(ENDED) Dell Refurbished Coupons: 50% off $500+ items, 40% off $400+, 30% off $300+

This coupon expired…

It’s a dell-ightful morning, time for some dell-icious coupons. I’m starting to sound dell-irious, as if I’m a drunk Elf from Riven-dell. Coffee overdose alert 🙂

Friday is here and a new round of Dell refurbished coupons are here, running until Monday 11:59pm central as usual. Coupons cannot be combined with clearance items or other coupons. Free standard US shipping. Dell Refurbished resells off-lease Dell computers, most of them with a 100-day warranty of their own…

+ 50% off any item priced $500 & up with Coupon Code: FALL2017SALE

+ 40% off any item priced $400 – $499 using Coupon Code: FALL2017SALE

+ 30% off any item priced $300 – $399 (excludes E7240) using Coupon Code: FALL2017SALE