(ENDED) Bundle Deal: Four Magazines for $16 Total for 1-Year ~ Four Photo-Video Options Available)

This weekend sale expired…

We now complete the fRi-YAY coupon trilogy! First we had the Monoprice 2-day coupons, then the Dell Refurbished Friday to Monday PM coupons and now it’s a very good weekend sale at Discount Mags running until Monday night, IF you are willing to subscribe to four or more magazines.

That’s because the theme of DiscountMags Weekend sale is four magazines for $16 total per year, averaging to $4 per magazine. What if you want more than the four? Then it’s even better. You can add another three magazines for an extra +$3.75 [or +$2.75], +$3.50 [or +$2.25] and +$3.50 each per magazine per year. So if you max out, you get seven magazines for $26.75 per year… NOTE: there may be an additional bundle discount (or error) because when I add seven the total shown is $24.50 instead. But less is better than more 🙂

And as fate would have it, there are four photo-video printed magazines delivered by mail participating in this promotion: Digital Photo, Digital Photo PRO, Outdoor Photographer and Videomaker. They also have an assortment of other “six degrees of separation” magazines, tech (eg Wired, Pop Sci), sports, fashion, nature, Bridal Guide, travel, etc.

So to summarize, this offer lets you buy four to seven magazine subscriptions in a bundle for $4 or less per magazine per year depending on how many you buy.

Because this is a bundle, the subscription duration (one or two or three years) is determined by the bundle, however, you can individually adjust per magazine whether it’s a renewal or new-subscription. If a magazine in the bundle is limited to a maximum of two years, it will limit the whole bundle to a two year maximum subscription. The four photo-video magazines can all be subscribed/renewed up to three years each or as a bundle together.