silver thumbnail over there to get to the silver models

Ricoh GR with GV-1 EVF drops to $600

If you are interested in the Ricoh GR and like external view finders as well, B&H Photo is offering the black Ricoh GR with a bonus GV-1 EVF included, along with a bonus 32GB SDHC card for $600 with free shipping. The free items are shown right below the camera’s name and are included automatically by B&H while the promotion is running.

(OLDER POST) Refurbished Nikon A for $500 (New Condition for $580)

This is an older post… We have a mini-burst of Big Sensor Prime discounts. If you are interested in the black Nikon A, it is now down to $500 in refurbished condition at Adorama, while the new condition has drip-dropped to $580 at Amazon by Amazon herself (limit 2) and B&H Photo.

Hasselblad Stellar Special Edition for $1000 (many colors)

At the intersection of luxury items and functioning digital cameras, you can find the Hasselblad Stellar and now their Special Edition available in five different color scheme combinations is on sale for $1000 with free shipping at B&H Photo. Despite the big discount, this is still more of a luxury goods purchase than a digital camera purchase. Still cheaper than buying a new car 🙂

(OLDER POST) Fuji X100S black with free EF-20 flash drops to $888

A newer blog-post has a better price… The black Fuji X100S with free EF-20 flash was going for $1000 when we started our Deals Summary but as of the time of writing, the price has dropped to $888 with free shipping at Adorama (with the free EF-20 flash) and $900+ at Amazon (no free flash).

Imported Fuji X100S for $685 (Gray Market)

If you are comfortable buying imported (grey market = no manufacturer USA warranty) digital cameras, the Fuji X100S can be yours for $685 with free shipping at Abe’s of Maine using coupon code LOYALTY15 ($15 off). Again, this is an imported model, you don’t get a Fuji USA warranty. If you are not sure what this means, do not buy.

(ENDED) Panasonic ZS30 compact-zoom for $270

This limited time offer expired… If of all the compact-zooms it is the black Panasonic ZS30 the one that you want, you can now get it for $270 with free shipping and 8GB SDHC card and 2% promotional rewards at Adorama… Speaking of Panasonic, their LF1 compact-with-RAW is going for $250 at Adorama and B&H Photo.

(OLDER POST) Fuji X100S black with EF-20 flash for $1000

This is an older post… Big Sensor Prime action. The black Fuji X100S with the Fuji EF-200 flash included for free is offered for $1000 with free expedited shipping and 4% promotional rewards (= $40) at Adorama. The free flash offer is mentioned right below the price on the right side of the page. No coupon needed.

Imported Canon G1X for $445 (grey market)

If you are comfortable with imported (gray market aka grey market) cameras, Abe’s of Maine is offering the new condition imported Canon G1 X for $445 with free shipping. The Loyalty coupons does not work on this one. The USA model goes for $550 but B&H Photo has a bundle with the WP-DC44 Waterproof Case for the same $550 price. So if you are interested in underwater shooting or don’t mind trading/selling/gifting/bartering the underwater housing, then that’s probably a better net price.

Ricoh GR for $600 with coupon

Big Sensor Primes are no longer four-figure luxury cameras. The Ricoh GR is now available for $600 with free shipping at Adorama when you enter coupon code GREMAILOFR over there. To test the coupon, add to cart, proceed to checkout, and look for the part of the page to enter the coupon code. You don’t have to fill up the rest of the information if you just want to test the coupon. This is part of the Adorama semi-secret BF sale.

More retailers have the Fuji X100T in-stock for $1300

Some of the first wave Fuji X100T retailers sold out, but there is a new wave of retailers that have it in-stock! I just updated the Fuji X100T stock status page with the latest details. As usual, there is a “Latest Updated” timestamp. The page is manually updated, so the further away you are from the timestamp, the higher the chances that things may change.

Fuji X100T starting to ship for $1300 from US sellers [updated]

UPDATE: the black Fuji X100T is now in-stock at some places for $1300 including Kenmore Camera (eBay) and Amazon (via 3rd parties)… For more, check the Fuji X100T Stock Status page (now HTML only, no widgets!)

The Fuji X100T is arriving before our eyes! We just updated the Fuji X100T Stock Status page and the silver version of the camera is in-stock and shipping for $1300 at Best Buy… As usual with new releases, there may be some initial bumps… Please note I can’t stay all night updating the page, so for the latest updates, you can do DIY-checks using the links in the Fuji X100T Stock Status page.


Canon G1X with Canon WP-DC44 Underwater Housing for $550

For a limited time, B&H Photo is offering this Canon G1X plus Underwater Housing bundle for $550 with free shipping together! You get both, no coupon, no rebate, just checkout! The underwater housing is Canon WP-DC44 Waterproof Case. This promotion ends by 11/15/14 or earlier if they sell out… This is the headliner deal of the first round of the B&H Photo Holiday specials (a total of 33 offers listed there).

Refurbished Sony RX100 Mark II for $400

More eBay Deal action, this time we have a refurbished camera, it is the Sony RX100 Mark II (second generation or second of her name), offered for $400 with free shipping, with a limit of 10 per buyer, by Secondipity’s eBay store. They also include a 32GB card and case. The warranty is offered by Asset Recovery Division, LLC (“LSI”), a subsidiary of Liquidity Services, Inc. (see PDF file).

New arrivals at B&H: Canon G7x, Pana LX100, 35-100/4-5.6, GoPros, Leicas

If you are a B&H Photo fan or have Gift Cards waiting to be spent, they have the following new camera gear in-stock and ready for shipping:

+ Canon G7 X for $700
+ Panasonic LX100 for $900
+ Panasonic 35-100mm f4-5.6 M43 lens for $400
+ GoPro Hero4 Black for $500
+ GoPro Hero4 Silver for $400
+ Leica X-E (Type 102) silver for $1800
+ Leica V-Lux (Type 114) for $1350
+ BlackMagic Design URSA 4k (Canon EF) for $6000
+ Fuji X30 (both colors) for $600

Nikon A camera with NF-CP1 OVF for $700

We are now starting to digest the B&H PDN Specials, starting with a nice Big Sensor Prime offer. The “Nikon A”, in new condition, is on sale for $700 and during this sale, B&H Photo will also include the Nikon DF-CP1 optical viewfinder for FREE! This is available in either black Nikon A bundle or silver Nikon A bundle. Promotion ends on 10/31/14 at 11:59pm ET.


Now shipping: Canon G7X w/extra Battery and free Overnight shipping for $700

Instant gratification fans, the new Canon G7X rawsumer is in-stock and ready to ship from Adorama for $700. Adorama automatically includes an extra Canon NB-13L Battery Pack and Free Overnight shipping… They also have the new Canon SX60 HS superzoom in-stock for $550 with free Overnight shipping as well…

Sony RX100 Mark III + Lightroom 5 + extras for $800

Interesting in the Sony RX100 Mark III and you can also use Lightroom 5 (full version)? Well, we have good news for you. Groupon Goods is offering a Sony RX 100 Mark III bundle that includes the camera along with Lightroom 5 (full version) and a generic 64GB memory card and a generic camera case. Free shipping and free returns. You pay the same $800 price that you would have paid for the camera on its own. Limit 3 for you and 2 more as gifts for other photorawsumers. Delivery is 7 business days from purchase, so don’t get this if you need it yesterday. As with most Groupon offers, they are limited time offers…

(ENDED) 20% off Refurbished Olympus Gear with coupon (E-M5 w/12-50 for $600)

These limited time offers expired… Expired items after the jump…

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