(ENDED) KEH Weekly USED Coupon Deals: Used Nikon D40X for $75+, Canon D-Rebel XT for $46+, Canon 18-135 f3.5-5.6 IS Nano USM EF-S for $299+, Mamiya RB67 PRO-SD MF for $108+ [corrected]

This week’s promotion ended, but a new one started every Sunday, and runs Sunday through Friday night of that week…

A brand new week has arrived which means another round of featured USED Weekly Sales at KEH has been added. These are eligible for 25% off with permanent coupon KEHDEALS and continue until Friday night of the same week. [removed the specific date since this is another point of introducing an error ~ by forgetting to update the date].

This week includes a DSLR blast from the past:

+ USED Nikon D40X Body only starts at $75~ after coupon

+ USED Canon EOS Rebel XT Silver Body Only starts at $46~ after coupon

+ USED Canon 18-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS NANO USM EF-S starts at $299~ after coupon

+ USED Mamiya RB67 Pro-SD Medium Format Camera Body starts at $108 after coupon

+ also eligible for the coupon are two photo-accessories – details at the Weekly Sales at KEH

The Overstock coupon was last week’s promotion. I forgot to remove it from this week’s template post. All apologies for the confusion!

Also, ending by Sunday night, they offer 15% off their KEH OverStock Sale with over 560 items participating. The coupon expires Sunday at 11:59pm ET.

Thanks to one of our readers pointing it out in the comments!


  1. What is the coupon code for the Overstock Sale?

    • Ooops, all apologies for the mistake! That’s from last week’s post! I reuse the previous post to prevent introducing new errors, but if I forget to remove the old stuff, then it’s an error too! It also has last week’s expiration date.

      I will reformat these to minimize “leftover” errors!