Toshiba Laptop Backpack/Messenger + Two Sleeves + USB Hub + Card Reader + Laptop Lock for $27 w/free S&H [updated]

To the eBay Deals we go with a three-item bundle doorbuster that is also coupon eligible. This Toshiba Bags and Computer Accessories bundle goes for $27 with free standard shipping.

This coupon expired: Enter coupon code PCOLUMBUS2017 before 10/10/17 11am ET, and the price drops to $23.68 with free shipping.

The bundle consists of three different sets of things. Option #1 is a laptop backpack or messenger bag. Option #2 (everyone gets all four of these) is a set of accessories (sleeve, card reader, USB hub, laptop lock). Option #3 is a choice among laptop sleeves. You will get your choice from each option. The picture over there changes as you adjust your settings. Zoom in on the pictures to see a close-up of what your bundle will include!

So $24 gets you a laptop backpack/messenger, two sleeves (one you select, the other comes with the Accessories bundle that everyone gets), a USB hub, card reader and laptop lock. Here’s a picture of this set with the backpack selected (instead of messenger bag):

PS: if you have eBay Bucks or any other eBay/PayPal coupons or store-credits or gift cards, don’t forget to apply them as well!

64GB Toshiba USB 3.0 Retractable USB for $13.50 w/FS

If you are a fan of Toshiba storage, trending at the Trending eBay Deals, eBay seller “RefurbForLess” (98.7%, California) is offering new condition 64GB Toshiba U362 USB 3.0 Retractable Flash Drive for $13.50 with free shipping. Limit up to fifty units per customer. Over 2750 units sold so far from this listing.

PRO BUSINESS TIP: don’t put “used” or “refurb” in your store’s name if you plan to also sell new condition items 🙂

8TB G-Technology G-RAID External Dual-Drive Storage System for $400 (or used for $285~)

Storage time! The new condition 8TB G-Technology G-RAID External Dual-Drive Storage System is currently on sale for $400 with free expedited shipping at B&H Photo, one of their latest Featured Sales.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with used storage, you can get this in used condition for $279 plus shipping (under $15 for most zipcodes) at Adorama.

Speaking of storage, the NewEgg eBay store is offering the new condition 3TB TOSHIBA Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drive (USB 3.0 Model HDTB330XK3CA Black) for $100 with free shipping with a limit of five per customer.

Speaking of external HDDs, Adorama is offering the Adorama is offering the 1.5TB Seagate Expansion 2.5″ Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive for $60 with free shipping.

32GB Toshiba USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $11 w/free S&H

And now a flash drive doorbuster at the eBay Deals, eBay seller “Refurb for Less” (98.8%, California) is offering the new condition [PRO TIP: choose your eBay names carefully!] 32GB Toshiba USB 3.0 Flash Drive (model PFU032U-1BRG) for $11 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer.

This is a retractable flash drive, not a detachable. The one picture there is confusing, you may think it’s a tiny thing like the Sandisk Ultra Fit, but it’s not. Look at the pictures further down the description at Amazon to get a better feel of its size and shape and usage.

3TB Toshiba Portable USB 3.0 HDD for $80 [limit 5]

Back to the eBay Deals, where NewEgg’s eBay store is back with yet another promotion, the new condition 3TB Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable Hard Drive (USB 3.0, Model HDTB330XK3CA) is on sale for $80 with free shipping with a limit of five units per customer during this promotion, which sold over 1300 units so far.

UPDATE: speaking of eBay, as one of the Trending Deals, ANTonline is offering the new condition 1TB Sony PlayStation 4 Pro for $370 with free shipping and a limit of five per buyer. They are authorized dealers with a Sony warranty. Over 1850 units sold so far.

64GB Toshiba 1000x CF for $40 (or 32GB for $25) w/free S&H

I’m not sure who came up with the name “Exceria” for the Toshiba memory cards because it sounds like a really painful disease or medication with nasty side effects. But this is not a medical blog, so let’s get back on track… The 64GB Toshiba Exceria 1000x CompactFlash CF Memory Card (Up to 150MB/s Read, 120MB/s Write) is on sale for $40 with free shipping at Adorama, while the 32GB version goes for $25 with free shipping. You can buy as many as you like. Offer ends by 12/31/15 or earlier if sold out.

PS: the website was down for a few minutes around midnight (503 error). It is back up again!

External Hard Drive sales [updated]

Barring material shortages or geopolitical issues, the price of storage will keep on dropping, so one has to triangulate how much to buy now versus how much to buy later. I will leave the triangulations to you (because my geometrics is broken), but here are three more portable hard disk drive promotions in progress at the moment:

+ 4TB WD Elements External Desktop Hard Disk Drive, model WDBWLG0040HBK-NESN, for $109 at B&H Photo

+ expired:
+ 3TB Toshiba Canvio Connect II, black, model HDTC830XK3C1, for $100 at Amazon by Amazon herself, limit five per customer
+ 3TB WD My Passport Ultra USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive, 256-bit Hardware Encryption, Classic Black (2015), for $109 at Adorama, temporarily back-ordered but can still place an order to lock the price

For more action, check our previous hard drive deals posts.

UPDATE: more added
A few more offers went live since the original post, here they are:

+ 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Portable Hard Drive for $150, model STDR4000100, at B&H Photo

+ 4TB LaCie Rugged Mini Portable Hard Drive for $200 with coupon code AESBH15 at B&H Photo

+ 2TB Technology G-Drive Pro with Thunderbolt for $520 with 4% promotional rewards at B&H Photo
+ more G-Technology HDDs with 5% rewards with coupon AESBH15

Weekly Fry’s Promo Codes: refurb Panasonic ZS35 w/extras for $100, $30 Sunpak, $60 Case Logic, 32GB SD for $10, etc

Time sure does fly, and with it, we have a new round of Weekly Promo codes for Fry’s Electronics (some work for their website, some for their stores, some for both). You have to be signed up to their e-mail newsletter. Each newsletter contains a unique coupon code you can use to purchase the deals of that particular promotion. The offers below are for the week of October 18-24 (2015):

+ refurbished Panasonic ZS35 compact-zoom with case and 16GB for $100 (limit 1)
+ Sunpak Ultra 7000TM 70″ Tripod/Monopod for $30 (limit 1)
+ Case Logic Konstrast Pro KDB-101BK Water-Resist Backpack for $60 (limit 1)
+ 32GB Toshiba Class 10 SD for $10 (limit 2)
+ 25% off inks and toners (limit 5)
+ 4pk Tenergy AA or AAA single-use batteries for $0.49 (limit 2; in-store only)
+ various tech and storage sales
+ offers Oct 18-24 (2015) using your personal Fry’s email newsletter promo/coupon codes

Sandisk Internal SSD Plus: 120GB for $45 or 240GB for $70

On the speeding up the computer front, two Sandisk Internal SSD Plus are on sale at Amazon by Amazon itself. The 120GB model goes for $45, while the 240GB model goes for $70 (limit up to four per customer). This is not a lightning deal.

Speaking of storage, the Staples website has a special buy on the 2TB Toshiba Canvio Basics Portable USB 3.0 External Hard Drive, model HDTB320XK3CA, for $70. Offer ends by 10/3/15. Free ship-to-store or free shipping for Rewards members (free to join)… Also, when you visit their website, you may be greeted with a couple of coupon offers (via text or via their emailing list).

256GB Toshiba Q Internal SSD for $81 [limit 5]

If you are looking for internal 256GB SSDs, the 256GB Toshiba Q Series Pro PC Internal 2.5″ Solid State Drive, model HDTS325XZSTA, is currently on sale for $80 plus $1 shipping, with a limit of five per customer at NewEgg by NewEgg itself.

IF their sale ends or they run out, you can get them for $94~ with free shipping and a limit of five as well at Amazon by Amazon itself.

Speaking of Toshiba, for early adopters (it has zero reviews as of the time of writing), their brand new 1TB P300 Desktop 3.5 Inch Internal Hard Drive (SATA 6Gb/s 7200rpm) is on sale for $50 with free shipping. This is just $5 more than then 500GB.

32GB Toshiba EXCERIA 1000x CompactFlash for $34 + low shipping

The 32GB Toshiba EXCERIA 1000x CompactFlash memory card is currently on sale for $34 per card at Adorama. Shipping is not free, even if your order total is $49+. However, shipping is fairly low, under $5 in most cases (depends on zipcode). After all, memory cards are lightweight and don’t take up a lot of space.

1TB Toshiba Canvio Connect II USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive for $50

eBay is celebrating their 20 Years of eBaying with a 20 Years Celebration sale featuring products from different “eBay All Star Sellers”. Among the offers, Best Buy’s eBay store is offering the new condition 1TB Toshiba Canvio Connect II USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive for $50 with free shipping, with a limit of five per customer. This is available in black.

If you like this model or you are fond of color-coding storage or you need more redundancy in your backup schemes, there’s even more options (and quantity) at $50. Amazon by Amazon itself is offering it for $50 in black, blue or red, with a limit of 30 per color per customer. Over there, it averages 4.5/5 based on 200+ customer reviews.

15.6″ Toshiba C55-C5240 laptop for $450

Among the buzzworthy deals at Amazon at the moment, this 15.6″ Toshiba C55-C5240 laptop is going for $450 with free shipping and no purchase quantity limits. It has 8GB RAM, 1TB 5400rpm hard drive, 5th Generation Intel Core i5-5200U 2.2 GHz, runs Windows 8.1 (and will get Windows 10 free), 7 hour battery life estimate, sadly 1366×768 resolution, Mobile Intel HD graphics, 4.8 lbs, DVD burner, SD card reader, one USB 3.0 and two 2.0, HDMI, Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. No touchscreen as far as I can tell.

2TB WD My Passport Ultra External USB 3.0 for $80 after $20 MIR

If you are not afraid of mail=in rebates, Adorama has another external hard drive mail-in rebate (MIR) promotion. This time it is the 2TB WD My Passport Ultra External USB 3.0, model WDBMWV0020BBK-NESN, going for $80 after a $20 mail-in rebate. The MIR offer ends 4/30/15. The PDF of the form is over there near the price. If you don’t want to do MIRs, this one goes for $91 at Amazon.

But if you are not screaming at the mere mention of mail-in rebates, Adorama has two more in progress, a 500GB Toshiba Canvio for $25 after $20 MIR and a 4TB Seagate Expansion for $90 after a $40 MIR.

All these mail-in rebate offers expire 4/30/15, with their PDF forms available on the individual product pages above.

500GB Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for $25 after $20 MIR

If you are comfortable with mail-in rebates, Adorama has a closeout promotion on the 500GB Toshiba USB 3.0 External Hard Drive, model HDTB205XK3AA. It goes for $45 and it is eligible for a $20 mail-in rebate (you receive a prepaid gift card, not a check). The PDF of the rebate is available over there, it says limit one per customer and ends by 4/30/15. Note that that rebate form is specifically for Adorama, you cannot use it for other retailers.

(ENDED) Monday Lightning Deals: DJI Phantom 2 V2.0, 128GB Toshi 1000x CF, B+W Filters

These lighting deals expired… For future ones in the future, check the Amazon Gold Box and Camera & Photo page

Continue reading “(ENDED) Monday Lightning Deals: DJI Phantom 2 V2.0, 128GB Toshi 1000x CF, B+W Filters”

(ENDED) Tue: Seagate, Toshiba, QNAP hard disk and NAS storage options

This daily gold box deal ended… The main Amazon Gold Box deal of the day for Tuesday 3/31/15 is a sale on various Storage products from Seagate and Toshiba and QNAP, featuring portable external hard drives, NAS storage options, wireless storage, and internal hard disks. Limit three of each item per customer. A total ten different storage products are participating in this promotion with prices ranging from $50 to $400. Offers end by 3am ET on Wednesday (or earlier for any that may sell out before then).

8GB Toshiba microSD w/SD & USB for $6 shipped (also refurb D3200 $300, 18-55 non-VR $70)

On the single figure shipped front, among the featured eBay Deals, we find the new condition 8GB Toshiba microSD card with both USB and full-SD adapters included for $6 with free shipping. Limit five sets per customer. This is offered by eBay seller QualityCellz (99%). If nothing else, you can turn them into an Etsy art project 😉

Speaking of eBay deals, first generation 32GB Wifi-only Nexus 7 is offered manufacturer refurbished for $100 with free S&H by DrivenGPS (98.9%) with a limit of five per customer.

Speaking of eBay, they have a Refurbished Tech Sale that includes Camera Gear including the refurb Nikon 18-55 DX non-VR for $70 and refurb D3200 body only for $300 – both of these . sold by BuyDig’s eBay store (authorized dealer).

750GB Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 HDD for $40 (limit 10)

If you are fond of the 750GB hard drive size for your megapixelation backups, good until 1/10/15, the Staples website is offering the 750GB Toshiba Canvio USB 3.0 external hard drive for $40, with a limit of up to ten per customer. Free ship-to-store, or free shipping (for Rewards members). This is model HDTB107XK3AA.

Speaking of Staples online deals, they offer the do-it-all Epson Workforce WF-2540 AiO printer for $60. Ends by 1/10/15.