$4.80 Per Magazine Per Year includes Videomaker and “Digital Photo PRO”

And now we complete the “Friday Coupon Trilogy”. First we had the Monoprice 2-day coupons, then the 4-Day Dell Refurbished coupons and now we have a bit of a change up, it’s a 48 Hour Sale at DiscountMags, with magazine titles going for $4.80 each and the sale running for 48 hours instead of the usual four days.

There are four print photography magazines going for $4.80 per magazine per year (no autorenewals) delivered to US addresses as follows:

+ Digital Photo PRO (great deal since its “default” sale price is $7)
+ Digital Photo, and Outdoor Photographer
+ Videomaker (also a good deal compared to the “default” sale)
+ CNET the Magazine (it’s shown under “News & Local”, there’s no “Tech” section this time around)
+ find them all at the 48 Hour Sale at DiscountMags