(ENDED) Fuji XF1 red for $126 (limit 2)

This daily deal expired…

The Bonus Deal of the Day at Amazon for Friday 5/15/15 is a sale on various consumer electronics that includes the new condition red Fuji XF1 compact with RAW for $126 with free shipping with a limit of two per customer. This is sold by Amazon herself. Offer ends at 3am ET on Saturday OR earlier if they sell out.


  1. S. W. Anderson says

    I don’t mean to be a wet blanket, but …

    Anyone interested in the XF1 should read the reviews of it on Amazon very carefully. That Amazon put a top-1000 reviewer’s tale of serial woe with four defective units front and center is meaningful. Take it as, “You’re being warned.” And note, that reviewer was not alone; this model appears to be plagued with hardware problems.