(ENDED) DiscountMags Weekend Sale includes Digital this time

This coupon expired…

The recurring weekend coupon trilogy is now complete! First we had the Monoprice coupons, then the 48-hour 48% off Dell Refurbished coupon and now it’s time for the weekend (until Monday) magazine sale at Discount Mags which this time is a mix of print and digital magazines as follows:

PRINT MAGAZINES at Discount Mags are $5 per magazine per year for Outdoor Photographer or Digital Photo, $8 per year for VideoMaker and $9 per year for Digital Photo PRo. These prices are the “default sale”. Sometimes they go lower when they have some themed sales (eg multi-year, friends and family, etc).

DIGITAL MAGAZINES are Shutterbug for $15 for one year, and Aperture for $25 for one year. These are delivered by Zinio.