Pay What You Want Photography Bundle ($16.18+ gets you 11 courses)

The previously mentioned coupon offer won’t really help in the “Pay What You Want” offers since you decide your payment amount. They currently have a Pay What You Want Photography Bundle. You can pay any amount you like and get two free courses. Or if you meet or beat the average price ($16.18 as of the time of writing), you get a total of 11 courses. Topics include general purpose courses, black and white, off-camera flash, outdoor/nature, night photography, Lightroom 6, and more. 10% off your purchase amount goes to a children charity. You can check the details of each online course by expanding the “VIEW ALL PRODUCTS +” section.

20% off Online Photography Courses with coupon at Stacksocial

We have a coupon price war. Earlier on we mentioned Groupon’s coupon for e-Learning, now it’s Stacksocial’s turn to offer 20% off the current prices of various Online Courses with coupon code LEARN20 which expires on 1/27/16 at 4am ET (unless extended). Of camera and photography interest they have:

+ Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification for $25 before coupon
+ Photography Training Bundle for $29 before coupon
+ be sure to check the terms, conditions and restrictions of each offer, some courses offer lifetime access, others only offer access for a limited time

Online Photography Courses for $13~ with coupon

For Monday 1/25/16. Groupon coupon code LEARN30 gets you 30% off the current prices of various online courses. This includes classes from Neeva Photography (four different classes for $19 each, or all four of them for $38). The price is before the coupon. With the coupon, the prices drop to $13.30 per class or $26.60 for all four. This offers access to the courses for one year, not lifetime access… For the same after coupon price of $13.30~ there is an eLearnPhotoshop Course on Adobe software. The product description is not very detailed on this one…

As usual, be sure to check the terms, conditions, deadlines and restrictions for these offers… This coupon can be used for one unit per offer, with a maximum of two different offers per customer, with maximum savings of $50 during this promotional period… This coupon expires at the end of day on 1/25/16 unless it gets extended…

(ENDED) Mon Frys Promo Codes at B&M: 20pk 5×7 photo paper for $0.49 (limit 5)

These daily deals expired…

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Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: Vanguard, Case Logic, refurb Cybershot, etc

A new week is upon us, and if you are subscribed to the Fry’s promo codes emails (coupons are unique for each subscriber), the week of January 24-30, 2016 includes among others:

+ 61″ Vanguard ESPOD CX 234AP Tripod for $40 (limit 1)
+ CASE LOGIC KDB-101BK Konstrast Pro for $60 (limit 1)
+ Monster Villain Action Camera for $100 (limit 1)
+ unspecified refurbished Sony Cybershot (16mp, 5x optical) for $50 (limit 1; in-store only)
+ 25% off inks and toners (limit 5; excludes Samsung)
+ usual assortment of tech items

5% Rewards with Coupon at Rakuten (ends 1/31/16)

If you are a participant in the Rakuten (formerly Rewards program, coupon code REWARDME gets you 5% back in rewards site-wide until 1/31/16. This is useful for tech purchases since they rarely participate in rewards promotions. Non-tech items get higher percentage (presumably because higher margins allow for more flexibility). More details at the Rakuten website.

Fri & Sat Fry’s Promo Codes: Vanguard Monopod, Vivitar Tripod

Fry’s is cooking up a new experiment, they have 2-day promo code promotions that is good for Friday and Saturday (typically they have a different one each day) 1/22 & 1/23 in 2016. So the offers are good on both days. Among them:

+ Vanguard VEO AM204 55″ Alumin(i)um Monopod for $25 (limit 1)
+ Vivitar 62 inch VIV-VPT-3662 Tripod for $18 (limit 1)
+ unspecified “trusted name brand” action cam for $200 (in-store only; limit 1)

Thur Fry’s Promo Code Online offers: 50″ Vivitar Tripod for $5; refurb ZS40 for $200

Late start, fifteen yard penalty, repeat first down! We start with the Thursday 1/21/16 Fry’s promo code offers good for their email subscribers. These end late at night online and when the stores close for in-store options. Among them:

+ 50-inch Vivitar VIV-VPT-1250 Tripod for $5 (limit 1)
+ refurbished Panasonic ZS40 for $200 (limit 1; this is recurring on a regular basis)

10% off Goods, 20% off Local at Groupon with Coupon

Groupon has a new site wide coupon, coupon code JUMBO3 gets you 10% off on Goods (most of the camera-related gear is here), and 20% off Local (a lot of the photo prints and services and classes are here). You can navigate by categories and sub-categories or simply use the search bar to search for brands or product categories (eg prints, DSLR, etc) of interest at the Groupon website. The coupon expires at the end of day on 1/22/16 (Friday). The promotion has been extended by an additional day (1/21/16 (Thursday))

The restrictions on the coupon are as follows: you can use it up to three times in Goods, up to three times in Local and up to three times in Gateways. You can only get one unit of each offer discounted. For example, you can buy three different cameras (X1, Y1, Z1), but only one unit of each camera (one X1, one Y1, one Z1) will be discounted by the coupon. The maximum discount is $50 per deal.

Weekly Fry’s Promo Code offers: Lowepro, Vanguard, Monster, refurb Cybershot, Roku 4, etc

A new week is already under way. Where did all the time go? It’s already less than 49 weeks until Christmas 2016 🙂 The weekly promo code offers for email subscribers of Fry’s Electronics for the shopping week of Jan 17-23 in 2016 include:

+ Lowepro TAHOE BP 150AW for $50 (limit 1)
+ Lowepro DroneGuard Kit LP36910 Grab and Go for $60 (limit 1)
+ 61″ Vanguard ESPOD CX 203AGH for $50 (limit 1)
+ Monster Villain Action Camera for $100 (limit 1)
+ refurbished unspecified Sony Cybershot P&S (16mp, 5x optical) for $50 (in-store only; limit 1)
+ Roku 4 (latest model) for $110 (limit 1)
+ offers good Jan 17-23, in-store or online or both – each is specified in the item’s box in their ad pages
+ you need the unique promo code from their email subscriptions to get the discounted price (free to sign-up for their email subscriptions)

(ENDED) Mon Fry’s B&M Stores w/Promo Code: 20pk 4×6 Glossy Photo Paper for $0.25 (limit 5)

These daily offers expired, but the generic-brand photo papers are recurring at their promo-code deals…

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(ENDED) Friday Fry’s Promo Codes: Manfrotto Compact Advanced Tripod with Ball Head for $70

These daily offers ended but a lot of the Fry’s offers return every few days or weeks…

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$20 off a $100+ order at Monoprice with coupon [also 6ft HDMI cable for $2 shipped]

Monoprice is slowly but steadily expanding into a bigger internet player. With shipping facilities in the middle of the country and the carrying products from other manufacturers. For a limited time, they have a coupon offer, Get $20 OFF an order of $100+ with Promo Code 1STDOWN entered over there. This is good for almost all the Monoprice-branded products. The few excluded Monoprice items, along with excluded 3rd-party manufacturer items can be found over there under the “excluding the following PIDs” link.

Strategically, this is good if you are planning to buy a variety of small accessories or a single item $100+. They have all kinds of camera and photo related items, either search for items of interest (camera bags, tripods, etc) or navigate the menus to the appropriate categories. Likewise for tech-related degrees-of-separation-from-photography accessories.

Speaking of Monoprice, their 6ft 30AWG High Speed HDMI Cable is on sale for $0.99, with a limit of five per customer. If you only buy these, shipping is a flat $0.99. So you pay $2, and you get one HDMI cable delivered to your front door. This offer ends 1/17/16.

While there, they also have a sale on select Computer Monitors, some of their own, and some form third-party manufacturers (LG, Dell, HP, Acer, etc), along with monitor mounts and cables and such. The sale prices are what you see there, no coupon is needed. This offer ends 1/17/16… In parallel they have a Computer Sale, no coupon needed, good until 1/19/16…

Also pay attention to the various messages and banners over there, pointing you to clearance sales and “monocles” and other assorted promotions.

(ENDED) Tue Fry’s Promo codes: Monster Villain Action Cam for $100, etc

These daily deals expired…

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(ENDED) 20% back in Rakuten Rewards Points Sitewide with Promo Code

This limited time offer expired…

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(ENDED) Thursday Fry’s Promo Codes: Unspecified Refurbished Sony Cybershot for $50 (B&M only!), etc

This daily offer expired…

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20% off rentals at BL with coupon (ends 1/6/16)

Coupon code BLFLASH16 gets you 20% off rentals at camera-gear-rental website BorrowLenses. The coupon expires at the end of day on 1/6/16. More details on their website.

7% back in Rakuten Rewards with coupon (ends tonight)

If you are participating in the Rakuten rewards program, good until the end of day today (1/5/16), promo code NEWYEAR gets you 7% back in Rewards site-wide. Of interest to tech items since they usually get up to 5% promotional rewards. Non-tech items sometimes get double figures in rewards because they have better margins than tech. More details on the promotion at Rakuten’s (the artist formerly known as

Mon Fry’s Promo Codes: 20pk 8.5×11 Photo Paper for $1 (limit 5; In-Store Only!)

This post covers the Fry’s promo codes for email subscribers for Monday 1/4/16:

+ 20pk 8.5×11 inch GPBD photo paper for 99c (limit 5; in-store only!)
+ usual assortment of tech and gadgets

Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: Vanguard Tripod, Monster Action Cam, Canon bag

The weekly Fry’s promo code offers for their email subscribers for the week of 1/3 to 1/9 in 2016 include:

+ VANGUARD ESPOD CX 203AP Tripod for $40 (limit 1)
+ Wolverine 4-in-1 Film Converter for $80 (limit 1; in-store only!)
+ Canon Professional Gadget Bag 1EG for $50 (limit 1) vs $55 at Amazon
+ Monster Villain Action Camera for $100 (limit 1)

(ENDED) Vanguard Espod CX 234AP Tripod for $40 after $10 MIR

These daily promo codes are dead as a doornail now, but some of these items are recurring offers from the Fry’s promo codes department…

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(ENDED) Tue Fry’s Promo Codes: Battery Holder of 12 AA for $0.09 (B&M only)

This daily deal expired…

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Weekly Frys Promos: Vanguard Tripod, Lowepro Sling

The calendar week may have been disrupted with Christmas being a Friday, but time marches on! The promotional code offers for email subscribers to the Fry’s e-newsletters for the week of December 27 to January 2nd include:

+ limit one of each, good in-store or online

(ENDED) 5% back in Rakuten Rewards with coupon

This limited time offer ended… If you are a Rakuten shopper, coupon code REWARDME gets you 5% back in Rakuten points until the end of day on 12/24/15 at the Rakuten website. These are rewards points to be applied to future purchases, not a discount on the current purchase.

PhotoPro Expo 2016 for $129 with coupon

Good until Sunday 12/27/15, coupon code PPEDPT16 allows you to register for the Photo PRO Expo 2016 for $129 instead of the regular price of $179 (with previous coupon) or $279 without any coupons… For more trade shows, check our 2016 Trade Show Calendar

(ENDED) Tue B&M Frys Promo Codes: 4pk Tenergy AA for $0.06 (limit 10) and two Unspecified P&S cameras

These 1-day offers expired…

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Buy Adorama Gift Card, Get Coupon for future purchase

If you are part of the Adorama emailing list, they have emailed a new promotion, Purchase an Adorama Gift Card and receive a coupon to be used in a future purchase by 12/31/15. The coupon depends on the gift card amount. A $100 gift card gets you a $5 off coupon. A $250 gift card gets you a $20 off coupon, and a $500 gift card gets you a $50 off coupon. The coupons must be used by 12/31/15… I haven’t done this promotion so I don’t know how it works…

Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: Unspecified Canon DSLR kit for $350, Unspecific Cybershot for $68, Manfrotto, Case Logic, Wolverine, Corel, etc

The Fry’s Promo Code offers for their email newsletter subscribers (free to sign up for that) are revealed for the week of December 20-26 in 2015. They include:

+ unspecified Canon DSLR with 18-55 lens for $350 (limit 1; in-store only; 18mp)
+ unspecified Sony Cybershot P&S (20mp, 2.7″ LCD, 8x optical) for $68 (limit 1; in-store only)
+ they don’t specify the brand names because of MAP restrictions placed on retailers by manufacturers

+ the block below is limit 1 per item per customer, good in-store or online
+ VIVITAR HD Action Camcorder (DVR781HD-SIL) for $25
+ MANFROTTO Compact Advanced Black Tripod – Extends Up to 65″ (MKCOMPACTADV-B) for $60
+ CASE LOGIC KDB-101BK Water-Resist Backpack for $60
+ WOLVERINE F2D MIGHTY – 7 in 1 Film to Digital Converter for $90
+ Paintshop Pro X8 for $34 or Ultimate for $44
+ various tech items as usual

As usual, these offers are available only if you use the unique promo code found in each person’s Fry’s email newsletters. It is free to sign up for it.

40% off Magazines with coupon

The weekend promotion at Discount Mags is a bit different this time, it’s a sitewide coupon. Coupon SITEWIDE40 gets you 40% off the current prices of magazines over there. They have the usual photo magazines that go on sale there, but they also offer “Photo District News” (PDN) that is never included in the typical sales. PDN drops to $40~ per year with the coupon. The promotion expires on Sunday at 11:59pm ET.

Friday Frys Promo Codes: mystery Sony Cybershot (20mp, 8x optical) for $68 (B&M only)

The Promo Codes for subscribers to the Fry’s Electronics email newsletters for Friday 12/18/15 include the following:

+ mystery Sony Cybershot P&S camera for $68 (limit 1; in-store only; 20mp, 8x optical; they don’t publish the model name due to MAP restrictions)
+ SUNPAK 58″ Aluminum Tripod with Photo Video Pan Head (5858D) for $15 (limit 1)
+ Sunpak 1000AVG Action Video Grip for HD Cameras for $10 (limit 1)

B&N Coupon: $20 off order of $99+ (limited time)

If you would like to buy photography books (or any other books) from the Barnes and Noble website, coupon HOLIDAY99 gets you $20 off an order of $99+. Textbooks are not eligible for this promotion. e-Books are also not eligible. Complete details when you click on the coupon banner on their website. This offer ends 12/17/15 at 3am ET.

While there, you may want to check their Bargain Books page for potential deals, where you can find among others the hardcover edition of “Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital” by Todd Gustavson, George Eastman House, for $13.48.

Another place to look for deals is their $5 Books page (nearly 5000 items).

Free shipping with a $25+ order OR if you are a paying annual member ($25/year memberships).

(ENDED) Ends Wedn 3am ET: 25% off Books (eg Photography Books)

UPDATE 12/16/15: this promotion finally expired 🙂

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(ENDED) Monday Fry’s Promo Codes: Vivitar VIV-VPT-1250 Tripod for $5 w/free S&H

This 1-day offer expired…

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40% off coupon for Custom Photo Calendars at AdoramaPix

AdoramaPix is offering 40% off Custom Photo Calendars with coupons PXACAL40 or PIXECAL. I haven’t placed an order with these coupon, so try either one.

Walgreens Photo Coupons: 50% 8×10 Canvas or Photo Cards [also: $15 off $30+ Photo Gifts]

Walgreens Photo has another round of offers good until the close of business on Saturday December 12 in 2015. The offers include 50% off on 8×10 inch Canvas Prints with coupon code 8X10CANVAS and 50% off Photo Cards with coupon code 50CARDS and $15 off a $30+ order in Photo Gifts with coupon code code 15GIFTS30. Free store pickup where available. If shipped to your address of choice, shipping fees apply unless their website has any free shipping promotions running.

PS: if you need Canvas Prints of other sizes, coupon code TVCANVAS gets you 40% off their prices.

Thur Fry’s Promo Codes: refurb Panasonic ZS35 for $100

The Fry’s promo codes (from their email newsletters) for Thursday 12/10/15 include the return of the manufacturer refurbished Panasonic ZS35 compact-zoom with a card and case for $100. The offer is limit one and will be available at their stores and their website. It goes live at some point on Thursday (obviously after you receive your Thursday promo codes email).

Manfrotto Off road Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head for $100 with coupon

If you like the idea of more colorful tripods, the Manfrotto Off road Aluminum Tripod with Ball Head are available in red or blue or green space-age color-schemes for $100 with free shipping at B&H Photo when you enter coupon code SEASON15300 over there. The price before the coupon is $150.

Speaking of tripods, these two Induros are on sale (no coupon needed):
+ Induro Adventure AKB Tripod with Ball Head for $89
+ Induro Adventure AKB2 Tripod with Ball Head for $109
+ free expedited shipping

Coupon discount on easyCover Silicone Protection Cover for DSLRs & Mirrorless Cameras

B&H Photo has a discount promotion on the easyCover Silicone Protection Cover for DSLRs & Mirrorless Cameras with a total of 67 options available. When you click on an individual product page, the items include freebies, click on the “INCLUDES FREE” to select the free item of interest. You must use coupon code SEASON15300 to get a discount.

(ENDED) Monday Fry’s Promo Codes: 20pk 5×7-inch Colorway photo paper for $0.49 w/free S&H

This daily deal expired…

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Weekly Fry’s Promo Code Offers: $89 Mystery Elph (20mp, 12x optical), Vanguard, Lowepro, Wolverine, etc

Don’t look now, but Black Friday 2016 is less than 51 weeks away already. Just around the corner 🙂 And with that, we have a new shopping week, which brings us a new round of weekly promo code offers for Fry’s email newsletter subscribers (free to join their email list). Some of the offers are online-only, others are in-store-only, others are both. This is marked next to each offer in their weekly ad that covers the Dec 6-12 (2015) period. In these posts, the default for an item is to be offered in-store and online. If not, I mention it next to each item’s name, eg the mystery Canon Elph right below.

+ mystery Canon Elph (20mp, 12x optical) for $89 (in-store only; due to MAP restrictions they don’t mention the model name or have link to its product page)

+ Lowepro PROTACTIC 350AW SLR backpack for $100 (limit 1)
+ Vanguard VEO 204AB 53″ 4 Section Tripod for $70 (limit 1)
+ WOLVERINE SUPER F2D 4 IN 1 FILM TO DIGITAL for $80 (limit 1)

+ 25% additional discount on ink and toner purchases
+ various tech and storage options as usual
+ $4 Velleman digital multimeter
+ $85 Windows 10 full OEM version – or put that towards a Linux PC. I am kinda starting to lose faith in the Windows 10 promise and premise, but that’s for another day

75% off Photo Books at Walgreens Photo with coupon

Good until Saturday night (12/5/15), Walgreens Photo offers 75% off photo books when you enter coupon code 75FORU at checkout on their website. This includes 20d double-sided pages (10 sheets) per book. Additional pages are not discounted. Free store pickup or shipping fees depending on what promotion they have running on their website. Limit five uses per customer during this promotion period which ends on Central time.

(ENDED) Wednesday Fry’s Promo Codes: refurb Cybershot for $50 (unspecified model)

These daily offers expired…

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20% off purchases of Used Gear at BL with coupon

Murphy’s Law! Of all the days the internet would go down, of course it had to be Cyber Monday! But we march on thanks to the cellphone’s mobile hotspot! BorrowLenses has a used gear sale, coupon code BLCYBER20 gets you 20% off on the purchase of used camera gear. This is not a rental coupon, but a purchase of the used gear they rent out. Coupon ends by the end of day on 12/1/15.

(ENDED) 15% off select Camera Items at Amazon with coupon (12 options): Panasonic 45mm f2.8 for $763, Sony W830 for $83, H300 for $115, Nikon AW1 w/11-27 for $506, And More

This Cyber Monday coupon promotion expired…

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(ENDED) Ends Tue 3am ET: 30% off One Physical Book w/coupon (max discount $10)

This limited time promotion expired…

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NewEgg ushers their Black Friday offers

NewEgg has ushered in their Black Friday offers. Some of the items require promo codes that work for subscribers to their email newsletter and expire 11/27/15 11:59pm pacific.

50% off Walgreens Photo with coupon (ends Sat)

Walgreens Photo has another coupon promotion, coupon code BESTDEAL gets you 50% off Everything Photo from canvas prints to photo prints to calendars to gift prints to wood panels to mug prints. The coupon can be used five times before it expires Saturday 11/28/15 (Walgreens is in the central time zone, so it expires at 11:59pm central time).

Free 8×10 enlargement with coupon (ends Sat)

Walgreens Photo is jumping into the spirit of giving with a free 8×10 inch enlargement when you enter coupon code 1FREE8X10 at their website. Coupon expires Sat 11/28/15. Limit one per customer. Free store pickup or whatever shipping fees currently apply for online orders.

Wedn at Fry’s B&M with coupon: 70″ Sunpak Ultra Tripod/Monopod creature for $30

At Fry’s brick and mortar stores, on Wednesday 11/25/15, using your personal promo code from the Fry’s email newsletters, you can get one 70-inch Sunpak Ultra Tripod/Monopod creature for $30. This is model Ultra 7000TM… Some call these hybrid creatures “Tri-Monopods”.

Adorama Clearance Sale with coupon

Adorama has now entered Stage II of their Clearance Sale using coupon code NOVDECSALE at checkout. The prices of items after coupon are at preset increments, $10 or $15 or $20 or $25 or $30 or $35 or $40 or $50. The prices you see at the individual product listings will drop to the above preset prices after you enter the aforementioned coupon code. Offer ends 12/31/15.

UPDATE: speaking of Adorama, they have over 5000 items in their Holiday specials.