Canon 1D X II Body with PIXMA PRO 100 + 50pk SG-201 for $5549 after $350 MIR

If you are not interested in the boatload of free accessories and instead you want a pro printer with the Canon 1D X II, then to B&H Photo we go where they bundle the 1D X II with the PIXMA PRO 100 printer and SG-201 paper kit for $5549 after a $350 mail-in rebate (prepaid AMEX gift card).

New round of Canon DSLR Instant Savings

Somehow multiple manufacturers manage to have their instant savings promotions start and end at the same time. It’s like the invisible hand of the market is guiding them 🙂 Which brings us to a new round of Canon-initiated instant savings on Canon DSLRs, which you can find nicely organized at B&H Photo which includes a variety of free accessories with some of the participating kits.

Canon DSLR Instant Savings (129 DSLR kits, ends 6/10/16)

The current round of Canon Instant Savings at B&H Photo is good until 6/10/16 and it features 129 different DSLR kits, some standard kits, some bundles created by B&H.

Canon Instant Savings: 29 SLR Lenses and 5 Lights

Canon also has a new instant savings promotion on 29 of their SLR/DSLR lenses and five lights (three speedlites, two macro lights). This round is good until 4/2/16. You can see them all nicely organized at B&H Photo. They are too many to list here individually.

New Canon Lenses and Speedlite Instant Savings (expire 4/2/16)

It is Sunday in the eastern time zone and this means a new round of manufacturer-initiated instant savings for Canon SLR Lenses and Speedlites. A number of Canon lenses are participating. This round of offers expires 4/2/16. You can find the participating lenses nicely organized by focal range and categorized as prime/zoom at Adorama.

PS: I am “wrestling” with an under-powered laptop with a tiny keyboard, unfortunately I can’t post all the participating lenses one by one. But they are nicely organized at Adorama making it easy to skim and scan for potentially interesting lenses.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera for $60 (various colors)

It is a bit interesting that two of the hot non-smartphone photography segments at the moment are instant cameras and action cameras. Which just goes to show that the market works in mysterious ways. Which brings us to the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera on sale for around $60 with free shipping in different color schemes at B&H Photo (click on the color tabs over there to switch colors in-page) and at Adorama where you can even find the Winnie the Pooh edition for $60 as well.

New round of Canon Instant Savings with One Year of Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan and KelbyOne Training

Canon too has a new round of instant savings promotions, as it is the case now in the MAP-dominated era, and for a limited time, select Canon DSLR kits are eligible for two free items, one year of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan, and one year Kelby One training service. You can find more details of eligible models (they mention the offers in their pages) at B&H Photo. Some cameras may also be eligible for additional promotions and freebies – details can be found on the individual product pages of each kit.

Canon DSLR and Lenses Instant Savings

Canon has another iteration of their instant savings promotions (straight up purchase, no rebates, no coupons, no combined purchases) featuring various DSLRs and Lenses. You can find them nicely visually organized with big pictures at Adorama, for both the DSLR specials and also the SLR Lens specials. For example:

+ EF 100mm f2.8 USM Macro for $550
+ EF 24-70mm f2.8L II USM for $1800
+ EF 70-200mm f2.8L USM for $1250
+ Canon T5i w/18-55 Video Creator kit for $700
+ Canon 5D Mark III body for $2500
+ each item has its own free promotions as well (rewards or free accessories or New Leaf warranty or Creative Cloud training or any combination)

Canon Lens and Flash promotions expire 8/1/15

The current iteration of the Canon Lens and Flash promotions (some instant savings, some mail-in rebates) expire on 8/1/15. You can see all available options nicely organized at B&H Photo. Some may be eligible for promotional rewards or other specials – check on the individual lens page for those details. A total of 25 lenses and 5 flashes are participating.

Canon and Nikon SLR rebates expire Jan-3-2015

The current iteration of the Nikon Instant Rebates and Canon Instant and Mail-In Rebates are expiring on January 3 in 2015 and won’t be extended in their current iteration.