Canon 1D X II Body with Flashpoint Zoom R2 TTL On-Camera Flash and 64GB Extreme PRO CF and Takama Tripod/Monopod Kit and more for $5500

The Canon 1D X Mark II body only is down $200 since our November 2017 price charts, but that’s not all. It is also getting a handful of useful freebies at Adorama including their house brand Flashpoint Zoom Li-on R2 TTL On-Camera Flash Speedlight (which goes for $179 on its own), along with the following freebies:

+ Takama Flip-Zip Multi-Functional Photo Tripod Monopod Kit
+ 64GB Sandisk Extreme PRO Compact Flash
+ new Corel software bundle (four titles including After Shot and PSP)
+ 24/7 Messenger Bag
+ intervalometer and release cable
+ card wallet and cleaning kit
+ one vial with Tears of Nikon [okay, this is NOT included]