1-Year Consumer Reports subscription for $17

DiscountMags is joining the early Black Friday festivities with a 1-day “early access” sale offering a 1-year Consumer Reports magazine subscription for $17. The offer is good for renewals too. You can purchase up to ten 1-year subscriptions but you cannot prepay for more than one year for an individual subscription. In other words, the other nine subscriptions are to be send to nine different people/address…

Three magazines for $12 total per year

The theme for this weekend’s sale at Discount Mags is a three for $12 sale. You buy three magazines and pay a total of $12 per magazine per year. You can add additional magazines for +$3 per magazine per year. If you want more than five magazines, simply place two separate orders ~ keeping in mind that you’d have to have a minimum of three eligible magazines per order to get the bundle discount!

Four photography related magazines are eligible for this promotion (Outdoor Photographer, Videomaker, Digital Photo PRO and non-PRO). There’s also the usual six degrees of separation magazines, nature, bridal, fashion, sports, Wired, CNET, science, cooking, etc…

Top 100 Sale at DiscountMags

The theme of this weekend’s sale at DiscountMags which ends Monday night includes two photography magazines (among the Top 100) at $5 per magazine per year: “Outdoor Photographer” and “Digital Photo”. The other 98 magazines are not photography magazines 🙂

DiscountMags: $4.80 per magazine per year (includes four photography options)

DiscountMags is back with this weekend’s sale, and the theme this time around is $4.80 per magazine per year. This includes “Videomaker” and “Digital Photo PRO” which typically go for more during their weekend sales. Also going for $4.80 per magazine per year are “Outdoor Photographer” and “Digital Photo”. A variety of other printed magazines delivered to US addresses are also on sale for $4.80 per magazine per year.

3-Year Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo for $13 per magazine

A new weekend sale at the DiscountMags website focuses on multi-year discounts, including 3-year subscriptions of “Outdoor Photographer” or “Digital Photo” for $13 per magazine per prepaid 3-year period.

Photo Magazines are $5 per magazine per year including VideoMaker and “Digital Photo PRO”

There’s a new theme in this weekend’s DiscountMags Weekend Sale, every magazine offered is $5 per magazine per year for print subscriptions delivered to US addresses. This includes “Digital Photo PRO” and “VideoMaker” whose regular sale prices are $7+. Sale ends Monday night as usual.

DiscountMags Weekend sale as employee pricing

And now we complete the “Friday Coupon Trilogy”, directed by Petyr Jacksyn, with the DiscountMags Weekend Sale with an “Employee Pricing” theme, with the following prices for these printed photo magazines delivered to US address:

+ Digital Photo for $4.53 per year
+ Outdoor Photographer for $4.60 per year
+ Digital Photo PRO for $6.51 per year
+ Videomaker for $7.82 per year
+ sale ends Monday night

Three Magazines for $12 total for 1-Year [four photography options]

This is a good weekend magazine deal at the DiscountMags website if you are planning to subscribe anywhere between three to five magazines in a single bundle! The price is $4 per magazine per year, but you must subscribe to a minimum of three magazines to get the sale price. You can optionally add two more magazines for an extra +$4 per magazine per year.

PRO TUP: If you want/need more than five, do the math ahead of time and purchase them in multiple transactions between 3-5 per transaction so you can get the discounted price.

These are printed magazines delivered by mail to US addresses. There are four photography options, “Digital Photo PRO” (great price), Videomaker, Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo. The usual six degrees of separation options are also available (nature, bridal, tech, fashion, sports, travel, etc).

Sale ends Monday night as usual…

DiscountMags Weekend “Default” Sale

It’s the return of the “default sale” at Discount Mags, and this sale features 75 titles, including two photography print magazines:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $5/year
+ Digital Photo PRO for $8/year
+ sale ends Monday night

18% off already discounted print magazines at BDM

A new coupon promotion is running at Best Deal Magazines until 5/7/18. Use coupon code SAVENOW18 to get 18% off printed magazines magazines that in the $4.69 and $5.95 subscription categories. You can find these categories on the left hand side, below the red “Shop Now” section.

The $4.69 category includes among others CNET Magazine and “Digital Photo” and “Digital Photo PRO” and “Outdoor Photographer” and “Popular Science” and more.

The $5.95 category includes among others VideoMaker.

There’s also the usual “six degrees of separation” from photography magazine topics…

Rarely Discounted Magazine Sale including five NatGeo options and Consumer Reports

There is a different theme in this weekend’s DiscountMags weekend sale, it is a “rarely discounted magazines sale”, featuring a variety of different National Geographic print magazines, a total of five them, including the main magazine for $19 per year. Also part of the sale is Consumer Reports for $19 per year. Subscription duration options vary per magazine in this sale, as the rarely discounted magazine publishers are more picky about the terms 🙂 Sale ends Monday night as usual.

(ENDED) 1-Year National Geographic Kids for $12, or 2-Years for $20 total

This recurring 2-day coupon expired…

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(ENDED) Sunday: 1-Year Outdoor Photographer (print) for $3

This daily deal expired…

The Sunday deal of the day at “Best Deals magazines” is a 1-year subscription of the print magazine Outdoor Photographer going for $3.29 for 1 Year. Use Coupon Code 150422 and Save an Additional 15%!

Multi-Year Magazine sale at DiscountMags

The Weekend Sale at DiscountMags has a multi-year discount theme. On the printed photography magazine front, they offer 3-year subscriptions to Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo non-PRO for $13 per magazine per year. Videomaker goes for $17 for the 3-year term and “Digital Photo PRO” for $22. A variety of other “six degrees of photographic separation” magazines are also participating in the sale.

Four Coupons for Best Deal Magazines (print subs)

Good until 4/22/18, print-magazine discounter Best Deal Magazines has the following coupons:

+ 15% Off with Coupon Code 150422
+ $5 off $30 with Coupon Code SAVE50422
+ $10 off $50 with Coupon Code SAVE100422
+ $15 off $75 with Coupon Code SAVE150422

They have a dedicated “Arts & Photography” category on the left hand side of their website. Or you can use their search-box for specific titles.

(ENDED) Tue: 1-Year of “Digital Photo” print magazine for $3.29

These offers expired…

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(ENDED) Default Weekend Magazine Sale at DiscountMags

This offer expired…

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$4.80 Per Magazine Per Year includes Videomaker and “Digital Photo PRO”

And now we complete the “Friday Coupon Trilogy”. First we had the Monoprice 2-day coupons, then the 4-Day Dell Refurbished coupons and now we have a bit of a change up, it’s a 48 Hour Sale at DiscountMags, with magazine titles going for $4.80 each and the sale running for 48 hours instead of the usual four days.

There are four print photography magazines going for $4.80 per magazine per year (no autorenewals) delivered to US addresses as follows:

+ Digital Photo PRO (great deal since its “default” sale price is $7)
+ Digital Photo, and Outdoor Photographer
+ Videomaker (also a good deal compared to the “default” sale)
+ CNET the Magazine (it’s shown under “News & Local”, there’s no “Tech” section this time around)
+ find them all at the 48 Hour Sale at DiscountMags

(ENDED) Magazines: Outdoor $4.69/yr, Digital Pho PRO $6.78/yr, Etc

The weekend is over, and so is this weekend sale…

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(ENDED) Bundle Deal: Four Magazines for $16 Total for 1-Year ~ Four Photo-Video Options Available)

This weekend sale expired…

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(ENDED) DiscountMags Weekend Sale includes Digital this time

This coupon expired…

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Prime Reading: Shutterbug (April), NatGeo (March) and more

If you are a Prime member, one of the ever-growing list of Prime Benefits, is that you have a virtual magazine e-newsstand where you can borrow select individual digital magazine issues and read them as part of the Prime Reading benefit.

Among the latest issues you can read (borrow) for free:

+ Shutterbug (April 2018)
+ National Geographic (March 2018)
+ National Geographic Traveler (February 2018)

(ENDED) $5/YR: Outdoor Pho or Digital Pho [printed magazines]

This weekend sale is over, but another one will come…. next weekend 🙂

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(ENDED) Mag Sale: Outdoor Pho $4.67/yr, Digital Pho $4.74/yr, Digital Photo PRO $7.64/yr, Etc

The weekend is over, and so is this weekend sale 🙂

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Print Magazines: Outdoor Pho for $5/yr; DP PRO for $8/yr

It is the “default sale” this weekend at Discount Mags with the following two print photography magazines delivered to US addresses running until Monday night:

+ Outdoor Photographer for $5 per year
+ Digital Photo PRO for $7 per year
+ various “six degrees of separation” magazines
+ no autorenewals

(ENDED) 3-YR Photo Magazine Subs: Outdoor Pho or Digital Pho for $12 total, DP PRO for $20 total

This weekend promotion ended…

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Free to Read (PRIME): Australian Photography latest issue and more

Among the many Prime Benefits is the Prime Reading program which lets you e-borrow e-books and individual issues of select magazines, library-style, for FREE! Among the current round of free-to-read digital magazine issues is the February 2018 issue of Australian Photography. One you check it out, you can keep it as long as you want, but it will use up one of your ten available “borrowing” slots. A number of other “six degrees of separation” (from photography) digital issues are available such as Nat Geo Traveler, Backpacker, Surfer, Vogue, etc.

$5 per magazine per year: Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo

The weekend sale is here at Discount Mags, and this being Valentine’s season, they have their “default” sale, which means $5 per year for Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo or $9 per year for Digital Photo PRO. These are printed magazines by mail. The usual assortment of six degrees of separation magazines are also on sale.

On the digital (Zinio subscription) front, Shutterbug is $15 per year.

The sales end on Monday night as usual…

(ENDED) Printed Magazines: Outdoor Pho for $4.51/yr, Digital Photo PRO for $6.51/yr, Etc

This weekend is over, and so is its sale…

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(ENDED) Magazines: Default Print Sale, also Digital Shutterbug and Aperture sale

This weekend sale is over…

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